Panini Kabob Grill - Corona Del Mar

2333 East Coast Hwy, Corona Del Mar
(949) 675-8101

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Eileen E.

The food was AMAZING and they give you complimentary pita bread and hummus if you sign up for their rewards program. The servers are wonderful people especially Ranulfo. He was very patient even tho it was my bf and I first time, and the service makes you feel wanted and cared for at every moment you are sitting down. Great prices for the amount of food you receive. Ranulfo is the kindest man, so if you can get him as your server then DO IT!!!!

Laura M.

The food is AWESOME! Excellent value for an amazing price. If you can sit in Frankie's section you'll get the best service ever!

Chelle Z.

Cute place for a casual grill - our Grub Hub order didn't go thru - NOT Panini' Grill's issue - it was all me Panini Grill was very gracious and quickly retook our order. Although we waited for a short time on a public bench... it is the perfect atmosphere to spend a bit of time inside with a glass of wine The salmon had great flavor, a bit of tetrazzini sauce covered a slight bit of dryness - but, salmon can often be a bit dry. The flavor keeps their 4-Stars. I ordered mine with Bulgar; my sister ordered hers with Basmati. I definitely prefer the Basmati - the Bulgar was unique in color - not sure what spice colored it, didn't care for it. Could just be personal preference I did not try their hummus. Next time, a glass of wine, pita and hummus! 4-Star customer service

Jessica J.

Have been coming here for years and while the irvine locations made me feel that panini grill quality has been going down because they changed the meat and started advertising it was better quality, I had my usual beef koobideh today at the CDM location and it was back to being phenomenal flavor. Maybe it is just the locations, but I am soo happy to have one of my top 5 favorite restaurants so close to home! Service here is friendly, parking is not as convenient as irvine and this location is way smaller, but they do it right! Maybe because the other locations push out more plates? Idk, but this is by far my favorite location! The tzatziki is bomb here and so necessary definitely order extra and slather it on. The hummus is also creamier than any other hummus. Love this place!

Aro B.

Delicious Mediterranean food. The chicken kabob is so juicy. Love it! The rice is addictive and the green hummus is almost as good as the discontinued bean hummus. I wish they would bring that back. Oh and the lemonade is amazing. I get it every time!

Josue Tzunun

Astounding service! Sever Evelyn was exceptionally kind and manager Rigo is full of energy. Service received was very attentive, and details were not missed. Went for a sibling's birthday and they brought out ice cream with a candle and sang for my sibling's birthday!Pictured is the menu, a shot of espresso, and the two skewer ground beef kabob(if I recall correctly) definitely recommend if your in this town.

Jairus Gama

I came here for my birthday with my family. Rigo the manager was absolutely outstanding. He kindly took a photo for our family. Evelina arranged for the crew to bring ice cream and sing happy birthday to me. This is by far a favorite place for me. Friendly and fast service. The food is too quality. Will be a repeat customer.

Maria Brassea

Awesome customer service. Excellent food

Allen Ward

I am a food delivery professional. Last night I was lied to and treated extremely rudely by one of the people handing out the orders. I received the order at 7:03pm and was right around the corner. I have picked at Pannini many times. It was busy and the guy told me it would be 10 minutes. He told that to every driver as the backup grew. I didn't fall off the turnip truck. There were at least 10 tickets in the kitchen. I waited patiently and after 20 minutes I reminded the same guy he told me 10 minutes 20 minutes ago. His response "to bad". He was even ruder as I left at 7:30. Let me say that other restaurants apologize when they make you wait. Is that too much to ask??One very friendly restaurant up the street offers free sodas to the drivers that need to wait. Without hard-working drivers you could not deliver the food you sell which is a very high percentage in the evening. We are your business partners. I am not just a driver. I live in Newport Beach as a professional and have eaten at the Woodland Hills, Irvine, and CDM Pannini over a dozen times. Your food is good but the customer service I received was outright repulsive. All you have to do is be honest and polite. This gentleman was neither. You have lost my business and I have shared this experience with everyone I know. Feel free to give me your contact and I can provide more details. I was so upset I went back later got the guy's name and told him I was planning to share my bad experience. His final response "Go for it!"

Sarah T.

Consistently great food. We always order the family kabob meal with rice and salad. It's healthy, always delicious and makes for great leftovers. My kids are obsessed with the pita bread and the various dips (especially the edamame hummus). You can't go wrong with Panini.

Gianna V.

My first time coming here. It was amazing! The food was so delicious! Our server Martin was so sweet and kind!

Jeanette Heidenreich

Delicious food, generous portions and fantastic service

Mandy H.

Tried the chicken and beef steak kebobs and they are both good. The portion is huge that a woman can't finish the whole plate all at once.

Richard Shimizu

Excellent food and service.

Beatriz Quinones

Great service and location.

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