Cafe Artys II

1301 Dove St # 150, Newport Beach
(949) 863-3181

Recent Reviews

Christopher Cricks

Price and food was great. Happy I found this place !


Great family owned deli with incredible service and great prices.Food: 5/5

E C.

I miss Quizno's. My toasted Spicy Italian sub was just as good as old favorite!

Corinne Flaten-Firari

I come here if not everyday for lunch at least three times a week. Artys is reasonably priced, and the food is AMAZING! I’ve tried their salads, veggie pesto wrap, chicken pesto hot sandwich, and they never fail to impress me with how great they are. The owner is SO friendly and helpful. 10/10, if I could give this place multiple 5 star reviews I would.

Joni C.

Perfect lunch (or breakfast) spot for work. They made an egg, cheese and sausage sandwich on sourdough bread for breakfast that is delicious! I also love their cuban.

Stephanie B.

Food is ok. I haven't found anything I love, but if I'm hungry and need something fast, it fits the bill by my office. Don't order through Yelp. They give you a piece of paper and ask to order through their website. The BLT is terrible. They give a decent amount of ok bacon, but one very thin slice of tomato. Kudos for keeping the prices reasonable, and relatively fast service.

William Scully

Quick, snappy serviceFair price ($10 or so bucks) for a tasty bagel sandwich and iced mochaReally happy to see Impossible breakfast sausage available here is an option, would definitely just go back because they offer it

Robert Rodgers

Be sure to stop by and get a pboto with Santa T-Rex

Bill Forelli

Arty makes some of the best sandwiches around. Super cool guy, too!

Ariana L.

Today I had to gather lunch for my team and I'm beyond happy we ordered from here. I believe the gentleman that helped with my large order was named Jae. He made it so welcoming and painless. From answering my phone order and to pickup! I'm so glad they were open. He even escorted my order with me to my car! Now that's service! My team enjoyed their lunch! Artys's is extremely affordable compared to many places in the area. Their sandwiches were all so tasty and the vegetables were crisp and fresh! Expect us to order here again in the future!

Carolyn M.

I love this place!!! I've ordered from here through a delivery service several times because I work in the area. Great quality and great prices. I like The Wealth Manager sandwich and the chips. I'm also obsessed with the stuffed potato! I love that any small request is met (extra butter, no tomatoes, etc)...Thank you!

Tiffany T.

I always get good quality and fair priced meals here. I typically love the daily specials such as a French Dip sandwich and the Meat Lasagna. I think the salads like the avocado salad are quite filling. Jae always does a good job remembering everyone and what they like to order.

Jerry Frith

I have been eating at Cafe Artys since 2005 and Jay the owner has built an incredible model of delivering exceptional food within minutes for busy professionals. Their chicken salad is the best I've ever tasted. They have daily special combos for $6.50. I would recommend Cafe Artys to everyone as the food and reasonable price is exceptional.

Michelle G.

Great place, great food, and the service is wonderful. Order the turkey on squaw with avocado- it's amazing.

Darlene K.

Great quick cafe run by a husband and wife, I always order my food online. If you go to their store, they'll provide you with an online ordering URL where they prefer to take your online order. I've never gone to the cafe and had to wait, I was always able to go and pick up my food, I would order and just drive down the street from work right away and it's always ready. They do take credit cards and don't charge extra if you purchase small items/drinks. They have plenty of indoor seating, so far I've only had the salads but will update with more pics if I get the sandwiches. I recommend this cafe because it's efficient and they're just nice folks. If you work in the area, anywhere else may be slower to deliver and this place is very consistent with their food

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