Phoenix Grill Express restaurant

11007 Victory Blvd, North Hollywood
(818) 753-0648

Recent Reviews

Astolfo Gonzalez

The food here is great the monster burger is my favorite thing on the menu its enough for 2 people or 1 with a big appetite.

Frank P.

Awesome tasting burgers made with the best tasting buns and great service! You won't be disappointed!!!


Phoenix Grill Express has the best tasting burgers/kebabs in North Hollywood hands down. Great people great service! I highly recommend. ?????

Gabriela E.

Iv passed by this spot so many times and one day was craving a burger. One day me and my partner went in to see what they had and we ordered a bbq bacon burger which was delicious! Today we tried the bacon avocado cheese burger and again it did not disappoint. Definitely one of our favorite spots now

Caleb K.

This is new. I was there an hour ago. I was asked to leave so they can close early. I've never been kicked out of a place so they didn't have to work. They Gyro was ok. Not worth going back though. For "not being busy"they sure did want a day off. Wow!

Chris C.

Delicious Mediterranean food and Burgers. If you live in the area and have seen this place and though about trying it but haven't yet, you won't be disappointed. The food here is delicous. Just check out this Kebab Burger!

Efrain C.

Good food,awesome prices,nice service,what else man needs to have good lunch The best chef in north Hollywood

Derrick M.

They have the best food and best french fries in Olive L.A. I had a recommend this place. The chef is a master the manager knows his stuff. There is no better place in North Hollywood.

Anthony Vazquez

I've been going to this place for years just for the cheeseburgers. They are that good!!In addition, I have never had any problems with my food orders or the very kind people that work there. Very highly recommend this place.


Great food at great prices. Was driving around looking for a new place to try and everywhere we stopped was so expensive or long waits. Great experience here and will definitely be back.

Cesar V.

This place was clean and welcoming. I love the food I would absolutely recommend everybody to come and dine great food that is freshly cook every day. There's no regrets and you'll be happy camper with a full stomach.

Grant M.

I had the Cajun Burger about 6 months ago and it may have been the most flavor rich burger I ever had! I work construction in the area and every time I'm in the neighborhood I stop by for their great food! Fair prices too so it's a no brainer

Kay S.

Best hamburgers around.. there juicy snd good flavor and pattys are not thin there goid size... monster burger could feed 4 its so big(( or if have teenager could only feed one)) must try them worth every bit...

Joseph Mcwoodson

Honestly me an my wife we’re going to go to Popeyes because it’s in the same parking lot but we looked over at the menu on the wall and caught eyes of there loaded fries … and oH my fukkkkk goodness they were bomb . Sorry But you have to try them I know the menu has a lot but try the fries . And we got free drinks because the owner saw we dumped change on the counter to pay for our food . Very nice and friendly. I’m also black lol if that matters with a mouth full of diamonds so they were coo . We traveled from the Bay Area. Please try the whole menu. I can’t stop coming lol

Micah Schindelheim

One of my local favorites. Great food that makes me coming back for more!

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