Zebra Coffee

Social Science Building, Norwalk

Recent Reviews

Anaid H.

This is a great coffee shop on campus! Sean is very friendly and is a great part of Cerritos College. My favorite drink is the Iced Mocha and I definitely recommend it to anyone! Other drink options that are great are the Chai latte, matcha latte, and the ham and cheese croissant. If you have time between class definitely check out Zebra coffee :) they've never had an off the day the past year as I have regularly frequented the shop. As the number of students changed greatly from last semester, please be patient with him as he is running the stand alone right now due to the pandemic.

Karla Ulloa

Owner is really nice, the iced coffee is really good, my go to to stay alert while studying

Mia Fischer

Love their iced mocha and the owner is very friendly. I look forward to getting coffee from here in the morning.

Mike V.

I'm annoyed at this place. The man is nice but if you are craving a latte or decent coffee then avoid. I wanted an iced latte but the man not brew a fresh espresso for me. First attempt he poured the milk into the cup then added some cooled off brewed coffee into the cup. I immediately knew it was going to taste like junk. So I taste it and tell him no this isn't how I want it. I tell him I want the espresso hot over the cold milk. He goes oh yes yes I like it like that too and then he makes the espresso from old coffee grounds that were LEFT IN The espresso pod!! Let me tell you that this tasted like crap and I was so annoyed at this place even tho I wanted to help this old man. But he was skipping corners to save a buck and I want all the students to know don't waste your dollars on this place.

Won P.

Glad, this campus is reopen as 8/16 since March 2020 w/1 year being temporary closed due to Covid, I haven't try this as way long time so the guy he was nice and friendly so I tried the Iced coffee w/the small size it's good taste like condensed milk mixes a little cold brew so glad all the campus food court reopen!

K R.

They have the best hot chocolate ever and they're always so friendly. I try to come here every morning and btw the pizza next door is too!

Celia T.

My favorite coffee shop at cerritos college. I always buy red eye iced coffee because is delicious and strong. The place is very convenient I save time and money because i pay less than starbucks iced coffee. The owner is very charming, he makes students feel welcome every single time.

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