Saint and Sinner Restaurant Bar

10863 Magnolia Blvd, North Hollywood
(818) 754-0030

Recent Reviews

Elliott Turner II

The food is pretty good, the atmosphere can be pretty nice. Unfortunately if you don't get the right bartender your cocktails will be weak and uneventful. You will receive very kind but extremely slow service slow service.

Goar S.

Went here with a friend on a Saturday and although the music was too loud and not my favorite genre, the beautiful cocktails and their connotations made up for it. The crowd was mostly respectful towards women! I wanted to talk to the owner about the ideas behind the menu names etc but I didn't get a chance maybe next time haha.


Went on a Friday at 10pm. Rappers inside, Comedy outside. I was inside so only heard some rappers, they were good! Ordered the chicken, beef and shrimp tacos. They were pretty basic and the shrimp and beef both overcooked, I wouldn't get those again. I had 2 drinks. Old testament and New Testament. Very good. I would come back, good vibe, interesting entertainment happening. I would probably try that little pizza, that looked good

Connie Cobb

This place is great but keeps changing their name. They had a very lively Sunday afternoon Super bowl crowd. As usual the food and drinks were good and staff is very nice. Come check them out . They have great BBQ. It's a win win here. Correction they have a new menu and unfortunately they no longer have BBQ food... Sad

Frank Sun

Quiet Cocktail bar with chill vibes. Has two big outdoor patios. Great food! Just added Pizza, but their steak sandwich has also been soooo good!

Joss S.

Completely love the environment here. Drinks and food were good. Service took a little long but it was super bowl so it was pretty crowded

Dionna Livingston

Sunday Nights at Saint and Sinner was a Blast!! Great DJ. Great People. You might see a familiar face in the crowd.Bring your positive energy and your good vibes. And maybe a few of your good friends!It's a cool little spot in the Valley!

Patrick B.

This place is a total dump. Don't take it from me. Go experience it for yourselves. Nasty food. Boring atmosphere. A real dump.

Ashlee Kasperson

I stopped by on Valentine’s Day for a drink, paid $40 to get in, then paid $13 for a drink that tasted like a soda. The girls were total trash and completely rude, more interested in hitting on my boyfriend and trash talking me and other women, than doing their job.Im honestly disgusted and extremely disappointed in this bar. I live on the same street and thought I would be giving them my money by coming here more often. I will absolutely never come back nor will I ever recommend anyone visiting LA to ever come here.

Corey Herde

GREAT drinks.. Cool staff . Good food. Sliders were bomb.. pro Old Fashioned.. pizza was legit. NICE SPOT!

Dame SinCyr

Great entertainment but must have been understaffed. Tacos were cold and greasy, fries took over 30minutes, and drinks needed multiple reminders...

Stephanie M.

This place is a hidden gem. Great food amazing drinks! The staff is super nice and friendly. Fun little neighborhood spot. My fav thing on the menu are the burgers/sandwiches but everything I've tried is pretty great. Bloodlust is my go to drink here.

Matthew S.

Horrible food that is genuinely worse than something you can make at home. I don't drink so I can't vouch for that aspect of it but the food and food service was horrible.

Nestor Salazar

This was first time I went to this bar. I went on a Saturday night for a date and the atmosphere was relaxing, good music to set the mood and great service. They have inside and outdoor dinning to enjoy your drinks. I don't know if they serve food as I didn't research that part, so I'd have to see for the next time. The drinks were a reasonable price and the mix drinks were delicious.I had a great time and will be coming back again.

Jennifer B.

Definitely not the place to go for cocktails or food. Chips are stale (served with guac). Sliders hardly had flavor. While the bartender was sweet, had no idea how to make a cocktail. The "smoking aces" was literally soda water and terrible mezcal. Rosemary added for visuals. Seems like a bar for the ambiance. Not anywhere to go for an actual drink or food.

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