10942 Magnolia Blvd, North Hollywood
(818) 766-9991

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adrian herrera

I think they do your sandwich wrong on purpose here. No joke.. there’s absolutely no way they can ALWAYS get it wrong by accident!! And worst thing is they act like they don’t care.. Totally unprofessional. They need a real manager and trained employees. Truly feel sorry for the two young, short, Hispanic girls that work at night. They will always work minimum wage unless they change their attitude and work ethic.

Ana Maddison

The employees really made the best foot longs compared to other subways

Расим Пиралиев

Disgusting service, she dropped the ingredients from the sandwich twice


Literally the WORST Subway I’ve ever been to. First of all the girl there seemed so nonplussed to be serving me she slams stuff around in angst. Then I ordered two sandwiches and she couldn’t even get any of the ingredients right when they were literally on the menu. Not to mention the bacon on my sandwich tasted like rubber and my bread was stale and chewy, so I believe she only toasted it for like 10 seconds so the chicken was cold (it was a ft long sub). After she incorrectly checked me out for both of my meals and charge me extra for my cookies she forgets to hand me my drink cups and walks away. So I had to reach behind the register and grab them myself... Last but not least, I go to my second option which was my cookies and as I bit into the raspberry cheesecake cookie I cringed at the earthy taste of it…..yep….MOLD. I’m not giving a bad review for Subway itself because there are a lot of good ones out there. But this location is just horrible and please, avoid at all costs.

Jared LaPre

I ordered through Door Dash and I was highly unsatisfied. They gave me the wrong cookie and the sandwich was burnt.

Jonas Schmitt

I know that experiences vary, but shoutout to the mid 30s tall man who made my two subs : they were perfect. Perfect amount of everything on them, and he actually toasted one and left one un-toasted like I requested. This usually gets completely ignored ?

Joseph E.

I recently went to this location for dinner and I begun ordering my food all the way until I got to condiments. When I ask for mayo, the employee unapologetically says "we do not have mayo". For me this is sort of a deal breaker but I really didn't want to cause a scene or have the sandwich I just ordered be thrown away, so I still paid for the food. This subway is in the same shopping center with a Ralph's grocery store, what do you mean you don't have mayo? When I begin eating my sandwich, there are no napkins in the bag. This is the only subway that I've ever been too, that doesn't stuff napkins in the bag. I went back to ask for napkins, and was told "they're by the door", again unapologetically and almost like I was bothering her. This wasn't my first time at this location, but it has been a few years, and I am not sure what changes, but something else needs to change again. I don't believe I will be coming back here again.

Jess C

Very disappointed with this Subway. I ordered my kids a BMT but it was more like muddy BMT. The spinich had so much dirt on it, gross. Check your produce before serving it to customers.

B P.

This girl (photo re-posted from other reviews who encountered the same poor behavior literally is a major liability for this company and location if management doesn't make a plan of action for her to modify her behaviors. She is beyond rude, demonstrates an extreme disdain towards customers and provokes customers through engaging in hostile behaviors with the intention to irritate, anger, intimidate, upset customers and mentally disturb. This is not only unprofessional but very concerning and overall inappropriate conduct. While trying to order my sandwich, she sat there rolling her eyes, slamming food around and watched the person she was supposed to be training, struggling making an order wrong and I politely asked her to help him because obviously he was unsure and I felt bad for him because it was clear he was just thrown into that situation with no real guidance or support. She looked at me and dramatically chose to shrug her shoulders like a toddler, rather than use her words like an adult, better yet someone representing a multi-million dollar company and when she did decide to use her words, she went on to say "I don't know". [another dramatic shrug]"I don't care." Walks off to back and throws something in the back and comes back to the front continuously rolling her eyes, huffing and puffing--And I was confused and stated, like you don't know how to make menu items??? She then lies on the spot and says...well yells that they all of a sudden don't have to make melts because it's no longer on the menu, while there is a huge sign above her head that literally says make any item a melt for $1 more. Her attitude and hostility was unwarranted. It was concerning and honestly frightening and the way she interacts with customers and even her co-workers should not be tolerated. There was one more person there, including the young guy who was new and everyone seemed to tense and walking on ice shells. Overall, very awkward, intense and negative energy. A bit bunch when trying to get some food. I've experienced her before and wrote everything off as her having a bad day but after this recent encounter and all of the other comments, this seems to be her personality. My suggestion is that she needs to be trained in the areas of providing better customer service skills, being polite to her co-workers, problem solving, critical thinking and being a way better and supportive team player and overall half way representative for Subway.

David Kozen

Food was good. There were 3 crew but only Brandon was really doing anything.


Great food. Decent quality service. Everything was fresh and soup was hot. I'd recommend.Parking: Plenty of parking.Dietary restrictions: Lots of options for people who only eat certain meats or don't eat meat at all.

Amerie T.

I've been coming here for years Stopped for a while due to homeless. I came back in last week it's remodeled! Way different vibe and setting. I went in around 11pm the girl Who helped me made me the most delicious looking sub ever ! She actually made it very neat & not messy!?!? Back then the subs were always messy and the toppings all just thrown, But True sand which artist I will be coming back more now.

renee c.

I have gone to this subways for years and it's always fine, don't listen to these homeless Karens trying to make things hard for the workers. About 6 days a go I was there at night time and there was an incident with a homeless looking woman who was giving a hard time to the girls. She started to take pictures of them while they were working. The girl without glasses started arguing with the woman. In the area this subways is located there are always homeless and crazy people around. This incident was not the girls fault.

Kevin M.

Best service ever would definitely come back thanks to two employees today they made my sandwich well wrapped.

Kallie G.

Subway is one of my favorite places, but these 2 in this picture ruined it for me. Not only did they make terrible sandwiches, and could care less, they were extremely rude, unwelcoming, and they really just seemed as by ordering food you were really putting a damper in whatever conversation they were having when we walked in. They did not smile one time, literally, every question we had was followed by a sigh and a short one to two word answer. After all of this negativity, when I couldn't take anymore and decided to write a Yelp review, I walked up to the counter, not interrupting or bothering anymore and simply took a quick picture of these two. And, instead of being professional, they went from 0 to 100 in an instant. They started cursing and screaming at me and calling me names. They were saying things like, "What the F*ck bitc*?" And "f*uck you bitc*" They literally lost it. And they did all this in a store full of customers, including young adults, possibly children. These two really ruined my night, I hope this review ruins there's . They need to be fired, ASAP. Who knows they might lose it on someone next time and things might get physical. I would hate for subways name to be tainted by these two.

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