Namaste Pizza

5942 San Pablo Ave, Oakland
(510) 601-1100

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Martin Opata

I watched a digitally restored and remastered classic movie here at this movie house, and I loved the entire experience! The place is small, which I think is a plus since it will not give you that overcrowded feeling due to the number of people watching with you. I also liked the chair with a pillow, which very comfortable. And the staff are friendly too. I highly recommend this movie house!

Harpreet G.

It was a harrowing experience with them. I ordered medium pizza thin crust which was price 24$ 4 toppings only, and they provided a regular crust. Then I thought it's fine !! A guy put the pizza in the heater after cook and I said hey sir I think it's fine and he replied that ask the cashier who was not in front at all Then I asked her for ranch and she said 1.25$ for ranch cup price. Then I thought it's ok. The pizza taste has garbaged no taste at all not good service at all. It's worthless to go there. There is a lot of options for eating good healthy and little cheap food. Please please think tons of times before go there, folks!!!

Haik Dabaghyan

Very unique pizza toppings, the indian flair is great! Pizzas do not feel greasy or heavy. They are flavorful and fresh. The area is rough like the rest of Oakland but it’s worth a shot.

Roshonn Smith

Excellent pizza but it's not traditional by any means

Tien N.

I've had at least 1-3 pizzas a month over the past 37 years so I've probably eaten enough pizza to fill the circumference of the earth (provided we're high enough longitudally) The chicken tikka pizza here absolutely ranks up there as far as uniqueness and flavorfulness goes, and your taste buds don't know if it's in Florence of New Delhi. If you've never had an Indian inspired pizza--it's essentially what you think it'd be, and it's glorious.

Ellen S.

I tried the vegan gluten free versions of the aloo gobi and mango monsoon pizzas and I'm honestly so excited to try some of the other ones. The food is fresh, delicious, and an awesome flavor profile. It'd be sad to be in the area and miss out on this one. They also deliver!

Sabrina C.

Great customer service, food is always fresh! My favorite is the butter chicken pizza! I've been a customer for years and I've never had a bad experience.

gurpreet singh

Very good pizzas I had the paneer, and oki artichoke taste great, without the full feeling will go back for more

Janet P.

A fresh take on pizza, which, even as a committed to the tried and true, I have fallen completely in love with. Absolutely delicious flavors and excellent, fresh quality! So happy to have experienced them and will be ordering again for sure!!! Very nice folks tops it all off!!!

Janet Pella

My Son and Daughter-in-law were visiting a few days ago, and we all were thinking about ordering in. I had seen reviews of Namaste and also received a menu. All of us enjoy the flavors of India, and we were eager to give this place a go. Best pizza ever!!!! Had the vegetarian and the chicken masala and topped it off with mango lassi. This is an absolute favorite now!!!

Stacie Murphy

Amazing pizza and it's always fresh and flavorful

Chico R.

Really good and unique pizza and great price ! Location is so so . It's best for take out rather than dining . Quality of the ingredients is high and staff are nice . the lady behind cash register is friendly and could probably be a model lol I recommend this joint .

Andrew Middleton

I had the mango pizza which was fine. Neat idea but nothing that special on that forgettable crust.

Cynthia Pounds

Great for pizza, drink necessities. So great, you can't miss it!!!

Rajendra G.

Today I ordered pizza from here.I was so excited to have the Asian curry fusion pizza but when I open the pizza box I was shocked.the pizza was over rated.the pizza was not well cooked all the sauce from pizza was coming out while taking out the slices .the manager was so rude to customer.He didn't know how to serve and handle the customer.the manager noef he has such a bad attitude and rude behavior towards the customer.never recommend this place.Such a nasty and disgusting place.

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