Pablito's Tacos

5600 Vineland Ave, North Hollywood
(818) 966-8534

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Michael J. Lox

PABLITO’S!!!! I sing it from the roof tops. THE BEST TACOS IN THE WORLD. Every time I’m in LA I stop by this place at some point it’s worth the travel it’s worth the wait. I usually have the pastor tacos or malitas with 2 churros (bomb) altho I more recently tried the fish tacos and those were bomb to. Don’t forget the “CRACK SAUCE”

Martin Hernandez

the asada was delicious It was good the pastor was kinda greasy but really tasty the torta was probably the best thing. It can be a wait. The salsa was off the hook both red and green

Raphael Ramirez

Located in the circus liquor parking. Great selections of Birria,pizza, and burritos! Food was ready very quickly and looked very presentable. Taste was top notched, definitely a spot to come back too. ? ? ?

Ashley Rodriguez

I ordered the loaded fries and they were dry even with one green sauce on the side. Workers scold you if you ask for more. Some on the Inside of the fries were cold. Flavor is okay. Just fries with meat, melted cheese, Cilantro and onion- not exactly loaded

MaRs 6M

Can I be honest and straight forward. My Brother and I ate there 2 times because of convenience. The tacos and taquitos were gross and soggy with watered down guacamole. Never will we eat there again not in this life.

Allison L.

I have gone here 3 days in a row for tacos! I have tried many items and I will say Pablito's style is worth it! Great customer service. I reccommend this place if you're in Noho

River Ashby

this place honestly rocks. right in the parking lot of circus liquor which is sick. i think they have a great twist on la street tacos. pizza is cool too….. interesting stuff. great sauces.

Yely Beauty

I’m so glad this place is within walking distance from my apartment. They have amazing breakfast burritos and tacos for dinner. Wow. Thanks for being close by!

Daniela G.

I love Pablito's!!! Their fresh hand pressed tortillas are such a delight. You can taste the freshness in all their ingredients & the customer service is on point.

Logan S.

I came to Pablito's and ordered a chile relleno special burrito. The burrito itself was a great size and the chile relleno and cheese were pretty good! The salsa had an "interesting" and unique flavor that made me wanting more. Overall a decent place in Burbank.

Oscar V.

Not the same! They used to be way more generous with the meat but not anymore…. I believe it’s because of the situation but I mean they could charge 50 cents more per taco and keep the quantity of mean. I’m just saying, taste still very good!

Claire S.

Great tacos, ordered chicken but got asada but still wasn't disappointed. Tortillas are the best part of the taco - fresh and homemade. Good quality, fast service and cheap. Highly recommended!

Robin P.

I see now what the hype is all about. Ooey gooey cheesy pizza. Simple and delicious burritos and tacos. Great customer service. Loved it. Wish I had tried this place sooner.

Ericaharmony ..

Made me gain 50lbs lol! All I ate during the pandemic. The food is just....*chefs kiss*

Dan M.

Thank you for your hospitality Robert I told him about how I heard about this spot Believe it or not it was off a Instagram reel We both had a good laugh I told him I was from where and he threw in a pizza on the house Thank you for your hospitality Robert I appreciate that This place takes credit and cash kosher business only and tipped accordingly to total including pizza This place is poppin with the music and smell of good food. Wood fire grill I ordered a steak taco and a chicken taco. The asada goes ham with a fire grilled taste The chicken was alright The air smelled really good and it's the asada Seems to be a Peruvian twist since they offer lomo Saltado. The pizza was a lomo saltado pizza which was my first time ever trying it . Solid pizza solid 9/10 I'm curious to try a magharita pizza next time Tons of parking by iconic Circus Liquor I'd come back for the asada and the pizzas. Curious to try the pastor next time

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