The 513

11100 Magnolia Blvd, North Hollywood
(818) 821-3138

Recent Reviews

Jasmine J.

It's always poppin at 513. Great staff and very accommodating on busy game days. Projector screen in the back that provides more room for seating. 5.13 draft beers. What more can you ask for?!

Joseph K.

Great local sports bar. Owner operated which is cool, open late, stiff drinks, wish they'd offer a locals discount... that really builds a community!

Reschelle M.

Love this little bar! I'm from Cincinnati and am a Bengals fan, so this is the perfect place. It reminds me of a dive bar you would find just like at home. They even sell coney's! (I don't eat meat so I haven't tried them, but you should!) The drinks are pretty good at a decent price and the truffle fries are amazing. I recommend getting there early if you want a seat on game day. There are plenty of TV's and Cincinnati loving people I also stopped in here on a non game day and it wasn't too crowded, and was a nice chill spot to grab a drink and talk.

Orlando Boom

Cool NoHo bar with a great happy hour and tasty eats. Pool table and party atmosphere on the weekends.

Ns Dann

I went here to watch the Bengal game. Place filled with a lot of friendly midwesterners. The staff is gracious and really get off when hearing the “Bengal Chant”…Who Dey! Wings pretty/pretty good, but the supposed Cinti cheese coney is terrible.

Andrew M.

If you're from Cincinnati, this is your embassy in LA. I'm grateful it exists, but if you come for the chili, then walk away. It's bullsh**. Owner needs his hamiltucky card pulled. I'm from Blue Ash where the Chili is done right. Full size hot dogs with melted cheese is just a chili dog. 3-ways the same way is just chill Mac, homie. No oyster crackers? Word says that skyline is shipped in? It seems it the Amazon can variety with the Kroger bought half-ass bag cheese that works at 3 a.m. when you can't make it to Clifton. I hoped for soooo much more, but this place needs some serious authenticity. God help the new place in the real 'nati. Pat (bartender) rocks though.

Paul McGee

The chicken wings are highly recommended! The draft list could be expanded a bit, but overall this is a nice place to visit. Like everything in NoHo, it's going to be a little spendy but... You're in NoHo?

Amanda B.

If you are in NoHo, you should start your night here! The 513 offers a chill vibe with a happy hour that is friendly to your wallet. $5.13 for all draft beer and well drinks Mon - Fri 6-8pm. Walking distance from most other bars/restaurants in the area. And if size matters, you should try their 12" hung pretzel. Cheers

pat Riot

Security has changed to a positive since my last experience. Unfortunately their food is garbage especially their pizza. Bar staff is OK, they seem to be me more interested in gossiping with regulars and amongst themselves. So this leads to very poor service.

Daniel Kühne

Drinks are fine and it’s a fun vibe! The wings are overpriced. I say overpriced bc they were super tiny. They were oddly shaped; I can’t even say with full confidence I was eating chicken. Didn’t know what I was eating half the time. Feeling grossed out after eating them. I wish they had more of a food selection. Kind of felt like I had to pick between the lesser of two evils.

Olivia T.

Been coming here for 2yrs love it !! They started karaoke You do have to pay to sing but it keep it moving. The music and people are always cool and fun. Drinks are always great at a great price. They finally have food and it is good bar food. Stays open late everyone from all other places come here bc they are always a blast

Anthony Gee

Went there this past weekend with some friends for Memorial Day weekend it's a decent bar nothing too crazy I believe they normally have a DJ there but I guess not this weekend.

Jacee Cantler

The best local bar. Bartenders are attentive and friendly, tons of tvs, amazing quality yet greatly priced food. Highly recommend!

Vijay N.

A great place to get a night cap at 1:30 am. Oh...and also a place where you might get shot at 1:30 am. So ya know, at your own risk. 5 Bullets. I mean Stars.

Crystal C.

COME HERE! If you're debating between El Tejano and here this spot slaps! The service is amazing wayyyyy better and their music is so good! Lighting ambiance is good and even their security cares about you!!! I'm so happy people came here instead! Support an actual business that cares :

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