A+ Burger

6228 Telegraph Ave, Oakland
(510) 250-9598

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Andrew H.

I was going to rate this 3 stars... mainly bc mayonnaise came on the sandwich and I didn't really like the cheese. BUT, the burger was amazing!!!!! I rehomed it to some bread I had bc of the mayo situation, but it was so good. Fresh, cooked amazing and survived the 12 minute drive home still hot. Will definitely be back!

Angela H.

Fantastic burgers, loaded garlic fries and a cool ambiance on the patio made for a great lunch stop after leaving San Francisco

Shauna J.

Pretty solid California burger even though they forgot to put in the avocado. So I guess it was a bacon burger. The cheeseburger patty for some reason was not as big as my California patty, it looked more like a McDonald's flat patty. Fries were great, we had both regular and sweet potato. The shakes were okay but didn't wow me. I would definitely order the burger and fries again again.

Audrey I.

With the plethora of gourmet burger places in the Bay, it's hard to make a burger stand out. But, A+ Burger does a solid A job at making their burgers unique and fresh for patrons. My friend and I came here on a Saturday night, and it wasn't too busy. The only seating available was outdoors, and there didn't seem to be any heat lamps turned on, so it was got chilly pretty quick (side note: make sure to bring jackets if dining in). My friend ordered the California burger with garlic fries, while I ordered the cheeseburger with a vanilla milkshake. Man, this milkshake was out of this world!! I'm lactose intolerant and I had a movie to catch after dinner, but I still gladly risked it all for this shake. It was creamy, decadent and not overwhelmingly sweet... an amazing complement to the juicy burger. My burger was also pretty good for a standard cheeseburger. I just wished they would have melted the cheese a bit more and perhaps toasted the bun as it seemed to come without char. My friend said her California burger was also delicious, but we couldn't care for her fries. As a Korean, it's unspoken law that we all love garlic, but even then A+ burger put a little too much on the fries. This made the fries quickly turn soggy and sour, so we didn't end up finishing them. Next time, we'll probably go for the onion rings or regular fries. In summary, I'd definitely check this place out if you're in the area. It's a bit like Beep's Burgers just with more creativity and variety. And, the milkshakes are an A+ hands down.

Heather S.

Other fast food hamburgers cannot even COMPARE to the delicious and high quality burgers A+ creates! The workers were really attentive and took care of my to-go order quickly. They packaged everything so sturdily, so none of the burgers were shaken or disassembled during the drive back home. There's also abundant street parking and a small parking lot behind the restaurant which was very appreciated. Super solid place with some amazing burgers that you should definitely check out! -- Cheese Burger ($7.00) // For $7, this was such a steal. I can't emphasize enough the quality of ingredients used. From crispy lettuce to meat cooked to perfection (they ask for your meat preference!!), I couldn't help but love the burger. Fish Burger ($8.50) // a HUGE burger with tartar sauce, a crispy fish patty, and cabbage salad to name a few ingredients! Also super delicious:) Patty Melt ($7.99) // Warm and gooey cheese and caramelized onions with a delicious patty! What more could you want? French Fries ($2.99) // I kid you not when I tell you these are some of the BEST fries I've ever had. They're so crispy and warm inside. Totally worth it!

king Tutu

Perfect salmon burger! Green bean fries were great! Would give food is five star, service four. Food is great for dining in but there's wasn't a restroom for me to use so I had to hold it while I ate! ?

Marcos Soares

Friendly staff, I havnt tried all the food but I definitely like to try the chicken sandwiches and some other ones!

Melina Tupa

The A+ Burger is amazing, super tasty and the ingredients work really well together!(Just a heads up if you don’t like onions like myself this burger does contain onions although it doesn’t say so in the menu)

Lawrence Owyang

I love the A1 burger and my wife got the grilled chicken breast burger but they forgot the onions

Ty C.

I give A+ burger a B- j/k everything was good. I got the burger that had a piece of grilled eggplant on it just to try something new. The presentation of the burger is certainly picture worthy and I'm sure that helps with the gram and with yelp photos. I enjoyed the burger, it wasn't overly meaty or overly greasy, the ratios of everything on the burger were good, except the massive amount of raw red onion. It would be nice if there was an option to have the onion grilled, and maybe there is, next time I'll ask. But I got two thick full slices of red raw onion and that is not a tasty addition to a burger in my world. The fries were good and came with organic ketchup on to go orders, nice touch. I tried the chicken sandwich too and that was legit. If you are in the area and looking for a burger, definitely give this place a try. I found it on yelp and afterwards, I steered several friends there and they have since enjoyed it.

Han F.

Huge spicy crispy chicken sandwich with two chicken patties. The bun to chicken ratio was pretty equal in bite. The sandwich could have used more sauce since the chicken patties weren't as seasoned and a bit bland ok it's own. Fries were definitely seasoned, nicely fried and crispy. Service was quick when ordered online. Napkins weren't included so Make sure you ask for napkins since Sandwich and burgers get messy.

Terri Nelson

Been to A+ Burger many times and they consistently deliver awesome burgers. Tasty and not too greasy. Garlic fries is ftw. Plenty of parking, and the outdoor sitting is perfect for the nice weather. Service is fairly quick. I also like how clean their bathroom is (always a big plus for me). Will definitely keep coming back.

B. Wai

When speaking of burgers, I know this place wouldn't disappoint me. I have been here multiple times to try their different burgers. The size of it is big enough to be called a decent burger. I personally like A1 with garlic fries. Now they expanded the kitchen and only seating area is outside, which is perfect for the weather now.

Joshua M.

We came here for the fries. They did not let us down! Lots of stuff was ordered and it came out pretty quickly. We got cheeseburgers with lettuce wraps, the Korean BBQ burger, cheese sticks, chicken tenders and lots of fries! Everything was petty good and all of it was enjoyable.

Hugo R.

Decided to give this spot a try judging by the positive reviews but I have to say the didn't live to the hype. I got the California burger and the meat lacked intense flavor, bacon was overcooked almost took my molar off, bread needed some sauce cause far too plain on the inside & as far as the avocado I couldn't even taste it . If I'm giving three stars is because the strawberry milkshake & fries though wish were a little bigger in portion made up for the low quality burger.

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