Jerry's Sandwich Shop

3848 Campus Dr, Newport Beach
(949) 756-1727

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Ken Hamm

Modestly priced and everything is made with all fresh ingredients. The smoothies are absolutely the best but the sandwiches are definitely right up there too.My wife and I found it totally by accident. It's a hidden little gem nestled under a staircase on the corner of Quail and Campus (right across the street from the John Wayne Airport) but well worth the visit!! Free parking too, almost unheard of in the more affluent areas of Southern California!!Five HUGE stars!! Highly recommended.

Tommy V.

HIDDEN GEM. Cute little mom and pop sandwich shop with amazing food and even better prices. honestly don't know how they're surviving with such cheap prices. GO SUPPORT

Amir S

Nice place to have a delicious sandwich, with great customer service.???

Max G.

Anyone who rates this place less than 5 stars does not have a heart. Amazing little place with a friendly couple that work there. Food is made with love and you will always be greeted with nice conversation.

Aimee C.

Great sandwich spot! I ordered the turkey club sandwich and it was delicious. Everything tasted fresh and was prepared quickly. The staff was very friendly and prices are incredibly affordable. Will be returning soon for lunch!

Jessica H.

Found this place after leaving the Y. Went in for the chicken noodle soup which was good. Where they lost me was the turkey sandwich. The pictures people have posted it looked good. I don't know if there is an issue getting good Turkey but this is the 2nd place I've gone where the turkey is brown and looks like cheap buddig turkey. I will gladly pay more to get quality meat.

Brianna W.

I found this place based on the amazing reviews on yelp and was not disappointed! The sandwiches are fantastic, delicious, fresh and the prices cannot be beat. The owners are so friendly, I can see why they have many regulars. I will be a returning guest for sure :)

Erik Carpenter

This place has the friendly ambiance that is missing from all the overpriced chain sandwich shops. Had a great turkey avocado sandwich, chips and a tasty smoothie for 15$

Aileen F.

I was in Newport Beach and wanted a quick, healthy-ish sandwich so I did a Yelp search... then off to Jerry's I went mainly coz of the high reviews. Well, it was an excellent choice. The owners, Jerry and his wife, were both friendly and personable so that's always a plus. We ordered a turkey ham BLT on rye and a pastrami provolone cheese melt on squaw. Both sandwiches were made to order and served within a few minutes. Jerry even gave us a shot of an avocado smoothie just to try it. The sandwiches, albeit simple, were tasty and made with fresh ingredients; definitely a good value for the price. The smoothie was nice especially given that it was a hot day. Jerry's gets 5 stars from me in terms of value, taste, quality, and service. If you're in the area and looking for something simple and healthy, then get some sandwiches from Jerry's.

Jaxon H.

Wasn't even thinking about coming to this place but I was hungry and I just walked past and decided why not try something new, especially a hole in the wall shop. Service was amazing! I would come back on that alone. Sandwich was faired priced and tasted great! Will be coming back!

Emily V.

The sweetest family! I love supporting a small business! I got a turkey sandwich for around $7 and berry smoothie for around 3.50. My total was only about $11. That's crazy! Most smoothies alone now are an outrageous $8-10. The sandwich was yummy and wholesome, with no added oils, spreads, etc. Great for a healthy meal and those concerned with the unknowns of what goes into their food when they eat out. The berry smoothie was good too, but I'm not sure it was with real berries - I'd try something different next time.

Christy Estrada-Gonzales

Jerry's deli is the best! The sandwiches are delicious, and the avocado smoothie is amazing!!!

Jignesh B.

Great hidden find. They family working there was fast and efficient. The result was a tasty vegetarian sandwich. They also has coffee, sodas, and smoothies. I would recommend this place to pickup a quick lunch near John Wayne Airport.

Yelin M.

Amazing service and a little hole in the wall! Love it! Definitely shall be coming here again :)

Heidi O.

This is a little hole in the wall shop and it was a super find for us. Had the egg salad sandwich this time and we will be back for sure.

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