Pa Ord Zappver @NoHo

12936 Sherman Way, North Hollywood
(818) 503-8884

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Robert P.

1 minute read: This past Sunday (09/05/2021) was the 3rd delightful visit here. They have a nice menus to choose from. You can eat in or take out. If you're close by, go eat.

Kris S.

FYI: For any of you duck lovers out there, they have discontinued duck at this restaurant. I called to place an a order and was told they don't carry duck any longer, I cancelled my order.

Sumamarn Konlawit

Thai style food with reasonable price. Yummy and friendly staff

Feed Me

Wow.. Great Place. Pad Thai Chicken. And Glass noodle soup.. soo good.. we Totally Enjoyed our visit. Owners are the most Polite and customer Pleasing People I've been to for a Long Time.. definitely Going Back..

Connie Cobb

Food was very good. I would def come back

Nallely G

Good service!!!They have the best curry ever!!!!

Diana K.

The food is so good!! Beware of the meaning "mild" though because my mouth was on fire but the food was so good I didn't care. Also the woman who helped us with the short hair was amazing!! So sweet and had such a good vibe to her that I wasn't expecting at night. I'd go back just because of her service!

Antonio J

This is doubtless one of the best place to eat in the area. Whenever I come to this place I am profoundly pleased. They keep their high standard service and the highest level of meals they give. You definitely will enjoy this this restaurant. Warmly recommended.

Moises Garay

I love the pork dumplings

Brad T.

Likely, the worst food I have had in years. I have lived in 7 US. States/cities. We ordered a few items including duck curry and fried wings. Both were terrible. They cut 1 wing into 3 wings. They had absolutely no flavor. I got the duck curry. There was almost no duck present. I feel robbed. It's crazy that they probably laugh at customers when talking about not actually adding much of the proteins that we actually paid for. In a container filled with liquid, pineapple, pepper, etc, it was a struggle to find 1 oz of ducks meat in there.

In covid times lots of businesses are closing and you have those like this not even trying but some how continue to exist.

Save you money and find another restaurant to patronize. I don't like being treated like a fool.

Esteban Schneider

This spot is my preferred one. I go to plenty of restaurants but to this place I constantly return again and again. The stuff is very receptive and the cooking they offer is so flavorful. I would always prefer to have a decent meal in this place. I highly recommend this place.

Terrence Mckay

I go to this excellent place from time to time since I love the special air that is part of this restaurant. The team is awfuly helpful and qualified. The service is deeply fast. Not to mention, the food you eat is great. I frequent often and I was always joyful. The price is decent. I highly recommend this restaurant to to everybody.

Lovelylms S.

I love this spot.the service is good and the food is delicious. I always try to get something different from the menu and it doesn't disappoint.

Grace G.

Good food, but there was a Make America great again on display on shelf in the restaurant. Why give your Buisness to a Trump supporting Buisness when there's a great Thai place a few doors down and great pho across the street. Support love not hate.

Nurhannifah B.

This is a great Thai place in van nuys! The people are super sweet and there was a little issue because I ordered a seafood curry and they gave me a chicken curry but replaced it without any hesitation! We always get the seafood pandang curry (a perfect sweet and spicy combination), the shrimp fried rice (we like it really spicy and that's how they give it to us), as well as the seafood soup (spice level medium). Support your local small businesses and give this place a try!

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