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Natalia P.

I have been a long time customer and Gilroy Garlic Mac and cheese enthusiast since day 1! Today I'm leaving a review not only to rave about their delicious food but also about the customer service. They were graceful and understanding. The party platter is already a holiday family tradition and today's customer service made it that much more special! P.S.: pro tip add the grilled onions to the Gilroy Garlic

Louis S.

BAD SERVICE, BURNT FOOD, NO FLAVOR, let me see what else......... oh THE LADY WHO WAS THERE(Latina I think she said she was the owner or something) was super rude ..I mean SUPER RUDE when I try to talk to her about the burnt food I got

Rose L.

So expensive for fresh Mac and cheese. I opted for the 15 bucks for the sampler, which is still a bit much for some Mac and cheese but it was enough for a test run. I liked the original and the cheddar a lot! It was really tangy and flavorful which was nice, and it lasted me three days to finish everything. I still cannot justify paying 15 dollars though for 6 scoops of cold Mac and cheese. Overall, I'll be back to try out more and to see what else may be good, but unless you're really hurting for Mac and cheese, I would skip.

Azeb S.

I came here tonight to grab food on the way down to the South Bay, I was super happy to see they brought back the Pizza Mac ( SUPER GOOD!). I had put a later pick up date and my Mac got cold so Steven had them make me another! He was so sweet and the woman anoshka was very very kind. They were friendly accommodating attentive and so so sweet! I love this place and this experience just made it that much better

Steve D.

Mac 'N Cheese, everyone's favorite comfort food. The other day, I finally got around to trying the Vegan Mac at Homeroom To Go, as it's listed in "Yelp's Vegan Passport." I didn't really care about discounts or free brownies, I honestly just wanted to try the Vegan Buffalo Mac. Mac 'N Cheese isn't very high on my list of diet choices. So when I read somewhere that Vegan Mac 'n Cheese is healthier, I had to try it! So how is it? It's not as creamy as regular Mac 'n Cheese, so it loses that appeal. But it does have a bold and spicy flavor. It's nice that it's not high in carbs or fats. Would I order it again? Maybe. I'm not Vegan, but the Homeroom's Vegan recipe is pretty good.

Karen G.

10/26/2021 Wednesday just before 4pm I first heard of Homeroom back in high school around the time when they first opened (2011).. I remember it being pretty hyped around 2011-2012 but I never tried anything from here until today. (I'm one of those ppl that don't follow super hyped things.) I saw that Homeroom was mentioned in Yelp's East Bay Vegan Passport for the month of October. Since I've been eating plant based for several years now and been enjoying vegan food, I decided to try their Vegan Mac. I got it gluten free (I avoid gluten bc of sensitivities to it) and added broccoli. I don't eat regular cheese to begin with.. the Vegan Mac does not have the ooey-gooey cheese that some people may be used to. It didn't have the savory cheese flavor that I remember normal cheese to taste like. I felt like the dish was missing something so later I heated it back up and added some sriracha and nutritional yeast on top. I like that it tasted "lighter" and not heavy like how some comfort food does after eating it. I would give the vegan gluten free version of the Vegan Mac a 3.8 stars.. nothing wrong with the texture of the macaroni, I wonder what kind they use. Would I get it again? Maybe.. maybe I'll try the other flavors they have for the Vegan Mac. I also ordered the Buffalo Chicken Mac for a friend. He let me know that my order would be ready in 10 minutes. The food came out within the mentioned time which was really quick. They packed my v/gf Mac separately from the buffalo chicken Mac. I told the guy that helped me at the register (sorry I didn't get a name) that I wanted to redeem the check-in offer for the v/gf brownie. I also notified him that I did not see the Vegan Mac on their direct website ordering page, only the Buffalo Vegan Mac, so that is why I came in to place the order in person. He was glad that I let him know of that.

Linda R.

My first time here a few months ago. I didn't know they had 2 locations a block from each-other. I ended up walking up to the wrong location the first time. They pointed me in the direction of the correct one however. No biggie! Just a block away. We ordered a Strawberry-Lime Gimlet omg it was so delicious and refreshing I must say! I got the Buffalo Chicken Mac it was different I must say. I wasn't the biggest fan. My boyfriend got the Elote Mac. It was pretty good. Who knew lemon on mac was good? Not me. I would definitely be back to try a different style and get me a different flavor beverage. Staff was also very friendly!

Aleisha A.

This is an updated review for one on the main homeroom page. I had originally given 3 stars. I gave them another try tonight after a response from the owner on my review. I'm glad I did. They hit it out of the park this time. I opted for the Elote as it seems to be one of the most popular options. The corn is perfect. My previous displeasure at the feeling of endlessly chewing through a mass of cheese and pasta was overturned as the corn provided a lovely texture and burst of flavor in each bite. I added sausage as well and found that to fit nicely. I had the slushy and found it to be good - not overly sweet for me (that said, my tastebuds have been changed by covid and I'm told that I don't taste sweetness right, so it may in fact be quite sweet). The brussels sprouts were good as well - not dry or hard - quite flavorful and well portioned. I'm not sure if the previous issues I had were with one-off preparation issues or the flavors I chose just not suiting me, but I'm glad I returned to try again! I was also surprised that my final bill wasn't higher. I got a main, side, drink, and 2 desserts with the tip coming out to $50. Certainly not cheap, but about 2 meals worth in total (I finished only half of the mac and cheese and brussels sprouts for dinner) and less than I've paid for a comparable amount for food in the area.

Christian Soto

Burnt breadcrumbs, small portion and average taste. Mac’d is far better.

Kaitlyn Walsh

Maybe I just came on a bad day, but my Mac was really dry. Tasted just okay, I’ve had better and I’ve had worse too.

Vero P.

Rude rude rude!!! The worst customer service ever!!! I am a loyal customer but I hate when I catch an attitude and on top of that they can't even get my order right

Nakesha Allen

I love this place. Food is delicious. You wont be disappointed. The service OUTSTANDING....

Brett Allen

Mac and cheese is good and the flavor is on point I guess. But that’s what I would expect for a $13-16 decent sized order of Mac and cheese that I could make 4 more servings of for the same price at home. I also ordered a jalapeño biscuit on the side, and what did they give me? A cold, tiny, dry, plastic packaged piece of bread that tasted 3+ days old. I was honestly offended when I saw that.

Jonah Laird

I mean I used to love Homeroom but after the removal of the Smokey Bacon Mac from the menu I find the rest of the menu unappealing. I tried the garlicy bacon Mac, the aged sharp and making my own from the menu and they all were pretty sad.Any tips for making it myself if you won't bring it back? It didn't rotate for years and now it's gone, any help making it at home?

Jonah L.

I mean I used to love Homeroom but after the removal of the Smokey Bacon Mac from the menu I find the rest of the menu unappealing. I mean I agree with the business owner in these Yelp reviews it was one thing on the menu people raved about. They have tried to build my own that might be close through your online menu but It never worked. I mean at least y'all taught me how to make a good Mac and cheese at home. Maybe I'll find a combo you make I like again but this has been my dish for years. Any tips for making it myself if you won't bring it back? It didn't rotate for years and now it's gone, any help making it at home?

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