Burlap Coffee

511 40th St, Oakland
(510) 422-2279

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Demetrius Bush

It's a vibe! Good cold brew and fire donuts (which are vegan (o.O))!

Frankie R.

I walked in to pick up my order (which I placed online 20 mins prior to showing up so I wouldn't have to wait for my order in the cafe) to see the person making drinks behind the bar not wearing a mask & talking up a storm. I asked if he could please remake my drink after putting on a mask, to which he apologized & said his friend was getting one for him (since he'd forgotten his in his car). He was nice about it, but that's not something anyone should have to request given the pandemic. It's not over. I get & appreciate that masks are forgotten all the time, but as a place that prepares food & beverages it's bad practice to not have back up masks for staff, especially the person preparing the beverages. Kinda funny that the woman behind the counter had the nerve to act a bit stunned that I wanted my drink prepared again while a mask was worn. You can think all the happy thoughts but even if you're vaccinated, talking into someone's drink & onto the cup they'll be drinking from puts them at risk if you're carrying the active virus, which is fully possible for vaccinated people. Super unfortunate because the place is really close and has good coffee. Hopefully the staff will do better to wear masks all the time.

Zhiliang Wang

The service experience is good. The lady who served me today is very nice.

Steven Clemens

Great place! Lots of room to sit with free wifi and power outlets. The lady working there today was absolutely lovely. Very cheerful and friendly to everyone who came in. My latte was rocking and the egg sandwich was good to.

N. K.

I have loved supporting the spot through pandemic and have gone way out of my way to go there on my neighborhood walks. I like to support it because it's an independent business, and I thought it was run by women of color. Also their coffee and sandwiches are good! And today is probably the last day I will ever go there. I walked in and there were two people working there behind the counter, a woman of color who is masked and a white guy who is not. The white guy made and breathed in my coffee and all of that. I won't be going back. I guess you can't get away from white male privilege anywhere even at a WOC run establishment. So disappointing obnoxious and unsafe.

Aisha Morgan

Great place! Kind staff and delicious Earl grey tea! Lovely atmosphere and great local art ?☕

Jennifer H.

Delicious coffee! I ordered soy vanilla latte and it was amazing! Not overly sweet & nor overly hot. The temperature was right to sip & go. I've also ordered some muffins with bacon, egg, and cheese. Very generous amount of bacons on the muffin. Beautiful decor & decoration inside the cafe. Looks like a good spot to read a book or just hang out. Streets parking are available. Friendly service.

Dave Henning

Delicious oat milk mocha here, and very carefully pulled. I realized I'd left my card at home, and attempted to shorten my order so I could cover with the 5.00 I had. The barista kindly insisted the sandwich was on the house. Clean cafe with beautiful colors, art, and wooden interior. I highly recommend a visit!

David C

My latte is simply delicious. I'm really surprised that coffee can be this delicious... It's sooooo good!

Kyla C.

This was the best chai latte I've ever had!! Creamy and flavorful. They have several milk alternative options. Delicious! Going back soon!

Mito I.

Due to the pandemic, I will be removing criteria that I had added to my reviews, such as restaurant ambience, mood, and wait time. This review will only focus on the dish. Quick Summary: - Coffee is not sour, deep and nutty - Pastries pair well with the coffee - A short walking distance from the Macarthur BART station - Music is trendy pop My family and I were planning to walk around the Macarthur area, but first we decided to find a place to have our first cup of coffee. After some searching, we found a coffee place just within walking distance from the Macarthur BART station. I ordered the caffe latte, and the banana mocha for my relative who prefers sweet coffee drinks. We were able to have our coffee inside, so we sat in the available tables and chairs that were close to the entrance and the counter. When I look behind me, there is another room - closed off for now - that is filled with empty chairs and tables. On a normal day, I could see there would usually be more guests sitting in the back room. Since we decided to drink inside, the coffee arrived in the most adorable cups I have ever seen in a coffee shop. As well as the cup designs, I also adore the interior design of the cafe. That was, in fact, one of the reasons why I decided to stop by this cafe. I love furniture with a classic and cottage like look. I mostly drank the caffe latte, but I did try the banana mocha too. The coffee flavor is deep and rich, a good energy for the morning and afternoon walk. It was a good balance of coffee and milk, and no change in acidity or bitterness to the last sip. The banana mocha was delicious too; not too sweet so it also paired well with the pastry we ordered along with our coffee. Speaking of pastry, I ordered the raspberry lemon bar. The sour, tartness is mild in this dessert, and I got a burst of raspberry in each bite. It was a very satisfying taste. I'm usually for sour lemon bars, but this one was so good I might change my preference. I loved the cafe here, so I would like to visit here again.

Miriam S.

I asked for a "Berry Buzz Smoothie" and everything was going fine until I asked for an "Egg, Sausage & Cheese" breakfast sandwich. I was told the options they had were "Egg & Cheese", "Egg, Bacon & Cheese", and "Sausage". Since I did not see "Sausage" by itself on the menu, I asked if it was the "Egg, Sausage & Cheese" option. Then, the person proceeded to repeat all the options very slowly and in a rude tone without addressing my question. I did not ask to be belittled. A simple no would have sufficed. I expressed my discomfort, told them they were being rude, and left. May come back another time, but today is not the day.

Gabriela F.

The cashier, a woman in her late 40-50s, was utterly rude when asked simple questions. Horrible customer service.

Larry Gletzer

Great location. Friendly staff. Good coffee.

Chonyi Lama

super cute indoor space with some outdoor seating!

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