Downtown Philly Cheese Steaks

6506 Laurel Canyon Blvd, North Hollywood
(818) 747-2050

Recent Reviews

Cedric Anthony

Chef salad & refresca. The menu has a plethora of top notch items.

Amy W.

So glad I found this place! Me and my kids ordered several stuff from the menu and were very happy with everything. The Philly Cheesesteak was to die for! The staff was super nice and helpful. Will definitely be back again soon.

Fyre R.

Generally, I don't give even three stars to a anyplace that serves raw food. The stromboli we ordered was so obviously undercooked it straight legit ticked me off. Having had hospitalization worthy food poisoning and working in the food industry, this is just never acceptable. I was going to offer them one star and wish them luck on their future endeavors. But I haven't been home in over a year. And full disclosure, other Philly Folk having given this place a passing grade. Not an exceptional grade but a passing one. I called, bringing the raw-dough stromboli to their attention. This place offered a speedy apology and even speedier resolution. It is for this reason that I am willing to compromise and offer a second chance. Now, I am sure you're wondering why this place has one star instead if three... well we could begin with the fake, tasteless, oily globs of orange not Cheese Whiz substance that they used on the fries. Or we can question the roll, which was suspect af. Or the amount, or lack there of, of meat actually on the roll. But then we should address the not following of instructions when building the cheesesteak. I'm from Philly, b&r. A cheesesteak should be fried hard, have fried onions, American cheese, mayo on an Amoroso's Roll, and S.P.K on top. (Salt, pepper, ketchup, for the lay.) taking into account that I am not in Philly... this is what I asked for in the notes of the order. I got a naked cheesesteak with ... wth?!?? Is that Thousand Island on the side?!? I know I am not in Philly right now, but did they have to be so insulting to the Cheesesteak?!? Second chance... blown.

El Accountable Eye See Us

Great Friendly staff and Delicious Philly Cheese steak to try you some Philly Cheese Steak I Highly Recommend

Connor Kamp

Pretty solid cheesesteaks

Steve Wilcox

Really, Really Good for a West Coast attempt at a Philadelphia Cheese Steak!

Edo G

This place got 1 of the Best Philly cheese steaks in town... ?

joshua Juarez

some really good Philly cheese steaks

Yurayka Galindo

First time here and my wigs were delicious ?

Tommy Howarth

Service was good, atmosphere was good, and prices weren't too bad this type of restaurant. Only thing that disappointed me was the food, I got the peppercorn steak, usually the peppercorn steak is full of flavor and is a party in your mouth. This one however wasn't very flavorful at all, the meat quality was good, just the flavor was very disappointing.

Helen Fox

Really awesome. Great service, very friendly and fastHighest recommendation!!!

H G.

Thank you Downtown Philly Cheesesteak family for serving the community with great food and great vibes! This family owned eatery is a gem here in North Hollywood. I like getting the Philly cheesesteak sandwiches with mushrooms. Satisfies my appetite every time. The mother and son duo is what makes this place special. It's honestly a shame to read some of the poor reviews.

irvin burton

They got it going on at this place, is got2b one of the best Philly cheesesteaks in North Hollywood

Lindsay S.

Probably the worst cheesesteak I've ever had in LA. Born and raised in Philadelphia, the cheez wiz wasn't even real wiz. The roll was absolutely not amoroso. Please don't eat from this place! I paid over $50 and was only able to get $10 back from postmates. Order from Phillys Best or Boo's if you're looking for a good steak sandwich.

Danielle H.

This is the best and most authentic cheesesteak I've ever had that's not in philly. The staff have been nothing but kind and wonderful. They cater to my order to make my experience as best as possible. I've seen many reviews about their cheesesteaks saying they're too small. I've never seen an issue with this as they seem quite sizable. Even their fries are amazing. This has become a favorite spot!!!

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