Superba Snacks + Coffee

5203 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood
(818) 275-9333

Recent Reviews

Howard Kummerman

The breakfast burrito was fabulous - I love the way they melted the cheese into the outside of the tortilla. They're cold brew was also excellent. A great stop on my bike ride.

Kara Guyer

Eat here at least once a week. I love the breakfast burritos!!? Also The vegetarian egg and cheese biscuit is just unbelievably delicious.

Todd M.

Management has a passion for food and service and I can never fault a business for any practices when the core is solid. It's refreshing to see an establishment that cares about quality.

David W.

Have to share a very positive experience I had today with Austin. My food from Superba is always very good - This morning, my Uber Eats driver failed to deliver the breakfast burrito I ordered and when I called Austin about it, he was super nice about it and said if I swing by, he'll replace it. Not only did Austin make it right but he also put a couple of extra items in the order. I'll use Grubhub next time but it's unfortunate that Uber and some of these other delivery companies take so much of these restaurants' profits, provide poor service and then in these situations, the restaurant has potentially lost not only the food that wasn't delivered but also lost the revenue and in some cases, could unnecessarily lose a good customer that doesn't realize it was the delivery service (such as Uber Eats).

Michael Minto

Breakfast Burritos for life!This place is an incredible little shop with great snacks and vibrantly flavored meals. Way more than you'd ever expect from a little kiosk.The service and enthusiasm of the employees shines through every day with every customer.While it ain't cheap, it is way more satisfying than most sit down restaurants in the area. My ONLY complaint is that it closes at 3pm!

elisabeth aline turski-Bersanetti

Metered Parking on magnolia and also street parking...sunny yellow tables, excellent coffee and tea drinks with morning pastries and toasts. Great for vegan and non vegans. Rhubarb pastry superb as was the Gibraltar I ordered and the golden turmeric milk of my friend. Great neighborhood vibes with their friendly staff!!

Kara G.

I love the breakfast burritos!!! The coffee is bomb and so is the cheddar biscuit! Perfect little spot to pick up a snack

Ryan Johnson (RJPhoto)

Great coffee, and amazing baked goods.

Noe Tejeda

This spot is my go to spot early Sunday mornings. Yes their prices might be a bit high but their coffee is pretty good and if you’re looking for something different other than Starbucks in the neighborhood, then support your local coffee spot.I never experienced any bad services here. Their customer service has always been great. Enjoy your coffee outside and take it all in.

Sarah P.

I come here weekly for a breakfast burrito. I am obsessed. Coffee cups are a little small for the price but the burrito makes it all worth my while

Mike Wallace

Their coffee, matcha, and food have remained high quality and flavourful even with the changes in supply chain, staffing, and regulations.We used to come here all the time and order ahead online. They require face masks even when you wait outside (which is basically the sidewalk next to two major streets) so I waited in the car and even waited and extra 15 minutes past the time my order would be ready. When I went to get my order it was not ready and their outdoor pickup area on the sidewalk they required a mask. This is very odd since people sitting next to the line working on their laptop do not have masks on and if they handed my food to me I would have been gone and they would not have had to worry about if I was wearing a mask outside ?

Stefan Okuka

Some of the worst service, period.

Kelly A.

Okay it's dangerous how close this is to my house. The iced Spanish latte is delicious & the avocado toast... HOLY COW!!! Soooooooo good. I'm going to be craving this a lot now. Just a cute little spot with tables under um tells. Love it!

Dandre A.

One of the best cafés in North Hollywood! I went here for the first time and ordered a breakfast burrito that was made to perfection. All of the ingredients tasted super fresh and the cashier told me that everything is made from scratch. The burrito also has a bit of grilled cheese on the side of the outside tortilla which is a very nice addition. Also the yogurt dip that comes with it and hot sauce are a superb blend! I am surely putting this in my top 5 breakfast places in Los Angeles!

Rae K.

My boyfriend and I walked here for brunch. Overall very nice people working. Along with cheese tots we also tried the Avocado Toast which was absolutely amazing!

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