Bhugay’s Sushi To Go

1200 Clay St, Oakland
(510) 507-3122

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Michael D.

The online menu looked pretty good. I was looking forward to trying this cuisine. However when I arrived the setting was in a food court. The service was good. The overall tastiness was bland but might be ok if you're just looking for grub for a quick lunch.

Kai D.

i come here so often, the owner knows me by first name basis LOL everything's made super fresh, i've literally forced everyone i know to try it! btw i've never written a review on anything so you know it's for real

Joe R.

Good sushi! Fresh, reasonably priced and decent sized portions. Tried the salmon Bento box today it was very good. I had a taste of my friends chicken Katsu and it was excellent. Tasty food and a good value! The guy who was running the place was nice too.

Alexis B.

They are so good! Highly recommend the Katsu curry. I usually only see one really nice gentleman working there so it can get busy but I normally order ahead on Uber eats and pick up 30 mins later.

Rachall L.

A simply satisfying chicken katsu curry. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for a hot and filling lunch. Call in your order, there was only one person running the shop so it might take a little longer than you like but it's worth it.

Cynthia C.

Since I work in the area, this has been my go to especially with so many restaurants closed. I have had the sushi here multiple times & I am surprised by how fresh it is! I have not got sick or an upset stomach. Highly recommend ordering in advance through DoorDash or calling the restaurant yourself! He usually makes the food fairly quickly but it you want to just come in, pick and go. That's the way to do it!

Scott Nope

Don't get the teriyaki chicken. It is microwaved. Get the katsu.

Enrico E. Manalo

For just over $17 I got a huge serving of freshly fried pork katsu, rice, two ladlefuls of rich, hearty Japanese curry, a little salad, and a Pellegrino. This price also includes a 20% tip (dude deserves it), with the pre-up price being just over $14.How does it taste? G R E A T! And it’s easily enough for 2 people or two meals, but I would definitely recommend eating this as soon as possible.The breading on the katsu isn’t thick or heavy. The curry, while being substantial is milder in intensity and flavor than some others I’ve had, but for the price, speed and convenience, Bhugay’s is hard to beat. Both sauces on the katsu really add to the dish and at the same time, the dressing on the salad doesn’t clash, but cuts the richness of the dish. I’d say eat this when it’s cooler out and when you have some time to chill, because this is a food coma in-waiting, but I’m into it!Definitely coming back here and I recommend you try it.

Samuel Liu

Miso soup extremely salty, microwaved teriyaki chicken not freshly made.


Good curry and nice service

Katie C.

Had to ride BART after a long time to the city. Coming back home and hungry I walked thru the plaza (?). It was around 3 and I was starving. SO many eateries were closed (sad). Saw subway and decided cheap sando.. cool. But saw sushi to go and doors open. They only had chicken and fish katsu. The chicken curry katsu portion was huge. Owner deep fried the katsu in front of me and by the time I got home was crispy and light. The curry was flavorful and had chicken in it so I had additional lunch the next day. For $10 plus tip, definitely worth the few blocks walk to get my katsu/curry cravings


The Chicken Katsu Curry was 10/10!

Connie Randall

This place is pretty awesome. I started coming here recently after always passing it on my way to/from the bart for quite a while. I got in around 1:30 pm and my food took about 10 minutes. I was pretty impressed with the quality of the curry and chicken Katsu. Although it took a while, the Katsu was very fresh, well battered and perfectly crispy. The sale had the typical sesame miso dressing.


Went out for lunch a short walk away from my jobsite. Waited patiently and under 5 minutes my food was ready. It was delicious i reccomend anyone to come here for a quick bite or for a takeout dinner.

Alexandra M.

I love this spot! The chicken or pork curry katsu is amazing! you get so much food and it's very good. The sushi is also always good for a to go sushi box. I am always in the mood for this for lunch or dinner!

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