6530 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood
(818) 821-3382

Recent Reviews

Garrett Lowe

The restaurant is nice and roomy, the menu was enchanting and the rates were very fair. quickly, effective service and very affable staff. I highly recommend this place.

Mika S.

They do not do doordash. If you plan on waiting an hr and a half then be dissapointed by a phone call go ahead and order

Jacqueline D.

I think it's under new ownership. It's called sweet bakery now. I really didn't like the changes. Felt like I'm eating just dough. It's fresh I will give them that.

Ruben M.

Thank you! This was the best lahmajun and beorek I ever had!!! You guy's are awesome!! Thank you

George A.

Came here for the first time to get some ajarski and lamajun and I'll definitely be back. Most places that make ajarski overdo the eggs and they become hard baked. That's not how it should be. These guys did it just right with the eggs being nice and runny enough for me to transport it home in a box and still having a nice fluid texture to be mixed with the cheese.

janet b.

The spinach pastries are good. That's only thing I know . They are not a place of many words, but that is what I prefer.

Ash B.

Very very clean and the bakery has great items for breakfast and lunch. Recommend calling ahead of time to make sure they have a fresh warm batch coming out of the oven so avoid waiting when you arrive. You cant go wrong with anything you choose everything taste great.

Lucy S.

We ordered ajarski from here for the first time. The flavor taste more like cheese borek and a tone of onion powder. Nothing like ajarski. The delivery is good and fast though!

Terry S.

This place is sooooooo good It's super fresh! I'm Armenian and highly suggest this place I actually like it better than Daron and Sasoun

A. R.

Kept passing by the place and wondering. Finally the day has come and I was craving lahmajuns. Called in and ordered a dozen. Also got a yogurt drink aka tan. Yummm! Highly recommend!

Tatiana M.

For being Armenian I'm picky about my lahmajun and byoreg but I was craving some cheese byoreg pies and decided to come here, prices are reasonable and the lahmajun is the best I've had in the valley with good amount of meat and good texture of bread. I will come back!!! So good!!

Zovig B.

I'm so glad this bakery decided to sign up with DoorDash otherwise I wouldn't have seen it!!! The zaatar meneish is very flavorful and the spicy cheese beureg is soft and delicious. I'm half Armenian so I grew up with the food but haven't tasted khatchapuri but I got one with sojuk......OMG!!!! BOMB!!! I'm totally taking some beureg for my coworkers tomorrow and will definitely be a repeat customer!!!

Christian W.

I love this place. It's clean. Fast and the food is always fire. Make sure to try the lahmajun with cheese. You won't be disappointed.

April S.

I don't like giving bad review but we try the lahmajune and cheese borek the first and last time. The cheese borek didn't have enough cheese in it and the lahmajune barely had meat. Never again.

Mary S.

Came across this new bakery while driving in the area. It looked very new- only 1 table with a few chairs. I ordered 6 items- 4 cheese bouregs spicy, 1 regular, and 1 lahmajoune. The cheese bouregs were pretty spicy- my kids loved it. The dough was thick for me, but overall good flat breads. Prices are comparable to other places. Hoping they will bring in more seating.

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