Chop Stop

5200 Lankershim Blvd Suite 160, North Hollywood
(818) 927-4226

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Sekani Eugene Wright

Excellent service! Thanks Faion!

Winnie Nicole (GoForCorinne)

I love ordering online and picking up in store. They always have my order ready on time and the staff is super friendly! Love it!

Enrique V.

Today We came in for a quick lunch. Esmeralda took care of us at the register. She was swift and polite taking our order. Emily packed our lunch she used gloves and a mask while doing so. And Jeffrey the salad master made us some super fresh great testing salads.

Regine S.

Ordered for 5 associates via DoorDash 5 chopped salads. It started as a disaster as the delivery driver from DoorDash named Stav brought only 1 salad telling us that the restaurant said to him that it completed our order! After calling ChopStop to ask for the rest of our order ( 4 salads were missing), The manager told me to call DoorDash: I then called back and forth DoorDash, and this ChopStop they told me to call the DoorDash driver, which I did.. was hung up on rudely, then I called back ChopStop again! The manager Esmeralda asked me to go and pick up the 4 meals left behind by the DoorDash driver, and as an apology she also credited the whole bill charges to my credit card!

Hope Y.

Gave 5 stars because Staff was AMAZING. Sabrina took care of us, made my order quick and were very upbeat and friendly even in this situation. However, it is EXTREMELY hot in this location. A/C must be broken and I've been in this location a few weeks ago and they management STILL hasn't done anything about it. I'd like to continue giving our business but not at the expense of feeling like I'm going to pass out standing in line. Your staff deserve better, please fix the air conditioning as soon as possible for them!

Amanda Maar

Every single time I order form here the salad I pay $13 for is half empty?? Literally all you have to do is put more lettuce in it and it seems to be an impossible feet for the employees down here. DO NOT order from this chop stop unless you enjoy paying full price for half the portion.

Robert R.

This is only based on the Melissa other then her the food and service is great. I've been coming here since day have opened and have never had bad service until these last couple visits. She is rude and hates her job. Makes you not want to deal with her when shes here. This will be my last visit until she's no longer here.

Ever S.

Check your order before you left! They didn't put soy chorizo for no reason ‍ It's not a first fault by them. Last time they put chicken instead of tofu which was really awful for me bc I'm vegan. It was on a different location but it doesn't matter.

David B.

So glad they opened a Chop Stop in my neighborhood of North Hollywood. I've been going to the ones in Studio City and Burbank for years. I usually just get one of the salads off their menu. My favorites being the BBQ Chop, the Asian Chop, and the Sante Fe Chop. Perfect size salad for a meal in my opinion and made fast for take out. Usually about $10. Great quick healthy alternative to all the fast food junk out there. I'll be returning regularly!

Darcy B.

I've ordered from here a few times now and it is always consistent. Today I stopped in and wasn't prepared with an order and Juana was patient and helpful! I built my own salad and it's delightful! Great service and delicious salad. Will be back again and again.


Helpful staff and clean food ... Will be back

Corey S.

Place is a joke. I've been coming since this location opened and have received over 4 free salads because they can't seem to understand how to fill bowls equally, especially when ordering multiple of the same salads, they have failed to include the dressings ordered with the salad and the once's I've paid additional for. If your down for paying full price to have to constantly talk to the staff about their inability to do their jobs then this is the place for you!

Richard A.

Every time I go, I get less and less salad.... Idk who owns this place but come on... when you pay $12+ for a salad it should come full.

Dasha M.

Unbelievable. I brought the salad they incorrectly gave me yesterday and got the correct salad. No free chips or drink. They called it a refund. This place is a mess.

Cliff R.

Wow, this place is an absolute joke, sitting around with the family tonight  and asked  them what they want for dinner. They chose salads, so I called chop stop and was placed on hold for five minutes I called back a second time I said hey can you take my order he said no problem I will put you on hold and be right back, this time he put me on hold for 15 minutes never came back wants to say I'm sorry can you please hold another few minutes absolute joke what kind of business is this 01 guy running the whole store I would never give them my business again, lots of fast food options out there, this place should get their act together better customer service and answer your damn phone don't put people on hold for 20 minutes absolutely horrible service

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