North Light

4915 Telegraph Ave, Oakland
(510) 891-1113

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Mei L.

OMG. I did not have any expectation as I was passing to grab my takeout after an event in the area...but DAMN...this place is good. I was passing by and the little voice on my should convinced me to go in since the interior was beautiful. The staff is super friendly, the drinks are well made and the tots are out of this world. I don't live near but would uber here just for some drinks and nibbles.

Hauwei L.

Excellent craft cocktails at a reasonable price in a cute space inside, a comfy patio in the back, or tables out front in the parklet. Have ordered the honest mistake, espresso martini, baby grand, and a couple other drinks, all were great. Additionally, they have a weekday happy hour from 4 to 6, a small but interesting food menu, and especially gracious and friendly service. This is an excellent neighborhood place to go and come back to any day of the week. Highly recommended!

J B.

My friend told me about this cute bar with a bookshelf. We got in, but all tables inside were taken but we were able to get a table in the back patio. I thought it would be fine thinking there would be space heaters unfortunately I think there were only heaters on one side and we were sitting on the opposite side. Decided it would have to be the drinks to keep us warm. Cocktails: Salers Delight Spice Runner Baby grand Sangria Fresca Food: Umami tots - I ordered this thinking it was vegetarian friendly not realizing the bonito is made of tuna... it's very umami flavored and it was just too much for me to finish on my own since my friend couldn't eat it. Definitely get to share. The service was friendly it took a little bit to grab the check. I'd recommend that they put the QR code's on the tables somewhere they were on the wall so if you're not the one by the wall it's a lil bit of a hassle. Overall the place was really cute and very much a date spot my friend and I caught several first dates when we were there.

Robert Johnson

Been trying to make it a point to leave reviews on some of the really quality places that I visit and North Light is for sure in my top 5 fav places in Oakland. Quality drinks, Quality people, Quality food and top tier ambiance for introverts and extroverts alike. You won’t regret visiting this somewhat of a hidden gem on Oakland’s busy Telegraph Ave. Offers great seating via a cozy patio in the back, seating out front (newly added since the pandemic) or a dimly lit bar/indoor seating. “Thank Me Later”!

Monic R.

Wonderful cocktails and service! I've been to their botanical patio for drinks before and had dinner there the other night. I like their bookshelves and intimate dining feeling.

Tom Tango

Great cocktail menu! Nice ambiance and friendly service! Try the Jaguar shark with squid ink!

Zena L.

I love you guys! I've only been twice but this bar feels like a safe space where you can enjoy a drink, eat some delicious bites and listen to good music. The staff is wonderful and the drinks are super cute! :) my best friend and partner agree that this is a new favorite spot!

Indrajit Rajtilak

Great cocktails, decent food and elegant outdoor. I like their curated library shelves! And the staff are super nice.

Ione A.

Such a cute place to come for unique cocktails and food! We ordered the Blue Lagoon and Sangria, both were super yummy! We also ordered the tater tots which were cooked to perfection and came with a tasty dipping sauce. They have a cute outdoor patio in the back and the inside bar is decorated very cute, there's even a bookshelf you can borrow books to read while you're dining. Definitely want to come back and try the espresso martini!

Nate R.

Creative cocktails and welcome adherence to safety standards. Enjoyed the Espresso Martini and the umami tots with bacon!

Alan Huynh

Great vibe! The decor inside the bar and the back patio have a hip feel to them. Back patio also has heating!

Dakotah D.

North Light is one of those bars that you walk into and you're like "Am I cool enough to be here right now?". There's a certain ambience and vibe that just feels comfortable but cool. The amount of books, music, and good drinks are enough to draw anyone in off the street on a weekend night, but what I love here also is the brunch. I live in the neighborhood and walk over maybe every few weeks (admittedly it's usually in my pajamas, because I'm apparently that kind of person now). The folks here are so friendly and cool at any time of day, and the person in the morning (shaved head, cool tattoos, and femme presenting vibe) has remembered my order for a custom vegan breakfast burrito the few times I've been in, and it's the small things like that that makes me feel like they really care. So, when you're inevitably asking yourself "am i cool enough to be here right now?" when you enter this bar, I'm here to reassure you, yes, you are. And the staff is always there to make sure you know it, too.

Sofy Y.

Been back 2 more times in the last week. I can't get enough of this place! My favorite ambiance. Sat at the bar on Tuesday near the record players. Bartender very kind as well. Didn't try anything new on Tuesday, besides the lavender hibiscus limeade, very flavorful. Burger was hella good as always! Yesterday(Friday) I was here a third time and this time during happy hour (bless), had to get a reservation and luckily they had availability when I called in the day before! Got a pineapple daiquiri (good presentation) the beet poke. It was very beautiful and rich in color, great flavors. Definitely tasted like seaweed salad. Also got the BLAT, it was bitchin'. Bacon was not your standard fair, it was overall so flavorful, good quality ingredients were definitely used through out, and the condiments hit the spot. Rounded out the experience with an espresso martini and the sailors delight and RIP my wallet cuz I'm gonna be coming back again

Frankie R.

Super unfortunate that the "outdoor patio" (which is more of a sunroom than it is actually open air & which the restaurant specifies is handled differently than the inside, which requires proof of vaccination) is packed beyond safety - we were literally 12" from 3 different groups of people. I thought social distancing was still something that restaurants were adhering to even for outdoor patrons, maybe I'm wrong. On top of feeling super unsafe, there are only 2 food items of substance. Don't come if you're hungry. Or unvaccinated. Or if you're vaccinated but still care about being socially distanced (I mean can we at least get 2 or 3 feet, dang?!). Three stars because the drink was fire AF. But the waiter had to "think about" getting it for me... and while I get that was a joke, the humor was lost on me. I *fully* innerstand the risk I'm taking every time I dine out, which is why I make a point to research how restaurants handle their outdoor seating, and I haven't dined anywhere outdoors before today where I've been closer than 4 or 5 feet from the nearest table. But the complete disregard for social distancing protocol for the "outdoor" area at North Light feels foolhardy at best & definitely puts everyone at risk for contracting COVID-19, which is possible even with a vaccine (& especially when you're sitting close enough to inhale the particles in the air being spoken out by 3 different groups).

Samantha C.

I've been coming to Northlight since they opened. Den and his staff are my most beloved restraint staff in Oakland. Their presence in temescal is warm and fuzzy and welcome. They not only support my need to detox my liver with delicious NA drinks, but give me a reason to delight my taste buds with their well thought out cocktails. The food is consistently amazing and this is my favorite place to go to finish out work during happy hour and treat myself to dinner. Highly recommend, all the time.

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