Salomi Indian & Bangladeshi Restaurant

11009 Burbank Blvd UNIT 116, North Hollywood
(818) 506-0130

Recent Reviews

Melinda H.

This place is so slept on. The food and service are great and high quality. The staff is super sweet and place is cute. We always get the chicken makhani (butter chicken), some rice and garlic nan. 10/10 would recommend this hidden gem

Sumplashinka O.

Recently tried this place and it officially became my favorite Indian spot. The service was really quick and helpful (the waiter actually gave good suggestions and knew what he was talking about). The food was amazing and the price was great. Will definitely be coming here more often. The restaurant also had a very homey vibe to it which I loved for a sit down spot.

El Nuevo Mundo Market

I've been driving all the way from Redondo Beach to eat here for over 20 years. The food and service are excellent.I only wish they played a little Indian music to listen to while dining.

Atmosphere: 4

Food: 5

Service: 5

Recommended dishes: Samosa

Melissa Burns

Best Indian food in Los Angeles!! The waiter is the nicest guy ever!! Highly recommend everything on the menu and the prices are reasonable.

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Recommended dishes: Samosa


I'm delighted with my first experience at Salomi's! They have a delicious selection of vegan options to choose from and the service was warm and welcoming. My new go-to place for Indian cuisine!!!

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Anna M.

Really saddened to say I couldn't even enjoy my meal because there was a black hair right on top of the chicken the second I opened my plate. I called to order ahead and drove to pick up my lunch, only to drive back to work and notice there was a short, thin black hair on top of my food. I had to immediately throw my meal away-- I don't even want to think about the fact that there was probably more hair embedded in there as well.I was super excited to try this place but what a disappointment. I wasted both my time and money and I won't be back knowing the unhygienic conditions.

James H.

The food was such a disappointment. Chicken curry had 3-4 small chicks of chicken and the sauce was thin. Portions of dal and channa sag also small. Both watery, spinach total mush from a can. And nann portion small and too soft. And pappadom order small-- see a pattern?

Rebekah Kington

Absolutely delightful experience dining here. We tried a mix of things on the menu and everything was delicious. Our waiter was also very helpful, friendly, and provided excellent service! We will definitely be returning :)

Shakar Bradost

Amazing food and great service. The waiter was very friendly and helpful, probably the best waiter experience. I tried the chicken masala, lamb bryani and the tandoori mix and all of it was phenomenal. I’m most definitely coming back.

Yvonne Finnegan

Love going here with my children. Happened across it with my older children over the summer, and couldn’t wait to go back. Due to my busy schedule, I wasn’t able to return for awhile. Was so happy when I went back, this time with all 4 children and a friend. Everything was so delicious, fresh, filling. Kids couldn’t stop raving, so of course we went back the next month lol. Would love to go much more often. Korma, naan, masala, rice- all amazing. And I’ve grown quite fond of the chai lol. Waiter is the same patient and wonderful gentleman each time I’ve gone. Amazing all aroundVegetarian options: Lots of delicious vegetarian choices, fresh and fillingParking: Parking is in the lot surrounding or on the street. Lot is a bit tightWheelchair accessibility: Easy access if needed

ozzie aziz

The first Indian restaurant in LA where I’ve loved the food. Thank you for being authentic. Being a Londoner and a yogi that has traveled to India, I definitely can tell the difference between good and bad Indian food. I’ve become a regular here and brought several of my friends and students too.

Maria Kovalska

I ordered sag paneer to go and asked to make it not spicy at all. I made it clear that I can’t have spicy food. When I got home the order ended up being spicy. I couldn’t eat it and couldn’t drive back because it was 20 minutes away from my home.

Gary I.

Salomi has table cloth dining, serene atmosphere. Service is understated and discreet. Salomi was in DownTown NoHo on Lankershim for years, but in recent years is in a strip mall location along Burbank Blvd. Mixed Appetizers is a generous deal including Meat Samosa, Vegetable Samosa both in fried pastry dough, Onion Bhaji & Vegetable Pakora in chickpea batter & fried. Accompanied by green mInt sauce & sweet-sour red tamarind sauce. Masala Curry with chicken is thick, orangy brown, rather tomatoey sweet & garlic on the tongue with yogurt, coconut milk, touch of butter.Lamb Pasanda is a greenish yellow, ground almond curry sauce with chunks of long cooked lamb that is plush, fibrous, meaty.Basmati al dente, nutty, fragrant, "dry" rice.Kabuli Nan bread is a leavened, slightly puffy bread stuffed w/ a sweetened, young coconut, powdered almonds, small raisins. Interestingly, can be paired wirh savory curry or as a dessert.King Prawn Tandoori: Dramatically comes out sizzling on a hot cast iron dish with slIced onions. Eat it quickly to not over cook the shrimp. May be the best Indian in North Hollywood. 4 stars

Andrius Acacia

Service was good. We didn’t wait long to order or for our drinks and food.The food:Prawn Poori was the dish I enjoyed the most. Definitely 5 stars for taste and presentationMushroom Biryani was my next favorite dish. Good amount of food. Almost felt like I needed to order more protein just to balance things out.Chicken Masala was good but I could’ve done without the chicken. It had some texture issues. Or maybe I was the one with the issue.Onion Bahji I did not like at all. What even was that? Over fried and too dry for my taste buds.Lastly, the sauces. Chutney & Tamarind sauces didn’t hold much flavor. They needed some zing. I would definitely come back to try other dishes but I know what to skip.

Stanley Cen

Awesome owner, very friendly and great service. Best indian food outside of India I've ever had. Also, this cute server boy came over.

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