Golden Sun Mediterranean Kabobs & Desserts

11782 Firestone Blvd, Norwalk
(562) 991-5022

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Viridiana Bastida

Not the best service. Placed a pickup order and we provided a 10% tip because it was pick up only. Apparently it wasn't enough for the staff that day because they confronted me when picking up my order and ask me to leave a cash tip, they made it seem like its not enough. I felt it was extremely unprofessional and rude to ask for more tip especially when there was no delivery service and we had already provided a tip. I was excited because it was my 1st time here but i definitely will not return.... UPDATE.... Their reply is ridiculous. They are confusing me with another unhappy customer. They told me exactly how much i tiped online and proceeded to try and bash me because it wasn't how much they wanted. No one ever gave me cash back and YES they DID ask for a large tip. Your company is very unprofessional and it shows.


Got a beef and chicken plate that was very tasty. The baclava was also very good. Will be coming back!

Felipe Barron

Oh my , I have to say I was hesitant to eat there when I saw the hole in the wall restaurant, however my friend and I when in and my gosh the food was super delicious amazing taste. I had the chicken kabob. I wish this restaurant was in my area Rancho Cucamonga. Please visit this place you will be glad you did. I give it 10 stars not just 5.Enjoy!!!!!


Worst kafta plate I have ever had. Meat was pink undercooked with no flavor cheap sides and rice . Regret spending almost 18 bucks

Ernesto Daniel Ferrera

Awesome pride in preparing a wonderful meal. It felt homemade.Thank you Eleonor, great work!

Carter L.

Great food, great service. This is a small business you want to support with the food and customer service being outstanding. The quality and quantity of the food makes the price well worth. I ordered the Chicken and Beef Kabob Combo Plate. The food was amazing. Could not recommend more.

Carlos G

My pita bread was cold...pricey food. I end up throwing my $6.99 fries. I couldnt eat them..not coming back

Shivroop B.

Meat was pink inside undercooked, the salad was unchopped and pita was cold . Worst kafta plate I have ever tired . Waste of $18 .

Ray R

Not sure why this place has such good ratings. By far the worse tasting Mediterranean food. This was my fault trusting the city of Norwalk to give me quality food.

Vanessa M.

I love Mediterranean food so it was a mission now to find a local spot near my house. I came across Golden on yelp and saw the highly rated reviews so had to check it out. It's inside a big plaza where the Starbucks is located (I know it's not much help as there is a Starbucks everywhere!) The inside is pretty small, more of a to go spot or casual dining for one or two. You can order your food on the screen prompt or the old fashion way. They have a pretty extensive menu; from appetizers, salads, combo plates, kabobs and desserts. The few times I have been there, which is twice, it's always the same lady who takes the order and cooks the food. I think she may own the restaurant as it's her and another woman that I also see. She is very friendly and welcoming. _Greek Salad ($7.99) I got this twice and with the hot weather, I find myself craving this all the time. A pretty big portion, can easily feed 2, maybe 3. The lettuce, tomatoes, olives, white onion, and feta were all fresh and the sprinkle of oregano gives it that extra oomph of flavor. The dressing which is given on the side seems like some Italian dressing, but a bit thicker in texture and more of an opal color rather than clear. A zesty and light dressing, this is a solid salad. _Chicken Kabob + Kafta Kabob Combo ($16.99) Served with rice, salad, grilled tomato, jalapeno, pita bread and sauces. I always get Kafta when order from Mediterranean but I must say was not a fan of the one here. It was juicy and well cooked, although it could have been a tad more cooked, I was not a fan of the flavor. It lacked something and just fell a bit short to my liking. However the chicken, which I don't really get as they usually come out dry was great. The chicken was juicy, perfectly seasoned and had that nice char to it. The rice was good and you can taste the butter. Beware of the jalapeno! I can't do spicy but I wanted to try it and holy shitttttt, being lactose I just wanted to dip my face and drink up a whole carton of milk just to ease the pain. The kind of spice that seems to get worse and worse and just lingers. Never had a jalapeno that spicy before. Price is pretty fair for the portion and quality. Very pleased that it's so close to me.

Ken N.

Was looking a good place for baklava and found it. Tried a couple of the other pastries there, they were good but their baklava is the best I've had. Haven't tried their other dishes but I'm sure they're fantastic.

Mercedez Hymes

I should have taken a pic. We got a chicken pita and fries, pita chips (so bomb and fresh), with yummy hummus. Also Mediterranean salad with chicken.. all so good!

Alisa Gresham

I introduced my husband to the restaurant and we drove from Long Beach to eat there maybe twice a month.. I'm stuck in the Lamb chops yummmmm

Karla G.

DON'T EAT HERE!! We ordered 2 plates to go; the chicken kabob plate and the beef kabob plate. Our hummus was spoiled. The container they gave it to us in was puffed up with gas and, sure enough, when we opened it the hummus was bubbling. The chicken and beef were so dry, it seemed like they were reheated in the microwave. The beef had a funny taste so I didn't eat it, afraid that it , too, was spoiled or going bad. The rice was pretty bland for Mediterranean rice. Overall, the food was mediocre, not authentic and too expensive for it not to be fresh.

Tyler D.

I travel from Whittier here because the food is so good! I get the chicken kabob plate with a side of spicy hummus. My kids also love the food and they are picky eaters. The green sauce is also awesome!!! The lady at the front is very kind, will give you suggestions, and loves kids. Definitely a great find!

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Golden Sun Mediterranean Kabobs & Desserts

11782 Firestone Blvd, Norwalk, CA 90650
(562) 991-5022