Noho Ramen

11009 Burbank Blvd Ste 108, North Hollywood
(818) 985-5101

Recent Reviews

Alfred Vivado

Ended up here because it was the only place that didn't have a 30 -45 min wait on Friday. There was actually no wait but they seemed busy due to the large quantity of to-gp orders. Ordered 3 bowls of ramen and a some sushi. Over all not impressed with the food. Noodles were under cooked. Broth didn't have that richness that your would expect and the large amount of sweet canned corn in the dish was overwhelming. Service and staff were efficient and nice. I like to support local small businesses but we probably won't be back.

Gio Tavanlar IV

The ambience is barebones hip, a nod to NoHo. The prices are affordable but not enough to please the Food for Less shopper. The food is good. No. Better than good. It succeeds in offering something gastronomically satisfying and visually mouth watering. Come visit.

Qu1Ks R.

Looked nice inside food looked great but tasted bad forced myself to eat it and 5 minutes into eating felt very sick threw up all my food place looked promising but was bad overall we ordered 2 soups got one and had to pay again for the second one

Nicole H.

So not terrible but nothing amazing... the rolls were good, not the best. The ramen was kinda bland for my taste... I guess had a bit higher expectations because of the reviews. The bathrooms had zero toilet paper or paper towels, we told staff and was told they didn't have any. ‍ Guy working the front was kinda rude, not to us. But there was a grub hub worker there asking to pick up and the employee was incredibly rude, argued with him when asked about the order because it was past time. It's not the best but okay.

Mo Hernandez

It was my first time here but the food was good. I will visit again in the future.

Indi S.

This place fell off. just a few months ago we got dinner and it was great. But last night, all of it was bad. The short rib was all fatty pieces, the chicken was tough and felt old, the gyoza were for sure old. We were really disappointed.

Chris Stark

Great neighborhood spot. Survived COVID. Their hours are super wonky right now because of it. Highly recommend Tonkotsu Black and the sushi is great and well priced. Go here instead of the grocery store!

Adrian V.

Leather chicken. Old broccoli. Taste like left over food. Very disappointed. I order for for delivery. Perhaps they don't care when they use third party delivery.

Great American Patro N.

The tonkatsu and shushi were good but the chicken ramen tasted like it was made by the students in detention in the high school across the street, (IMO). My main boggle is the 4 out of 5 screw jobs. I order extra pork and they don't always add it but they sure do take my money for it. Then real sneak like, they don't provide a detailed receipt ., just the total $ signed copy. It's a real disgrace especially because we're trying to support small businesses. The customer service is real bad, really no regard for customer. I can relate to the bad reviews in this thread, I know those are genuine because I've patrones myself. Calling in to order and having call actually answered is like spotting a unicorn . (Or maybe it's just me they don't like ‍. Happy eats everybody

Elle S.

This is our go to when we can't decide where to eat. Great service, we've tried the ramen, sushi and teriyaki.

Dani D.

Got back from the gym yesterday and I was so hungry, wanted something warm! My fiancé and I ordered the chicken ramen and the pork ramen. I ordered the extra spicy broth and that came on the side. You get A LOT of broth and A LOT of noodles. Over all the meal was tasty, I would opt out of the protein because the chicken wasn't great. But the broth was so tasty, could have personally been a little spicier but very good. You get a lot of food for a really decent price. Can't wait to try the sushi!

Felix De León

Great food with a variety of choices. I was surprised to see my food was still hot even after I took it home with me.

Elie M.

Got the new poke bowl. I literally had to pull off all of this from the bowl. Was not expecting a full on salad. Not pictured was an entire cucumber and an entire avocado. Hardly any rice but for the price oh well. Also the other food that we got was cold. :(

Wade McCoy

Great sushi. Large amounts of meat ? in the rolls. Good service. Fast.

SqUiLviA C.

The food was good, but service definitely not the same as when I first went. We were not greeted at all, the guy helping us was rude. He was staring at my boyfriend as we ate outside, and just stared at us the whole time we ate. It was pretty uncomfortable. Once again I love the food, my boyfriend enjoyed it as well, but the service is nothing like how it used to be. Anyone who works with people should be excited to help customers, to make them have a good time, and this was definitely not the situation. I'm not sure if we will be coming back.

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