Novel Brewing Company

6510 San Pablo Ave, Oakland
(510) 922-9974

Recent Reviews

Tami Abrams

Such good vibes. Great beer & great service. Excellent food pop-ups.


You really can't beat a local brewery with amazing beer and an outdoor Covid safe seating environment on a hot sunny day. Their mango sour is delicious, super light. The location is spot on in the Paradise Park area.

Peter Gardner

Good beers friendly staff, nice outdoor options for Covid.

Meghan McShea

Great! We love this spot. Tasty beer, friendly vibes and walking distance to our home. As laid back as hanging in a friends backyard.

Morgan J.

We tried to-go beers from Novel with a gift certificate that my mom gave us for Xmas. I was a bit taken a back by the $30 per 6 pack price even with a gift card, but the warm hospitality from the server made a good impression. I'm all about paying a bit more to support small businesses and was curious to see how the beers would check out. When we got home we were blown away by the quality of the beers and great flavors! Every one that we tried was really good and complex/interesting. I like the poetic descriptions on the cans. We even went back the next day for another 6 pack it was that good! When we went the second time I briefly met the beer maker, and we're sold. Since we live right down the street this will be a spot.

Michael S.

I very much like this little brewery! Every time we are at the lady's mother's house, I make it a point to swing by and pick up some local spirits! They now have a little makeshift patio area that is/was the parking lot. Perfect for social distancing. Perfect for inebriation. What more could you ask for?! This time around I tried the Trilliad, which is an 11% beer, which sooouuuunds intimidating, but don't worry, because it tastes like apple juice! Or apple sauce, whatever. It tastes sweet, okay!? Unfortunately they don't serve it in a pitcher, because I guess that would be some sort of "liability" It's like, if I wanna get black out drunk and have a designated driver to take my butt around and over to Taco Bell, who is to say that I can't do that?! Now, I know you're definitely getting pretty heated, but guess what! They offer Growlers and Crowlers so you can get some of their other tasty beverages to go! Just, ya know, don't drink them while you're on your way to Taco Bell or McDickers, because you'll definitely get arrested. Oh well, whaddya gonna do!? So yeah... COME HERE AND GET DRUNK :D

Tracia Bliss

Delicious and wide variety of beer! The theme of the brewery is awesome, there's old books everywhere. The flights even come in a classic book! It's dog friendly, so there's a lot of cool pups around. The servers were really nice and helped us choose the right beers for us. We will definitely be coming back here!

Peter H.

Fantastic place. Their beer is amazing - just as good (if not better) than Fieldwork or Ghost town. The concept (books + beer + games) is great. Everyone who works there is super nice. They have been thoughtful about their outdoor space during covid... overall they are awesome, you should definitely stop by some time:

Aubrey Rose

Most beautiful beer girl from Spain ever and best beer!

Jackie D.

Used to frequent Novel a lot pre-covid, came back recently to check out their outdoor operation. It was really great-- they actually have a lot less tables in their outdoor space than they could, going by 6 feet apart. It's a lot less densely packed than lot of other places that have outdoor spots right now. We were there on a Sunday, so we got a tasty bowl from Thank Que Grill (you are required to get at least one meal if you go, but you won't regret it-- the food was delicious). They aren't doing flights right now, but that makes sense-- they can't put their flight trays (they're laminated books) through a dishwasher. The beers were great as usual. I would go back, since they felt pretty good with covid restrictions.

Carlos Alberto Montes Gil

Nice area.. very good beer.. so that it... no more you need lol

Albert Abrams

Good local beer and wonderful owners. Well run social distanced beer garden.

Rene Lontoc

Great owners & staff... super friendly. Kid & dog friendly atmosphere. Great beer and great BBQ on Sundays at their new outdoor dining area.

Jessica Imperial

The people are friendly and they have a great variety of beers to choose from

Patrick H.

Wanted to leave a pawsitive review since the people at Novel were super nice and the beer was amazing. 4 pck mixer with 2 IPAs and 2 imperial stouts is such a perfect mix of light and dark that I can't believe I haven't seen it more often at other breweries. Tried the hoppy Saison too which was also great, especially while BBQing on a hot day in the backyard.

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