Everett & Jones Barbeque

126 Broadway, Oakland
(510) 663-2350

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Anna L.

Food was cold when I got it. This placed used to be good but it seems like a fast food joint since COVID. My to go container was filled to the top with juice from the greens, yams, and ribs; my to go bag was leaking everywhere. Just seemed careless and sloppy.

Dg H.

Just spent $28 on the two way meal and the macaroni and cheese had no cheese This is horrible by far the worst I've ever gotten from Everett and Jones I've been calling and no one's answering the phone

M. J.

Order was late. Order was wrong. Homemade links were, in my opinion, god awful. Potato salad tasted to me like lightly seasoned cold mashed potatoes. Corn bread was acceptable and portions were large. So there's that, but alot of something you don't want to eat isn't a plus. Not inexpensive. After a long wait I was really hungry, but had cereal for dinner instead. My suggestion? Whoever cooks this should taste it themselves once in a while and then ask themselves, "is this good?" That might help, depending on what happens next.

Marquita H.

Ordered a three way ribs, links,& brisket with macaroni salad and potato salad as my sides. I also ordered three other sides, with extra sauce. Service was terrible! when I got home, an prepared my children plates. I noticed that the potato salad was real runny and taste just of mayonnaise and relish and the macaroni salad was dry and taste only have noodles and red bell pepper the sauce was very watery. I am very disappointed they have really gone downhill!

Arie D.

This place customer service was way worst then there spot on High Street. They are rude as hell when you call in. I placed an order at 3:40 pm. I was told 15 minutes. I go to get my food it wasn't ready. Not only was it not ready they couldn't find my ticket. Other people walking up was getting there food right away. The brisket was so tough . The ribs were ok. The links were dry. Its like the threw the food in the container.

Nathania Y.

We got the brisket and ribs to go and even after a day in the fridge, the meat was still very tender and juicy. Really loved them and will definitely be back soon!

Rachel R.

Terrible service. I ordered and paid online and waited in line for almost an hour while my food was just sitting there because no one called my number or assisted me. I would've ordered in person had I known it would take that long. My food was cold.I will no longer be coming back, which makes me sad because I've been a customer for over 10 years.

Heather M.

So disappointed! This used to be my go to Everett & Jones cause they have a full bar, tv's to watch the latest game & live music on Saturday nights. But my last visit was beyond disgusting. With Covid still going on, I decided to go pick some bbq up. This spot is close to my work, so it was convenient. I ordered the two 2 way plates. Both with hot links, brisket, Mac & cheese, greens & cornbread. The brisket was so fatty, we couldn't eat it. There wasn't enough bbq sauce on the meat & the greens were under seasoned. I thought it was just my plate but my sons was the same. I've frequented this Everett & Jones & have spent mad money. Never again! Craving not satisfied. The other E&J locations are better! Other bbq options is Smoking Woods Bbq in Oakland & Carmen's Bbq in Hayward.

Sabrina C.

Sooooo... the food is usually good, I love the potato salad although today it seems a bit dry. My REAL issue is ... I got all the way home with my $25 plate and they didn't put ANY BBQ SAUCE ON MY LINKS!!! I called to tell them because I'm like ANGRY. They (Lily) told me to come back and they will give me a side of bbq sauce. ???? Seriously?! I'm done with them. I tried supporting but, hell naw.

Salasha Nambiar

Poor service.They messed up our order 3 times, and we didn't end up getting what we ordered!. We had placed an order for takeout by the time we got home the sauce was all over the bag. They really need to work on their packaging. Overall It was pretty disappointing!. Also, the food at the Berkeley location tastes much better!


***Warning***The prices you see on Google are NOT representative of the prices on the company website.Spent far more than what I ordered and was told they could not honor the price from the website because it wasn't their "OFFICIAL" website.Okay. Fine ... but then you short change me and miss part of my order.Looking for another BBQ joint.

Shemika A.

New to the area and was looking for spots to eat bbq. I seen quite a few reviews and got recommendations from coworkers so I was excited to give them a try. The food was eehhhh. There was nothing particularly wrong with it but there was also nothing super special. I had a hard time seeing what all of the hype was about. The sauce has a good flavor and the meat was tender.

Evan S.

Tough meat. Salty max and cheese. Will make my own BBQ or grab it from Safeway next time

Marco T.

Worst experience with this location ever. Walked up and ordered like we usually do, no problem there. But while waiting for our food about 30mins, go to pickup window . Only to find out there where about 8 orders including ours stacked up just sitting there getting cold. Finally someone from inside the establishment asked the employee working that window what are all these orders doing here? Finally got our food and took it home only to find out the obvious food was cold and they got our order wrong!? Hard to be happy when you spend over $50! I understand these are special times with Covid going on but having pride in your work and attention to detail should not be compromised.

Ashley S.

Best BBQ in the Bay!!! I don't understand some of these low ratings. This stuff is fire!! And their sauce?! Perfectly smooth with a little kick! The brisket is also smoked with garlic cloves. If you haven't tried this place, you have been missing out!

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