Pulgarcito Querido

10929 Burbank Blvd, North Hollywood
(818) 982-1414

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Sofia Djenidi

Food is okay but not delicious enough to come back. Service was very slow on a Sunday morning, they should know better to have more that one server (it was one person only serving and cooking I assume the same because it took an hour to get 2 pupusas and some plátanos). Very cute place but sadly food is not worth the price. (At least not what I ordered).

Regina Lopez

Very nice service food was good. Here for a quick getaway from Palm Springs ? but would definitely recommend and would visit again.

Liseth Cornejo

I ordered food over the phone when I came to pick it up didn’t get my order right it was all wrong then I call to tell her she was like you can come if you want the only thing they got right was my drink not only did I waste my time going back again for the right food but my gas too last time getting food here

Gloria Kwon

Amazing pupusas. Cooked perfectly. For a carryout order, I recommend calling and putting an order before hand. The wait will be less than ordering in person. There is indoor and patio seating.

Sa-Tina Emery

Spur of the moment stop at this new restaurant. Delicious. Will go again next time I am in that neck of the woods. Sangria was nice and refreshing and the food was great. Forgot to take a pic of our eats but the menu was beautiful.

Alex guzman

I've tried alot of places for pupupas but I think this place is my favorite even though I just discovered it today. The dough is really good in flavor and texture? very rare to find and the lady was nice even though it was almost closing time ?

Hugo R.

this is not a good review when it comes to prices. they advertise a price, but when you order, the prices have increased. The reason they give you is because is past 1pm, ALL THE TIME!!! I would call it FALSE ADVERTISEMENT and wont support a place with this kind of Tactics.

Gloria K.

Amazing pupusas. Cooked perfectly. Pupusas are slowly becoming one of my favorite foods. For a carryout order, I recommend calling and putting an order before hand. The wait will be less than ordering in person. There is indoor and patio seating.

B.R. K.

Is this place under new management? Place is always lively, fun and clean but I feel like the pupusas aren't the same from maybe a year ago. Hardly any chorizo in the revueltas and I thought it used to have beans in them. Paid an extra $6 for curtido ... which was worth it but for the amount of pupusas i bought - i would think the one small bag was not enough. The salsa was way watered down and hardly any flavor. I'm so bummed its not as good as i remember.

Victor R.

Im really picky with my pupusas but this place knows how to make them. So good!!!!!!!

Denise U.

I've recently move to the area, was feeling a little homesick from my Salvadoran family, and was so grateful that my fiancé found this little gem that was walking distance from our new home. The food was delicious. Pupusas have quality cheese. Place is clean, ingredients are great, & music reminded me of home. I loved seeing the large tables for family gathering. Will definitely be coming back! Yes there's always a little wait, but that's because it's made fresh & pretty typical in most Salvadoran restaurants. Definitely recommend the Pupusas & Pastles de Res :)

Ana Moly

I liked some of their stuff enough to reorder but sometimes they take over 45 minutes to make it, foods also overpriced and the pupusas aren’t very full and kinda dry or overcooked normally. The woman who works at the front sometimes speaks english sometimes just acts confused. I always make the same order, it’s not like i’m saying anything other than “hello can I order ___” and she acts like she has no idea and just keeps saying what over and over again until I have to just not order then other times responds to everything in english and spanish and the order is taken completely fine. It’s the same people when I go pick it up so I know there isn't one that speaks english and one that doesn’t, it’s the same woman. But that’s besides the fact biggest reason I will not be ordering again is because I started ordering by just saying the name of the meal I wanted which obviously i’m saying in spanish and TWICE they gave me a completely different thing than I ordered even when I asked before i left the place if it was what I asked for? I don’t know whats going on here but I tried really hard to order their food but i’d rather go somewhere else if no matter what they can’t provide me good service.

Karina Lopez

I give it ZERO stars, last weekend at 9:37pm to be exact, my family and came across this place. This place closes at 10pm but because we walked in at 9:37pm the hostess denied us a table/service. I did mention well the door is not closed/locked, closing time is not until 10pm and it’s only 9:37pm how can you deny service. The waitress response was “I’m sorry I can’t provide a table for you” I was very disappointed.

Ileana Bonilla

The pupusas are big tasty and delicious. The curtido is one of the best ones I've ever had.

Kev M.

Just ordered a two ham egg breakfast with beans and rice and another two egg with rice and plantains , these people took about 27 mins to bring my food , on top of that they charge 0.50 cents more just to scramble ur eggs lol like WTH !! , total of my bill with a slow bad service was $29 bucks ! Wow ! Unbelievable! Don't believe many of the reviews here im sure they are paid and family who leaves the good reviews , I would say stay home and cook ur own food l, not coming back , the waiters doesn't even speak English , not coming back

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