North Light

4915 Telegraph Ave, Oakland
(510) 891-1113

Recent Reviews

Paul Heckroodt

Faultless bar… my go to when in Oakland.

Paul Foreman

Yum yum cock a tails. Good service.

Joan Quillio

Happy hour on the patio is dope! Top notch friendly servers, fresh inventive cocktails and delicious healthy bar food. Def will be back!

Brace Sabra

Awesome cocktails, awesome people, wish there was more food but for the kitchen size it's perfect.

Shannon Kelly

Only came in for drinks today, which were on point. Service was well paced, even if in the moment it felt a bit slow. Servers felt space, but we're actually there when needed, so maybe it's my perception. All in all, would return and eat the food that looked good on other tables.If you came here when it was Marc 49, the only similarity is the main space layout (and that's still different). I loved Marc 49 and would call this an upgrade for the neighborhood.

Sajith S.

A small bar that offers amazing cocktails ! Each of the cocktails are very detailed and carefully crafted . The food options are limited though ( and that is why it gets 4 stars instead of 5) . The host, servers .. everyone was very friendly. They have a covered patio too . My favorite here is the Jaguar shark . The honest mistake and pony boy was nice too. Though the food options are limited , the umami tots with bacon just hit the right spot !

Christine H.

So...totally came here thinking North Light's main thing was being a cafe but realized it's more of a restaurant with a cafe aspect on the side. What I mean by that is that they seem to have more food-food options than cafe drinks. But that didn't stop us from having a pretty relaxed and pleasant cafe experience in their outdoor dining area. We loved how clean, shady, and structured (really organized) the setting was. Hold up. Lemme go back and describe the interior. The interior was actually what captivated me. They have a large bookshelf with tons of books and bottles of alcohol. I loved the vibes. Going back to the drinks... -Iced Latte with Oat Milk (rich, tasted slightly nutty and deep) -Iced Latte with Syrup (the milk disappeared and was replaced with a syrup that made the drink remind me of a sweet coke without the fizz)-I personally liked how unique it was! The lady serving us was pleasant and responsive!

Alexandra K.

north light is a hidden gem in temescal. we'd walked past it a few times and thought it was a book store, but soon we discovered they're not only a book store and record shop but also an incredible cocktail bar. they have really great happy hour prices between 4-6 pm ($9 for cocktails normally $12-13, bites such as hamburgers and tater tots for $6-9) and a helpful staff (especially accommodating for families which is always appreciated). pro tip make a reservation as the back only has a few tables available.

Emma W.

Been here a few times for drinks now and they are definitely a shining star in Temescal for cocktails (I recommend the Blue Lagoon!). Plus, their indoor and outdoor patio areas are both gorgeous! Their back patio has the option to be covered and also currently features dividers for COVID precautions. They've also added a parklet out front for additional seating. Service has always been topnotch and very friendly. Despite it being a weekday night on this most recent visit, it was very busy! I'll definitely be making a reservation in the future to avoid any kind of wait (and increase my chances of getting a spot on their patio). I haven't tried much of their food, but definitely hope to! It looks like they have a range of healthy options like salads and bowls.

Valeria V.

Love this place! Finally got to check it out for my friend's birthday over the weekend. We made a patio reservation and it was cute and private. The staff were fun and celebratory, cocktails delicious, and my group ordered the miso tater tots. Although I personally did not enjoy the many flavors of the tots, others in my group did. Definitely a place I will be returning to.

Taimur A.

The friendliest staff I have ever encountered at any Bay Area restaurant/bar. This place really does feel like a neighborhood bar and is an essential part of the Temescal community. Strong, delicious cocktails and the outdoor patio is a super chill spot to grab drinks with friends or have a fun night out with your significant other. The indoor decor is IG story worth for sure too, which is always a plus point!

Anh Thu P.

Such a cute spot that I would recommend to all visitors. It's part bookshop, record shop, bar, etc. The only gripe I have is the very limited vodka based cocktail menu. The vodka options were pretty basic in comparison to gin or whiskey so I tried the latter and they were really unique. The staff was ultra friendly, shoutout to my server that had so much charisma and enthusiasm when asked his favorite cocktail. I would've bought anything he recommended at that point. My date and I ordered a few cocktails (one with whiskey and egg whites, another with a mermaid topper, another watermelon drink and something else). I think they were pretty stiff too! We also ordered some bar food - loaded tater tots and snap peas. I have to say for typically bar food, it was very light and fresh. I didn't feel heavy at all and it was the perfect appetizer for the night. Would 10/10 come again!

Laura Burr

Great, friendly service and fresh, tasty brunch. Loved the asparagus frittata.

drew n.

Great space, great drinks, great food, great service. Best spot on Telegraph among a series of other good spots.

Sarah R.

Books & booze make for one of the cutest hidden gems in Temescal! North Light is not only a great bar with a fantastic back patio, but they also have a small bookstore and liquor shop in the front to peruse! The Blue Lagoon cocktail tasted even better than it looked (with a cute mermaid decoration to boot). The Tachos (tater tot nachos) were not only ingenious, but absolutely delicious and generously doused with guac and corn! Will be back for more, as well as to try their mushroom panini and come for some morning coffee sometime! The back patio is dog-friendly, and the staff are very friendly!

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