Beauty's Bagel Shop

1700 Franklin St, Oakland
(510) 947-5842

Recent Reviews

Angie Chang

Matzo ball soup with challah toast is the ultimate comfort food!

Etai W.

Woah what happened. These used to be the best bagels in the East Bay, chewy and delicious and covered in yummy seeds and things. Honestly they changed the bagel scene in the Bay Area. After not eating there for probably a year I just ordered and they were terrible. None of the same chewiness, big and flat, flavorless and very few seeds. I was honestly shocked by how bad they got it and will certainly not be ordering from here anymore. Edible, but not the same Beauty's.

Sarah R.

I love this bagel shop!! Delicious Montreal style bagels, egg and cheese sandwich is my go-to order.

The Other Jim Hargrove

Good bagel and cappuccino. Quick.

Lauren B.

Excited to learn that Beauty's opened a second space. I ran in for a breakfast sandwich at 7:30am on a weekday and was in and out in 10 minutes. Compared to the typical line at Beauty's in Temescal the speed was wonderful. Same great bagels. Truly the best in the Bay Area.

Bianca C.

I used to live in this neighborhood about ten years ago. I would have given anything to be able to stroll out of my studio apartment and walk to this tiny but magnificent gem of a shop. When I was really desperate, I would go to the coffee/donut shop that used to be in this space and I would fantasize (yep, that's right) about the dream joint that could inhabit this space. Sadly, I moved (not far) before Beauty's spun this dive shop into gold. Now, I envy those who live and work close enough to new Beauty's (flagship shop on Telegraph ave also rad) to be able to roll out of bed or office to enjoy voluptuous bagels overflowing with magic like perfectly done eggs, delicious smoked salmon and more. I am a sucker for the iced tea, perfectly coiffed employees (I wish I looked so good so early), chicken scrapple and mindfulness of the owners and staff. You can feel good about ingredients, compostables and even social awareness as requesting customers to use gender neutral pronouns for staff is only way upper management shows that small businesses can foster big change. Don't forget your sides of roasted potatoes with aioli (dip everything in this) and house made pickles.

Emily T.

So delicious! Great food, great coffee, love the vibe of this place. Definitely going to be a new go-to spot for breakfast.

Laurence Miotto

Update: I went back with a coworker, and we were both surprised how rude the person behind the counter was. I'm not demanding a smile and cheery demeanor, but please don't bark "what you want" at me with a frown. I actually thought I'd committed a faux pas or something until my coworker talked me down.

Nga Mai

Delicious bagels, helpful and kind staff.

N Wrightson

Classic open-face sandwich is my favorite - smoked salmon and cream cheese on a bagel with house-made pickles and capers. Fried chicken sandwich is delicious too. Everything is fresh and well- prepared, and the bagels are fantastic.

Molly L.

I care here to order a half-dozen bagels and saw that they sell day-sold bagels already packaged for $5.50, which is $0.75 off the normal price of half-dozen bagels. So I purchased some of the day-old bagels with mostly wheat and regular everything bagels in the bag. I realized that their everything bagels have this strong flavor to it because they put extra spices on the everything bagels that I'm not quite used to, and thus it kind of ruins the bagels for me. I wish they didn't use that particular spice, which looks like a small shrub of some kind (it has spirals and a strong minty flavor to it). Because of that, their everything bagels are not that great-tasting to me and so I can't really come here for those.

Kat Paine

Great bagels. Latte is too pricey and the whole process is a bit slow so don't rush in on a hurry.

Lisa T.

Got an everything bagel with honey cream cheese, which was good. The bagel itself was ok, but the cream cheese is good. Also had a latte, which was just ok. I felt it was kind of slow for a bagel shop to get my order. Also it was hard to tell which was my drink when it came out.

M, A T

Great service but will never pass in NYC or Montreal! Small portions too! Chewy! Pretty ridiculous portions of lox

Cat N.

I'm a deep lover of Montreal-style bagels - we're talking to the point that I went straight to St-Viateur from the airport on my last trip to Montreal. And by the way, the correct answer in the St-Viateur vs Fairmount debate is St-Viateur. Beauty's fortunately didn't disappoint, and actually did an excellent job distinguishing themselves with inventive sandwiches and diverse toppings. The cashier was very patient when we took some time to decide, and helpful when I asked about a few different things (really, how is a Californian supposed to know what chicken scrapple is?). The rest of the staff were so efficient that we hardly had time to get a drink of water and go to the bathroom before our orders were out. Although this corner shop is larger than expected for a bagel/breakfast place, there weren't any seats at 11.30 am on a Friday so we took our orders to go to enjoy lakeside a few blocks over. I usually don't eat breakfast, and I don't put anything on my bagels (apparently this is insane, but I like the true taste of the bagel on its own), but the veggie spread was irresistible. It was packed with more than just chives: spinach, carrot, and all at a good consistency and seasoning. I forget the name of it, but the open-faced sandwich with salmon and capers was filling and beautifully presented. I only wish the bagels were more toasted, which I remember asking, but they seemed untouched. I can only imagine the food would be even better if we had been able to get a seat, and I cannot wait to order and eat in with the shakshuka next time.

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