Phoenix Grill Express restaurant

11007 Victory Blvd, North Hollywood
(818) 753-0648

Recent Reviews

Grant Martin

I had the Cajun Hot Link burger and I think it was the best burger I have ever eaten!???


Fantastic food! Very tasty yummy yummy.. We been coming here a lot since we discover this great place january/2021 me my sister and her husband josh come here often and it’s always sooo good always on point! Much blessings to this place.

Roxana Vanya

Very delicious food..!! Nice customer service ? I highly recommend this amazing food place

Eva Yuridia Ordaz

They're open for dine-in now. I got the Combo Kabob for only $12 (and yes,, with the free extra salsas) The Meat's seriously the juiciest Kabobs I've ever tried! loved the speed of service & everything served was definitely fresh! In general, the food Quality is Outstanding! I highly recommend! Keep it up, Phoenix Grill!

Omar Dustin

It was a very good burger. Even the bread was fantastic! It was nice homemade bread! I really recommend eating here.

alex torres

The best food ever my mom growing up came here I always came here for years as a kid with family love this place best spot ever !!!!!

Brenda H.

Delicious food, great prices and you can really tell the staff cares for the foods quality and cleanliness. My boyfriend told me about this place and we tried it today needless to say you will never regret any dish served in this establishment , a true hole in the wall with great delicacies and treats the whole family can enjoy or even just a quick meal for lunch break

Maryanne L.

This place was so much better before. It seems like the business changed ownership. I asked for thousand island on the burger and for sme disgusting reason they put ranch dressing on it too. I dnt even like ranch. Way too much sauce. The burger tasted only like salt. My friend asked for his sauce on the side, but they put it on the burger. I asked for 2 cups of water and after I paid and waited for the food, it came with 2 bottles of water. I didn't feel like dealing with the hassle of refunding the waters. So many other places have way better burgers. This is the last time I'm going to Edy's.

Alejandro M.

This was amazing! Amazing place, amazing service! The food was very delicious. It's a neighborhood staple. Thank you

Arman S.

Foods good however wish I received better customer care. Whoever the cashier is talks to you in a rude manner. If you have any questions, get ready cause he will not be polite. Answers your questions as if he doesn't care.

edward P.

I went here recently and was blown away. It was the best Lule I've ever had, no exaggeration and same with the Pork. All the sides were perfect. My buddy got the MASSIVE Monster burger and he had nothing but good things to say as well. I will be back soon for the double monster burger.

Dillon Kamand

Get the philly cheeseburger. You wont regret it. For a simple burger joint, the combination of ingredients was perfect. They didn’t just slap a cheesesteak on a burger and call it a day. Every ingredient was in the perfect amount so you can taste every flavor. My only regret is that i didnt try the philly cheeseburger sooner.

Jairon Najera

Monster burger ? it's not the same as i remember they had one meat and know they put 3 meats . And seasoning is not the same.

David Torres

Amazing philly cheese. Anyone who likes philly cheese steak sandwiches will LOVE Edys

Joseph Leon

One of the best burger joints in LA!

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