Cupcakin Bake Shop

907 Washington St, Oakland
(510) 529-4488

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Kamal B.

I mean what can I say that hasn't already been said if someone gave this place below a 5 star review... they had some outside problems before coming here I PROMISE I work as a banker and have clients bring me treats all the time, and when I first got these it changed my life love the key lime flavor, been here 5 other times and each time is just as good as the first highly highly highly recommend!!

Britney Ward

THE BEST CUPCAKES EVER EXTREMELY MOIST, not to sweet and delicious, the Carrot cupcake is my favorite and my mom is in love with keylime. Most deff check her out, the owner is one of BayArea a finest! #cupcakegoat!!

Tasha J.

Amazing bakery - great holiday or everyday treats! We opted for cupcakes as part of our Thanksgiving dessert selection. Cupcakin' was our natural selection and they did not disappoint!!! Great selection of moist delicious goodness. Give them a try, their cupcakes will make you happy!

LeVale S.

delivered like this and left outside on my apt complex's porch with no phone call, for my birthday today

April T.

Wow! I grabbed a Chocolate Salted Caramel cupcake today upon recommendation from the person working there and it was just the right balance of sweet and salty. My boyfriend thought the icing was a tad bit too sweet, but I thought it was just fine given that it is a dessert after all It tasted super fresh and yummy! I'd love to try other flavors next time I'm back.


Good carrot cake cupcakes. Yummy. $8.50 for two. Well hey it's a splurge anyway. I recommend.

Mike S.

The best cupcakes in the whole Bay Area I would highly recommend every single cupcake they have . The frosting and the cupcakes are really delicious

Alice K

Stumbled upon this cupcake shop in Oakland at the market. Get the mini cupcakes for an afternoon sweet! Love the red velvet and key lime favors.

Nga Mai

This is my go-to bakery for cakes! I loved everything I've tried. It's flavorful, moist, and not overly sweet but hits the spot.You can order whole cakes and preorder cupcakes on their website!

Willy S.

I like cupcake but it's not something that I look for and most of the time they are dry and it's too sweet. So it's just an ok dessert for me. However this place has the best cupcakes that I ever had in my life. Their cupcakes are moist, not too sweet, and has different variations of taste. It's a bit pricey for cupcake but worth it. I would come back again! Just can't believe I never heard about this place.

Eddie H.

Man these cupcakes are the bomb. I didn't know what the hype was until I had to do an order for my daughters birthday party. Picked them up so I said let me try one real quick and order an Oreo. Love Oreo cupcakes. First bite I was like oh my!!! So good I had to order another. The 2 dozen vanilla I purchase were fantastic too and they didn't last at the party. Customer service was great as well. For sure a returning customer


Oh my goodness! My fav cupcakes are the carrot cake, lemon cream, key lime, and the double chocolate!!!!

tina p.

So I'm a baker (not as my profession but I've had paid orders as the occasional side hustle so a little more serious than the average home baker) so I'm really picky about cupcakes because that's my thing. This place was so good! Tried the peach cobbler cupcake and a key lime pie mini - the cake was balanced- not too dense and not too airy, moist but not greasy. Frosting is on point. Not overly sugary and the flavors popped with clear notes of all the right respective flavors for these choices. I can't wait to try more flavors. Prices are very reasonable when you understand what goes into making this caliber of cupcakes. I'll definitely be back! Also grateful it's a bit of a walk from my office because if it was closer I might go too often!

Jessica H.

Really good cupcakes! I purchased one of their Double Chocolate Mini Cupcakes for $1.95 after a sudden cupcake chocolate craving. It exceeded my expectations! Very Chocolatey and fluffy (the best part) and to me, that is enough to come back! Regular cupcakes are $3.75, and they have some day old cupcakes for sale too.

Learnee L.

Good idea to have a cupcake store in the area. I definitely needed to get that dessert after lunch. I would not say its the best cupcake I have had but their cupcakes are good. Flavorful, not dry and flavors are classic. Kept simple and it did them good. Not too many flavor options so they won't overwhelm you. Service was good.

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