Zankou Chicken

10760 Riverside Dr, North Hollywood
(818) 655-0469

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Shawn Nielson

Need to work on prepping orders for walk in take out customers. I shouldn’t have to stand their watching them like a hawk and asking for my order. Call out the name.

Gurgen Mikaelyan

I am very disappointed in Zankou ordered 2 wraps to be delivered to my wife in the hospital, Zankou chicken charged me for two but delivered just one, that is what happens when they-short stuff!! Careless people!!!


This is a great Zankou! I come here often and the chicken has been consistently juicy and flavorful. The staff is very nice too.

Myung-Soo Seok

Great food with ample amount. Salad and other sides were very refeshing and fresh. Staff is friendly and quick in service. I would recommend this Zankou site.

Brenda Alvarez

I love this location because they offer the bowls! Those are super delicious! It’s like Zankou’s version of a chipotle bowl. And the staff is very friendly and helpful as well. Always a pleasant experience here. ?


Been here twice now. Overpriced, bland food. Their garlic sauce is meh, their wraps were soggy and falling apart. Any shawarma truck on the street is better than this place.

Bessy menendez

The food is good but lately not sure what’s going on .. I placed an order on DoorDash I specially said no spiced onions in both orders and it’s like they don’t even check I got both with onions .. we’re allergic to onions so now I only got like 11:50 credit when I spent $50 on the order this is ridiculous… I also ordered before and the chicken wasn’t cooked well I didn’t even eat it cuz I didnt wanted to get sick … I understand they always busy but need to pay attention More .

Marwan K

Zankou Chicken stands out in a sea of eateries. Great menu, outstanding food. Love this place. Many locations. My favorite is on Sepulveda.

Omar Medina

I come to enjoy Zankous way of offering the freshest ingredients while offering a decent price. The falafal wrap is tasty while the hummus is delectable!

Rachel A.

And to think I almost wrote off Zankou chicken... then they came out with salads and bowls!!!! Best move ever!! I used to come to zankou all the time when I first moved to la, fast forward 10+ years later and I was tired of the food...sometimes I'm not always in the mood for entire plate of food and it just became super redundant eventually. I recently just started doing the Mediterranean diet and realized zankou was perfect for the meals I had to be eating. I tried the bowl with rice and the salad with chicken, both good but the salad with roasted chicken is WHERE ITS AT!! Trust me, and get the lemon tahini sauce. They give you so much chicken they do not skimp A++++ thank you guys for not giving a measly amount like most restaurants and places are doing these days making people pay $20 for a sandwich or salad and barely giving any protein. This location in Toluca is the best too, the staff are so friendly and always nice. A little note to the owner please don't change the portions of the bowls and salads!! I will definitely be back several times a week if you guys keep the food this consistent woooo!!! zankou for the win!

Evelyn J Martinez

So glad after so many years, I was able to sink my teeth and appetite onto your magnificent food. Especially that garlic sauce? you NEVER disappoint.Your garlic sauce made it to Indiana ? wish you were able to order form delivery out of state. Maybe in the future ☺️.Thank you Zankou Chicken

Richard M.

Have been a customer since the 80's. Eating at the Hollywood location since I was a kid. Place has become a disrespectful joke. This is the new American way. Waiting a very long time for 2 lousy wraps. When they came and I finally took a bite. Chicken was cold. Overpriced cold food. I'd rather go to a street vendor!

Heather S.

We ordered falafel and the mixed Lule/shish plate. The meat was tender flavorful and flavorful, and the portions were generous. I just wish I had asked for well done because the lule was a bit pink in the middle.

George Castaneda

Takes a little while to get your order which of course just means it's freshly made. A great place and a bit of an LA thing. Love it!!!

Carol Austin

The worst food I have ever been served. Dry chicken, dry pita, nothing like Zankou used to be. Will never eat at Zankou again.

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