Valero Gas & Chester's Fried Chicken

40387 CA-41, Oakhurst
(559) 658-6333

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Timothy Hayden

Not from in town but, gas seemed decently priced and food we got was fresh!

Nick Crain

Don't be fooled by the sign price, they charge you more unless you have a Valero card.

Edward West

Was in at 5:00 pm for bag of ice...saw foil wrapped burritos in the small cooler for the Chesters Chicken which was closed. Took a burrito to the counter asking "what kinda burrito is it" as It had no markings, price or otherwise. Clerk states "asada", then types in the price so fast u cannot see it on the customer screen. (It's pathetic the authorites allow this). Arriving home starved and nuking the cold burrito, I would find it to be a breakfast burrito of egg sausage bacon ham and cheese. I figured I would have a rice burrito like gingos are often served vis a vis anything Mexican, and had a nice day old stale bfast burrito for dinner. Gee, thx!!

Liberty Blair

I didn't go inside.... historically, prices are out of control in the store/restaurant.


Only came here to fill up on gas no chicken, sorry!

Positivity Peddler

The gentleman working at 4:50 pm on 8/25 at the oakhurst valero is the funniest best cashier I have encountered here in town. I wish I would have looked athis name tag. I was laughing too hard. He had us laughing so hard that my cheeks hurt by the time we left. He also was very polite and thorough. He made sure to upsell at the register too which I was impressed with. Great experience! Thank you!!! We will definitely be back!!

Keith kswinc

Negatively impressed... I’m in Yosemite for a week. Will kit be back here.... can you read this?

ks kswinc

Negatively impressed... I’m in Yosemite for a week. Will kit be back here.... can you read this?

Angel Menendez

Gas prices are what it is. The station don't have a whole lot of control over that. Treating your customers in a rude manner? Yes, they have control over that. Attendant was very rude and everything is NO. Not even a small effort to help or provide a service.

David Morrison

Just pumped gas, expensive in Oakhurst, then went on our way, no problems.

Litza Menendez

The Manager refused to let me refill a gallon of water even after I paid 60.00 for fuel. This is the reason why business fail. He was a total jerk about it too.

Roger Krone

I went there for chicken 2 evenings in a row and they didn't have any chicken. I didn't get gas there because it was 30 cents a gallon cheaper 7 miles down the road.

Lindsey Amanda

After fueling up I asked to use the restroom. "No" & "Unavailable right now" were the answers I got. It was almost 3am & not even one other customer, in store or at the pumps. I was desperately searching for an answer since this sorta put a cramp in my road trip plans. I asked if it was out of order or would become available at a certain time? The clerk just looked at me then looked back down at his paper. I repeated myself but at a higher volume cuz I thought maybe he didn't hear me. Without looking up he answered "no!" RUDE!

T Bone

Friendly service and nice location. Clean and fast with good variety of quickstop type food and beverages.

Jo Russell

Super friendly fun people with fast service . ? if u happen to have tire problems go see Jo at Oakhurst Tire and Cycle its super close by ? just saying . Thanks for reading

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Valero Gas & Chester's Fried Chicken

40387 CA-41, Oakhurst, CA 93644
(559) 658-6333