Arthur Mac's Tap and Snack

4006 Martin Luther King Jr Way, Oakland
(510) 823-2509

Recent Reviews

Matthew Kreiser

Lived in Oakland for 3 years before finding this place -- it's now my default stop after work or bike rides on the weekend. Awesome beer selection and fat slices of some of the best pizza in the Bay Area.

Cody Gossett

LOVE Arthur Mac’s. Can’t beat the quality of pizza, selection of drinks, and service. I’ve celebrated birthdays and babies here.

Adam Solomon

Good selection of brews and delicious food. Particularly I'd say the chicken wings were of note. Also, some classic pinball and arcade games in the back, fun fun fun!

Chris Wood

Delicious pizza! Live music, friendly staff, good beer.

James P.

Hands down, the best pizza in the East Bay. They are good heir the throne that was held by the mighty Slicer, (R.I.P.) They have some decent vegan options, great sodas, soft serve ice-cream, and of course dank af slices of Za'. The only down side? Their beer selection is too good. Like legit, it is a bit too easy end up polishing four of five of their beers off in an evening because they have so much good stuff. Their outdoor patio is dope, the tunes are rad and this beer focused bar is bizarrely kiddo friendly.

Ben Nixon

Awesome every time! They really have a nice crust on their 'Za! The wings are absolutely on point!


I usually catch this place when I get home off of work on the last train headed to men or Antioch and get off of MacArthur if you can catch them before 10:00 it's $1 slice and that is awesome to a bachelor like me thumbs up and really good

William W.

Super fun spot for a beer and pizza! Great service and lots of fun energy. Got a pizza that had French fries on it which was delightful as it was gluttonous. Food came out fast and that have a good tap selection - perfect spot for an evening catch up with friends

Danielle Taylor

Love this place! Great outdoor space. Chill and varied drinks and menu. Some vegan and gluten free pizza options! Watermelon-mint alcoholic kombucha that fast everyone putting down their beers. I kid you not. Super dog friendly.

Tracy D.

Fun setting with good food and drinks. A good place for young and old and I love the vibe. We had the sausage and shroom pizza minus the shroom. And the Margherita pizza and wings. Plus a baby caprese salad. I'd probably cook the pizza a little longer if it were up to me and didn't realize the pizza versions we ordered didn't have red marinara sauce. I'd like to go and try a different at style. The ingredients were local fresh and you could tell. I tasted the basil, oregano, etc. the dough was delicious. We orders the wings last minute since we'd never been here and wanted to try. Super crispy. Not sure how they do it without making it oily. Loved it. Definitely will be back foe more. We'll bring kids next time or go with a group of friends.

Nina Z.

Great place to come with a group of friends and enjoy some pizza, wings, tots, and drinks (beers, ciders, wines). Ordered the 21" sausage and shroom pizza, which comes with six generous slices. I could smell and taste the freshness of the basil and garlic on the pizza. Also got a taste of the sweet potato tots, which came out hot from the fryer and were absolutely delicious! Service was also very helpful and friendly. They also sell pizza by the slice if you're looking for a slice to-go. Arthur Mac's Tap and Snack is located right next to the BART station. But don't be fooled! They have a lovely fenced outdoor area with heat lamps, canopy, and adequate ventilation, so you don't feel like you're in the city. Highly recommend checking this place out!

Jimmy P.

Best pizza we've had in awhile. Great atmosphere in their outdoor patio area and dog friendly.

LeAnn H.

We had a large party and they were able to accommodate while providing excellent service. Food was really good too.

Hayly P.

The cauliflower wings were actually crispy while tender inside and fully cooked without getting soggy. AND I don't feel like I am eating a deepfried ball of oil. Just the right amount of fried. And when they are delivered the sauce comes on the side so they stay crisp and you can dip away for as much sauce as you want. The chicken wings were BOMB. Extra crispy and it was like they were some how infused and fried into a crispy sauce almost like a dry rub? But saucy? Whatever they did it was good and we had never had wings like that. Go try it because they are so worth it. Also. The ranch was good which is a big selling point. Bad ranch is a big no no and it is far too prevalent in this world but it was good here.

Jorge Garcia

Good place to come eatReally good pizza and you can bring your dog . Is pet friendlyOn fridays is full of people but They are nice and friendly.

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