Chipotle Mexican Grill

5240 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood
(818) 643-2196

Recent Reviews

Adam C.

Weak af... this place is not good the meats cold they are out of everything... including GUAC which they tell you at the last minute. And they portion their rice and beans like we're in a famine. This is the only chipotle I didn't enjoy.

Sunny D.

Food is fine. Mobile ordering has become THE WORST. There's now no validated parking at this location, so peace be with you if you double park your car on Lankershim hoping to run in and collect your mobile order. Chances are, it's not ready (we pray, even after waiting for 25 minutes). And somehow there are employees standing behind the counter with no customers in line, and everyone is just staring at each other in the worlds dumbest showdown. Bye Felicia

Joseph B.

This chipotle has the worst pick-up order management. I definitely recommend driving and walking in, they frequently are completely empty inside with dozens of people forced to wait for their pick-up. Literally you wait outside longer than it would take to walk in and order even 15-20 minutes after placing the order

Katie Moest

It's Chipotle. This location is good. Parking can be annoying, but if you order ahead, you can generally park in the passenger loading spot, grab your food and go. I tried the smoked brisket this time, which was pretty tasty.

Ammar Akhtar

The people who work here are terrible at their jobs. I’ve been to many Chipotles that are so fast, I’m basically in and out within 5 minutes. Here, it takes 5 minutes just for someone to get started on my order! Many workers are walking around, oblivious to the long line of hungry customers. I also think the quality of the food here is not up to par with other locations. Saw someone else mention a whole avocado in their bowl, the same thing happened to me as well. The lady helping me barely put any meat on my bowl today. Awful place.

Cha'Monique Graham

This is always good because I love their food a little slow and need customer service pep ups but other than thatI have no other complaints.

Jose D.

This location is terrible. Twice in a row my gf and I have had bad experiences. Both times we've gone at around 8:30pm and they we're all out of ingredients; no cheese, guacamole, and chicken, steak, and all but one salsa. When asked if they would out they would bring out more they simply said "no!" Furthermore, the service is terrible! The employees are rude and could careless about your order. Lastly, the portions they serve are small. They skimp on the proteins and guacamole. Won't be going back. I rather drive to Sharky's or Salsa & Beer.

Layla K.

I got my food delivered from this chipotle and the portions were terrible. It looks like it was left over from the day. Not happy with the cost to amount ratio. It was my first time eating from this location and I'm not happy.

Eileen Ibanez

It makes me so sad that this is the Chipotle closest to me. Their food is consistently off recipe. I’ve gotten whole avacados in my guac many times. When I order for pick up/ delivery I get really sad meals or straight up the wrong order. It got so bad I pulled a Karen and talked to the manager who told me to talk to corporate?? I had to insist she try and fix the fact they gave me the wrong order and I wasted my lunch hour and then she comped my entree.

Chandra G.

This is the second time at this location that I find spinach and spring mix greens in my burrito bowl. I'm not eating a goat cheese and berry salad, I don't understand why romaine wasn't used. You have a certain expectation going to a common restaurant and while I was eating it it didn't even taste like I was eating at chipotle. Not to mention the chips always taste insanely stale. Has anyone else had this experience? Not to mention the service was terrible, the workers are so unbelievably rude. I can get past that if the food was good. It's such a shame because I used to love chipotle. I can't picture myself going back to any location in the foreseeable future.

Marlon P.

i was picking a online order and literally i was the only one in the place and they made wait 25 minutes and when i ask for it they told me that they were too many tickets ahead of me and couldn't make my order.. and it was just a burrito bowl... worst service ever

Amy G.

Wanted to give this location a shoutout because my order was exceptionally great today. Only con would be that they forgot my vinaigrette but oh well. Full proportions & all the containers were freshly stocked so it was incredibly fresh! Staff was friendly despite it looking very busy behind the counter.

C. T.

Ordered a sofritas bowl, barely had any of the toppings I requested. Barely a squeeze of sour cream, hardly any red salsa and corn salsa. I also ordered chips and queso which was disappointing. The bag was hardly full and primarily crumb pieces! I had ordered through the Chipotle app and had no issues app-wise or with the DoorDash delivery. Definitely won't be ordering from this location though.


For a busy location there’s always an issue with food not being fresh. I Stopped ordering online over all because items were always forgotten. -People that work there are rude.-There’s never salad dressing made and when theres salad dressing made…. it’s all oil and not the original recipe???-Fountain drinks don’t work and when you mention one isn’t working they say sorry choose something else instead of fixing the problem.Idk what happened to this location but it went to trash over the last two years. Needs better management considering this store should be thriving from the location alone.

Amar S.

These employees really hate there job I placed an order online for pick up Went there after 25 min. And than waited 10 min inside. And after they see me and couple of them pass by me. playing that hide n seek game. finally they asked r u waiting for pick up I said yea, they asked me my name and wonderful news they don't have my order. The short idk what was he doing he ran like 10 I front of inside n out. Cashier serious said to me when I told her to look for my order she said I have to help the people that placed the order there

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