L.A Auténtica Birrieria-NoHo

11117 Victory Blvd, North Hollywood
(323) 690-0987

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Harrison Dahl

Super delicious birria in NoHo. They were posted outside the Target on Victory. Pretty generous portions. The red salsa needs to be bottled! So good

Miguel Cruz

Delicious, authentic, and affordable Birria Truck! I've tried several Birria places and this one is definitely up top. They have a lot of meats and meals which are all delicious, but you have to pair it up with the consome! The staff is really friendly. Their red sauce is spicy which I love! The green sauce is pretty good, less spicy but still pack a punch. The prices are very reasonable, specially compared to other Birria specialized places. Will definitely come here again. There isn't much seating outside the taco truck, so be prepared for take out or to eat in the car.Vegetarian options: Not vegetarian.Parking: Can park in the parking lot right in front.


Outstanding service and outstanding tacos dorados de birria de res also outstanding burrito de asada. Highly recommended for everyone!

Jon Cane

The portions are great; you'll get full for sure. The taste is good but it really isn't outsidtanding, it just is. The portions for the price though makes it worth it. I recommended you check this place out.

Bernie M.

The tacos were very good however the rest of the experience was not. They got our order wrong and we had a very soggy quesadilla instead. I also had to stand outside for sometime while being ignored by the staff to pick up the order. When I received I asked a question and she just walked away from me.

George Sotello

Owner was nice and the food was good. Only ate there 1 time so far so I can't give it a 5 star yet.

Nico N.

Love this place for a fat kid afternoon. Daughter and I always get the quesatacos. Rice and beans great too and we are hooked on the horchata they sell. It's supermarket but sooooo good and sooo sweet. Their salsas are also yum. I use the leftovers to make an omelet the next day: salsas, extra broth and serve w leftover rice and beans. We are regulars!!!

Michael Harrold

Birria Taco Plate - 2 crunchy beef birria tacos, 1 goat birria taco, Mexican rice, pinto beans, birria stock / 5 ?!LA Autentica Birrieria is known for the birria ramen dish, I think. Or at least that is how I noticed them. I haven't tried the ramen yet because when I went, I was specifically craving some tacos.Birria style is a close cousin to barbacoa. It is packed with flavor and is commonly used to simmer beef and goat. Birria tacos often come with a side of the consume/broth. The broth here had at least a tacos worth of meat swimming in it. I used it to dunk my crispy tacos in it, like a beef dip sandwich and when I ran out of tacos, I drank the rest of the meaty broth.This is the kind of LA taco experience this city is known for. They pull up their truck to the same spot every day and have gathered a loyal following. Who needs a brick and mortar! They had some picnic tables set up so I dove in right after I received my order.I had this meal a few days before I'm writing the review and I can still taste the birria. It was very yummy. I am intrigued by the birria ramen dish so I will have to find my way back to try it soon.


Delicious quesatacos and cheese shell tacos

Russ M.

Not disappointed even though food may be a little inconsistent from day to day, it's still great !

Karina C.

The BEST birria in the LA county area. There's only two places I like the birria from and this is one of them. NEVER disappoints!!

Prudenz F.

I was craving tacos and this place was super convenient! I ordered online and it was ready as soon as I got there. The food was super tasty and fresh! Staff was nice and friendly!

Robert Diaz

The tacos here are awesome! Handmade corn Tortillas. All the meats are tender and flavorful. Tacos de Dorados are great. The Quesataco XXL is no joke huge, but still delicious. The owners are very friendly.

Jon Rivera

The food was so disappointing. And I came here super hungry and excited to try the food. But the vampiros aren’t even traditional, nor cheesy. The consomé was completely flavorless and no cilantro. My friend got the quesatacos and they were completely soft with no crunchiness. Not worth the drive.

Victoria P.

I came here because of LA Foodie on instagram! He was not wrong. I'm glad this placed popped up on my newsfeed years ago and I always kept a mental note that if I was in CA I would be sure to find this place and try it out. We ordered our food and ate at a local park nearby. It was worth the hype. There was no crowd or line, but I think it was because of the shutdown and a weekday. I don't think a line would take that long to get through because the workers move fast. We got our order almost as soon as we ordered it. Highly recommend!

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