The Federal Bar

5303 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood
(818) 980-2555

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David Sterne

Had kind of a weird experience at The Federal Bar.Visited there a little after 2pm on a Wednesday. When we got there, the bar tender seemed kind of annoyed. Told us to sit anywhere. We picked a booth by the window. We then sat there for about 10 minutes before anyone came over to take a drink order. We were about to leave when our server finally came over with some waters, and was about to run off again before we called him back so we could order some drinks.We got our drink orders in, and then a little later on ordered food.I think the waiter was just busy with other things, but once he got his tasks in order he was very attentive and had great suggestions on the drinks and food. The burger and cocktail I had were fantastic.The weird part of our visit was that at one point as we were sitting there enjoying our food and beverages, a guy from the bar, not an employee, but a patron, came over to our table and said the bar tender asked him to check on us. To see if we needed anything. We asked why the bar tender couldn't have done that and he said because she was busy.We just told the guy we were good, finished our drinks and meals and got the check.Still not sure who that guy was or why an employee would ask a customer to check on other customers.Otherwise, the food was amazing, the drinks were amazing, and the environment was really cool.

Erik Kastanon

The last time I was here, their security guard choked and dragged me off the premises, while continuing to choke me in the elevator ride downstairs. I was mistaken for someone else as I stood next to the dance floor. I filed a report with the LAPD, but the case went no where. Business like these should not be able to violate laws regarding protection of their property without being held accountable. Abuse of the public trust for your personal gain is unreasonable and low. Pathetic.

Alex Gonzalez

It was cool if you like over price drink and repeated music. If it had a better dj and more people it will be great

Mel Sims

We went for their weekend brunch on 9/19/21. It was previously $25 but now it's $30. Not a big deal but the service and management was god awful! Food was slow to come out and when it did, it was cold. We were supposed to have bottomless mimosas, but our carafe was never refilled. After an hour of not even getting a glance in our direction, I went to find the manager. This dude just blinked at me as I was explaining the issues. Then when I asked him was he just going to stand there and blink, he said, and I quote, "I said I apologized. What else do you want me to say?". Nothing my dude... absolutely nothing. Just stand there and blink... you seem to at least be good at that....We've come to this restaurant for years. But after this, we won't be back until they get their service and management together.


This was my first time visiting and I really enjoyed the vibe. They offer indoor and outdoor seating. And on this evening when we visited there was a live comedy show. I dined in with my fiancee. We shared the buffalo style cauliflower as a starter, while I had their short rib, and my fiancee had the lamb chops. The dishes were alright. I really liked my short rib, however the lamb chops were a bit smaller than my fiancee was expecting and she felt they lacked some seasoning. Overall the service was nice, our plates were served promptly and hot and we had a pleasant evening.

Bryan P

Decent overall vibe with good food and great cocktails. Happy hour was great. It can get a tad loud so if you plan on getting some work done you may need some headphones.

Tom Hankins

great music and great food

Jaime Q.

Last night was Taylor swift night. I had a lot of fun. There was some pretty viscous swift fans who kept yelling at the staff, but it didn't mess up my night too much. Will for sure attend this event again.

Sebastian S.

It was such a disappointment. They have an event for Taylor Swift's song. All of us were so disappointed because they charged us the tickets for playing other singers' songs for most of the times. So we paid for the entrance and we tried to queue songs, their DJs told us they didn't have internet; we provided them our hotspot and they were still refusing to play Taylor or Olivia's song mostly. A lot of us just left earlier because more than 50% of times they're playing other singers. Honestly if they wanna get us in as a specific targeted fan, just play the music as they should. And now they have deal with a lot of disputes.

Mark F.

Came here for a Taylor swift - Olivia Rodrigo themed night. I have to give the DJ props. I've never seen a dj spin while being verbally assaulted by a group of young white trust fund kids who didn't get what they wanted, when they wanted it. Kudos to you miss dj, for facing down a crowd of baby Karen's. Kudos as well to the staff. Drinks are great, security is kind, and the promoter was a real doll. Also the guy running around cleaning up after drunk kids who spilled their drinks all night, that guy is the mvp.

Erin C.

Absolutely atrocious behavior from Steven I think his name was?? I have never dealt with someone so unprofessional in my life. If he doesn't work for you, you should for sure be careful because he says he does. Noticed someone else mention how aggressive he was in their review as well. I tried to request a song (nicely) and he immediately got in my face and was rude about it. Not okay.

Carlos Z.

I was here for the Taylor swift last night great atmosphere and I really loved the DJ. I'll be coming back soon!!

Ashley P.

Came here for a Taylor Swift / Olivia Rodrigo night and had a great time! The drinks were great, the staff was friendly and helpful, the dj killed it despite of having a bunch of young adults disregarding her personal space screaming for song requests. I was pretty disappointed in the crowd, was surprised to see how toxic and aggressive swifties can get

Hugo McLaughlin

The Habanero Burger & Fries were beyond delicious. The Pretty Blonde Ladies behind the Bar were beyond gorgeous & sexy. The venerable Building which was built in the 1920"s had great ambience.

Moriah B.

What happened to this place? It used to be so good. My boyfriend and I went yesterday for Happy Hour outside. We were the only ones. Our waitress was miserable. It was very hot, so I get it. It was our first Happy Hour in 1.5 years, so we were excited to finally come back to our spot. He got a beer and I got a house red wine. The wine was decent for $4 a glass. The menu had changed quite a bit. Long gone are the sliders, poutine, and some other items. It's a weird mix now. Nothing seemed appealing, so we split an order of garlic fries. The fries were super crunchy and there was tons of Parmesan, a little garlic, and no parsley or greens. We got a side of their basil aioli which was fantastic with the fries. Sadly though, don't think we'll be back again. There are too many better options in the area.

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