Magpie Taproom

375 40th St, Oakland
(510) 788-4698

Recent Reviews

Jamilah J.

6/21: Finally tried it. Probably should have went with pizza. I ordered buffalo wings garlic fries and arugula pear salad. I wish I ordered pizza.

Kathy H.

Magpie catered a lacrosse potluck for us, and even during quarantine, they made it quick and seamless! I had ordered the mushroom pizza and the Hawaiian sausage one. I wish there was 3x times more pineapples on the pizza but otherwise it was delicious! I also got "family churros" all for myself They also have a great beer selection and I bought 2 bottles of Pliny the Elder to take home! Would love to come back here after shelter-in-place is over!

Annie C.

My bf and I wanted to check this place out after hog's closed and were delighted that they are open during shelter in place! We ordered the la picosita pizza online and a jar of beer. Pick up was a breeze. The pizza was on the oilier side but it was delicious! Thin crust was nice. The Calabrian chili gave it wonderful kick, but it wasn't too spicy. I do wish there was more goat cheese, but maybe that would've overpowered the pizza? Definitely down to try more pizza and their house made sausages next time!

John K.

Good pizza, great beer selection, friendly bartenders. Will be and have been back. They also are doing to go orders for food and beer during Covid shelter in place.

Magda Cortez

(Translated by Google) Excellent service ?(Original)Exelente servicio ?

Ross M.

Wanted to support local businesses during this trying time but our takeout is well below even grocery store quality. Arugula salad is missing pears. The chicken on a chicken sandwich is... laughably small.

Michael Kerr

Good beer selection and tasty food. Weird vibe to this place. The owners kid coming in and out of the place likes it's his bedroom, throwing his skateboard into the corner. Slow service ordering at the bar & inconsistent service from servers.

Jamin Horn

Easy going pizza place with sports, beer and wine on tap, and great pizza. I got the Quattro fungi which was really great. The small was more than enough for two people.

Scott Sekhon

Good pies, good beer and cider selection

Tristen C.

I stopped in here on a whim one afternoon because it was close to my polling place. The burger was delicious! I was pleasantly surprised because it's not their advertised specialty. Their beer, cider, and wine selection is awesome. I had the Gilman Maison de Champagne beer; perfect complement to the burger. I also received great customer service. Will certainly be back to try their pizza soon!

Christian L.

I love coming here on Taco Tuesdays, but anytime is good. Nice salads & sides, yummy pizza (and you can even get a fried egg on top!), fantastic selection of ciders, wines and craft beers, all on tap!

Martin Schwartz

Excellent pizza dough and nice atmosphere. Great tap room.

Ash G.

My wife and I needed a quick and affordable lunch in the neighborhood and decided to give Magpie a try. We were greeted with a friendly smile and excellent music on the speakers. You can't beat a $3.50 splice of za in Temescal. My wife got a pepperoni slice with a salad and I got the daily special (Kona) and we each got a flight of beer for 9 bucks each, generous pours. Not only will I be returning, but bringing more with me next time for games. Great attentive service, great food and beer selection, great atmosphere!

Richard F.

If I could give less than one star for this place I would. We experienced the following: - Poor customer service - Disinterested staff - Extremely long wait for food; 30 minutes after ordering, 1 person at our table received their food (a slice of pizza) and it was COLD on arrival. - No food for the rest of us - 15 minutes after the one person got his food (and he politely waited to eat until the rest of us got served since he had no concern that his food would get colder than it already was), we asked if we would be getting our food.  The person behind the counter went to the owner who was eating at drinking at the table in the corner ignoring how long we had been sitting there.  The owner talked acted as though she was going to try to make it right.  We asked how long it would take to get our food (We had ordered eggs.  Seriously, eggs.  It's been 45 minutes and we are waiting for a total of 6 eggs to be cooked for us.) in order to determine if we wanted to stay and have some discounted food.  The manager talked to the cook for about 5 minutes.  She said the cook could make our food in about 5 minutes.  At this point, we have been there an hour and we still have no food other than a cold slice of pizza!  The cook could have made our eggs in the time that he spoke to the owner!  At that point, we just asked for a refund.   - Owner NEVER apologized for the horrible customer service or the fact that our food had not come out of the kitchen in an HOUR! They backed out the charge, but that refund did not include the tip that I had foolishly provided at the time I ordered.  The cashier said that she didn't know how to refund the tip but that the whole transaction had been removed (even though the tip amount was not on the new receipt). - the slice of pizza that did arrive was COLD and looked as though it was fresh from a Totino's frozen pizza box. - two weeks after leaving, I had to call my credit card company to dispute the charge that was NEVER refunded.   I'm appalled by the service we received on a Saturday morning with only a few other people in the restaurant (including the owner!).  I wanted to like this place since it should be a nice neighborhood spot, but it is awful.  Head to Brenda's or Bierhaus instead. Ugh.  We made the wrong choice.

Dina L.

Stopped in to Magpie around HH to have a quick slice and beer. Beer- delicious. Staff and food- very disappointing. I got to the counter to order and need a minute to get out my glasses and read. Bar tender is almost zero help selecting a beer. Whatever I go was good but I don't know the name. He shows me the HH menu because I'm slow to decide what else. I pick the calamari I sit down and notice that even though the place is empty except for 3 guys at the bar, the tables aren't bussed. Bad sign The server brings the pizza and practically runs away. I have to chase her to tell her I didn't order sausage with mushrooms, just sausage. Based on how dry it looked I bet it was sitting around. Very bad sign My slice arrives finally after another server checked if I wanted olives. Uh no. I think I scared the first girl. The pizza is edible. That's the best I can say. The calamari was inedible. I tasted one piece and thought of Kitchen Nightmares. It was horrible and I said do. A waste of my time and money. Don't waste yours

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