Frantone's Pizza

11110 Alondra Blvd, Norwalk
(562) 865-4645

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Noemi L.

The food is lackluster. The environment and people are nice. I ordered the scampi linguine with shrimp. It tasted mostly of oil but lacked depth.

Shel Z.

The might have been the worst meal I've had in a very long time. Service was very slow and food took forever even though it was pretty empty. Red sauce was watery and salty. Vegetables were cold and there was a bug in one of the broccolis. The salad was drenched in ranch dressing. I really wish I could say positive things about a local spot but I would never recommend this place- sorry!

Pooh B.

If you love cheese then you'll love their pizza. They put sooooo much cheese on my pizza that it overpowered the pepperoni. I asked for double pepperoni and it was little to nothing. I could count the sporadic pieces. But I definitely recommend taking a stool softener (sorry) after eating their pizzas. It was way too much cheese for me that I ended up taking most of it off. But the flavor was good.

X M.

I ordered two large pizzas on Saturday. We had leftovers and reheated the pizza on Sunday. One of the slices had a long hair in between the cheese. It was gross. I called to let them know so they could be more careful; I wasn't calling for a refund. Debbie, the manager, got on the phone and, with an attitude said, "why didn't you call yesterday to get a refund? Rose was working, and her hair is always up". I explained again that I found the hair today from the leftover pizza we ordered on Saturday. It's unfortunate when you have poor management. Debbie missed the point. A simple apology would have been sufficient.

Gilbert Z.

Not that great for the price. Lots and lots of oil on top, cheese quality not good either.

Dennis E.

I ordered takeout 4 plates and she was kind enough to place it in a box to carry out easily, very happy with the service and food. Very Large servings , I've eaten there many times and has not been disappointing..

Christina A.

My pizza was brought home to me by the man yesterday and it was delicious! The perfect amount of cheese to sauce, to crust! My favorite was the cheese pizza. My boyfriend brought a pepperoni and sausage home but I took the sausage was still super good. Dogs loved the sausage:) I wasn't expecting the pizza to be so good with the not so good reviews. Plus the pizza had to get rewarmed and it was still delicious! If I didn't gain some pounds I would have eaten all 4 slices..but had to stop at 2...:( It's ok..I'll be back after a 4 hr gym session to burn it off:/ I didn't have time to take pics because it was in my belly before I could:D nom nom nom

Catherine S.

This is my first time dining in here. Eww. Good was not great. Pizza crust were undercook and pasta were disgusting. Tomato from the salad looks like old..

Craig S.

I grew up eating at Fantone's in Downey and was in the neighborhood of the Cerritos location the other night. My daughter had never been to a Frantone's so I decided to take her. I was great to see they still had the Wednesday night spaghetti special which was a regular growing up and the price seemed fair. This trip was not on a Wednesday so we both split a medium pepperoni pizza and had a side salad each. I will say that I was never a big pizza fan from here and the pizza this time was liked I remembered. Overall the flavor is okay but a little on the greasy side. The side salad had an abundant amount of dressing and I really like the flavor but sometimes to much is to much. The staff was very friendly and attentive which what I remember. Overall a solid experience but nothing that really stood out either positive or negative.

Cyndi C.

Great food! Try new pastrami pizza. Can't go wrong with spaghetti night Wednesday's! Great atmosphere and outstanding service. Bonus-Dodger game was on all TVs.

Maria R.

Nice Italian! Spicy chicken on the Cesar salad was pretty good. Lasagna with meat sauce was very saucy. Garlic bread was toasty. The donut was the best. Plenty of parking. What's missing the ? The restroom needs an update. I was overcharged for the Cesar salad without being told that I would be charged extra. Otherwise, this place is worth the visit to the '70's in a time machine, for a decent Italian.

Bre M.

What happened to this place? The taste has gone downhill. Is Frantones under new management now or something. The food used to be so good but now it tastes like canned spaghettis sauce and raviolis out of the freezer. Won't be ordering again.

Sara W.

Just had the best experience at Frantones! I got the BBQ Chicken pizza (I added pineapple) so delicious! The trick is to ask for your pizza to have thin crust! Then it always comes out crispy and never underdone or soggy. I also got the spicy chicken salad, I add cold pizza cheese, avocado and pineapple in the salad with ranch on the side. Mouth watering! Our waitress Sierra was sweet, fast and friendly. I come her about once a month for the last 16 years. Love Frantones!

Doyle J.

I read great reviews and heard great reviews about their pizza. I ordered a pizza well done to go. It was great! Fresh ingredients and the crust was delicious. Frantones pizza is very filling.

Mandy M.

I absolutely cannot give enough credit where it's due, but the employees here are amazing. We had my moms 75th surprise party here yesterday, the staff was SO accommodating- But our waitress-Catalina, went over and above. They were so friendly and helpful, It definitely did not go unnoticed. From the set up, to boxing up leftovers- we couldn't have asked for more.. Keep them in mind for an incredible group meal or special event.. They rocked!

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