Hawking Bird

4901 Telegraph Ave, Oakland
(510) 593-2376

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Teresita Bourret

Fast service and delicious! We had the pork belly bowl...loved it! The cole slaw was good...it's not creamy but good flavor of lime juice with a hint of spicy jalapeño. The wings have a good sauce flavor and the chicken was not dry at all. Tasty fried chicken sandwich...loved the sandwich buns. We'll definitely go back again for a taste of other food options.


It's been a while since I ate here. And it was just as I expected and was craving for. Same attentive service, seat-yourself outdoor seating, good proportions and good and super well prepared fried chicken (fried chicken bowl) and poached chicken (bbq chicken salad). I thoroughly enjoyed my meal.

Rachel Way

Delicious and super crunchy freshly fried chicken - and Wheat free! The sauces added that extra touch of yumminess. They have a few outdoor tables for eating. Indoor service is not currently open.

Caroline Forrest

Ordered the Fried Chicken Sandwich with tots and a drink, and it was absolutely delicious! The fried chicken was HUGE and so crispy and juicy. Definitely the best fried chicken sandwich that I’ve ever had. All the flavors worked well together. My boyfriend got the curry chicken bowl and really liked the flavor and freshness of ingredients. There could’ve been more curry but it was still tasty. We’ll definitely come in person so we can experience the food hot


Delicious fusion of thai and chicken sandwich. My friends call it "Thai Bake Sale Betty's". Not only delicious, but at a very reasonable price, a rarity in the trendy Temescal area.FOOD:(4.5 out of 5) Tofu Sandwich: Wow, a soft fluffy block of tofu breaded and fried. The tofu is from a local tofu manufacturer Hodo, and it's not the firm brick-like tofu, but it's more silky and fluffy. All around delicious. Comes with a sweet barbecue like sauce on a fluffy brioche type bread.(3 out of 5) Tater tots:Not sure why this is on the menu to be honest. The group got some for the table, and it's just the basic tater tot. Comes with sweet and sour sauce or hot chili sauce.OVERALL:Really love this place. A low-key reasonably priced place in Temescal, a rare find in the area. Serves great chicken and tofu sandwiches with a thai twist.

Jonathan McGrath

Ordered the Pork Belly rice, Wings, Garlic noodles and Katsu rice! All were really delicious! It was impossible to stop eating it as I loved every bite!The Garlic noodles are where it's at! And the pork was cooked crispy but soft and just deliciousAlso get the watermelon seltzer!The food was prepared perfectly faster than expected.


Best fried chicken sandwich in Oakland. Good drinks and friendly staff!

David Rodarm

Great meal during a relaxed Sunday brunch on their outside tables

Paul Martin

try the Hawking Bowl:crispy battered boneless chicken thigh served with 3 sauces tamarind, sriracha and an extra hot sauce on a bed of jasmine rice with cucumbers, mint leaves and coriander/cilantro leaves == very tasty ?

George Dy

James has outdone himself. Pandemic proof! Takeout window, fast service, and delicious. Tofu bowl and KMG bowl all the way.

Megan Jensen

Great sandwiches! And, that watermelon drink is tasty, too!

Rhi Annon

Friendly staff, terrific comfort food, sunny window seats. It's always a pleasure to dine here.


We consistently order pick-up from Hawking Bird and have never had a bad experience. My go-to is the Fried Chicken Salad, but the bowls, sandwiches, and tots are all similarly excellent and flavorful. For such high quality food, the prices are very reasonable and the dishes are all filling. They also have extensive covid precautions in place, and wait times are typically short. I highly recommend you pay Hawking Bird a visit when you are in the Temescal district!

Brian Capehart

I was there a couple of years ago. Not your typical Asian menu. Very creative menu using seasonal vegetables, fresh meats, talented chef and the owner has a lot of restaurant experience...

Santhosh Jose

Self-described as a thai street food joint. I think that's quite a stretch. The coating on the chicken in the fried chicken sandwich is quite good. It's flavorful food. The chicken did feel a bit on the drier side and the food felt a bit heavy overall.

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