Minute King Market & Deli Irvine Ave

3530 Irvine Ave, Newport Beach
(949) 756-1960

Recent Reviews

Dr. Bucklebelt

Mom used to work here in the 90s

Timothy Cristopher

I just stopped here on my break, waste of time.

Holla At B! Jelks

Absolutely amazing market. Fresh fish daily

Mike Manclark

Great sandwiches and hot food bar everything you need is in this place

Chris M.

Amazing place! Best wine selection, liquor, beer, etc... Delicious sandwiches at deli, rice and chicken, Mac n cheese, meatballs, tuna salad, chicken salad, egg sandwich!!! I've tried it all

Sarah Day

Good sandwich ?

Daniel Mccoy

Best Deli sandwiches around

Darryl weepie

Hidden secret is there sandwich are always awesome


Hidden Gem you never wood expect to get a great lunch at this location. Try the tuna Trio sandwich

Peter Finch

Best deli sandwiches in the area.

Joann Haidl

I've been going to this location for years. The deli in the back serves hot & cold food, sandwiches alsoSalads....( premade ) along with fruit in smaller containers. Two ladies work ther lunch crowd.Facilities are clean as far as where they are making & serving the food. Sandwiches are a good portion size and reasonably priced. You Definitely get more for your money at this place.

Roarin Lion

My office is next door and I come here every day to get ONLY beverages. The food in the case is rotten. There are inaccurate dates on all the food. Every single item has the date '28' written on it no matter what time of month you come. After getting sick along with several of my coworkers I confronted a worker about the lack of dates on the food, the worker clearly was caught off guard and did not address my concern. I've reported them to the health department and hopefully they can clean their act up.

Aaron E.

Love it or loathe it, Minute King Market & Deli is an institution. I vividly recall the first time I had heard of this old school liquor store in the Newport Back Bay while in High School. My friend Brandon had a fake ID that was welcomed warmly at Minute King and became the go-to Liquor Store or "Liq" as we called them back then. Our crew would pony up $5.00 - $10.00 each and Brandon would arrive at the party with 3 cases of Natty I., a fifth of cheap Skol Vodka, and Soda all within a half of an hour. I wonder whatever happened to Brandon. Anyway, now it is (almost) 2020 and not a damn thing has changed. The stale smell of a classic Liquor Store that reminds me of the movie Clerks, the dismissive person at the register, the cold cases loaded with domestic and Craft Beer, racks of smut, hell, even the random stickers above the front door in the same spot... All there today as it was when The Prodigy and No Doubt ruled the airwaves. It is like a living time capsule. There is also a Deli available although you should have your head checked by a shrink if you are a serious player on rolling the dice with that option. I saw two people in line on my visit -- Best of luck with that. As far as a neighborhood Liquor Store goes, Minute King Market & Deli will always probably mean more to me than you, but it will get the job done well enough. Seriously, I wouldn't test that Deli.

Raymond Chavez

Great little deli, the lady that served me was great, she gave me a rundown of the daily specials an made a great turkey on wheat, that included a pickle slice, on the side.

Michael F.

The owner Vick is the rudest person we have ever met. Consistent a* hole Don't give them your business

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Minute King Market & Deli Irvine Ave

3530 Irvine Ave, Newport Beach, CA 92660
(949) 756-1960