Oriental BBQ Chicken Town

6101 Telegraph Ave, Oakland
(510) 595-5338

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Alex J.

Permanently closed. This was a great place in Berkeley. Will be missed. Owners have sold the establishment already.

Jessica S.

You can trust me when I say this is one of the best places in the Bay for KFC (Korean Fried Chicken). All the other dishes are delicious too. Just note that the service isn't the best, so don't come here if you are expecting amazing service and experience. Also, if you have a sensitive stomach, prepare to take a few TUMS after (I warned you!)

Taylor C.

My family has been going here for a few years now and never disappoints. We usually get the Gan Jang (garlic and soy sauce) fried chicken. I like that the pieces are thighs instead of wings. The chicken is so crispy and has the perfect amount of flavor. Sweet and savory. Not drenched it sauce either. Will continue to come back!

Karen N.

KFC (Korean fried chicken) is definitely the bomb and OBTown gives you a solid heaping. It's not the best KFC ever but it's decent amount for the price. I used to go here regularly before the pandemic and I have to say the most recent visit, it's definitely looking a bit run down. I don't think I'd ever sit here for a dine-in experience, it's now strictly take-out. It's a good amount of food for what seems like a bit on the high side pricing. Inflation has hit them like other places. Wish they placed a bit more emphasis on quality and they'd be a home run.

Erin Y.

OBTown is a really good Korean fried chicken place in the area! The chicken is always perfectly crispy on the outside but tender on the inside. I always get takeout because they are sometimes understaffed inside and that usually takes 15-20 minutes.The soy garlic and the yangnyum chickens are my go-to. The soy garlic is savory and a bit sweet. The yangnyum is the perfect level of spice, definitely my favorite out of the two. I would recommend the yangnyum for a more Korean flavored chicken.Side dishes include cabbage and radish, which are nice and refreshing for the chicken.It's a bit on the pricey side but portions are large. 2 servings would be enough to feed a group of 6-10 in my opinion.

Rui Zhong

This is some bomb Korean fried chicken. The sweet and spicy is very saucy. The garlic soy is more of a dry rub but still really deep flavors. I expected wings so I was a bit surprised to find out these were boneless. But they were thighs, thankfully, and were cooked to perfection. Tender, moist, and tasty. I had to slow myself down to better enjoy them. Pretty decent portions too considering the price of an order.

Veronica C.

Really enjoy coming here! I hate the commute but whenever I'm in the area, I try to make a stop here when I can. WARNING-- I came here back in June (mind you last time I was here was before pandemic I believe), it was closed even tho website says open. There are times the manager will close for the day at random. So if you plan to come here, make sure to call first!My fave dish that I get here are the chicken gizzards, corn cheese & kimchi fried rice. They give a pretty good portion-- enough to share & their soju I remember the drink being in the pineapple.

Emily Hou

Just learned that Mrs Song (OB Town owner and sweetest lady) recently passed away :( We live nearby and frequent this place for late night take out often. They have great chicken! I wish the restaurant continued success and we will keep frequenting!!

Junsu Park

Ate here on 7.22.2022 Friday night. Great Korean fried chicken and pork katsu. The corn cheese dumplings were tasty appetizers as well.

Paige Cano

You can't go wrong here. Everything is absolutely delicious and fresh, and their portions are generous. My go-to comfort food!

Judy L.

Not really a fan. Didn't hate it but I don't really care to get it again. Some of my friends raved about this place being really good so I decided to give it a try. It was kind of late so I just called to order and pickup. I'm not sure if this is why it didn't taste good since it was sitting there for a bit and because of travel time, so that might be a factor for why it didn't meet expectations. We got 1/2 yang nyum and half gan jang. The gan jang was not that good, there was too much sauce and it was kind of too soggy for my liking. This might be because we got take out, but not 100% sure. The yang nyum was good, not great. I ate it but I didn't really care to get it again. I liked it enough to finish the meal, but not enough to get it again

Mary Tiffany M.

This is my family's favorite place to eat out together! Really delicious food that is consistent and filling. We ordered two types of chicken, fried rice, spicy ramen and rice cakes, udon, and corn cheese. You have to try their chicken when you go! It's family style so be sure to bring people you can enjoy a good meal with :)

John Morgan

This is hands down one of the best fried chicken spots in town. Prepare to get your eardrums blasted with k pop while you eat radishes waiting for your incredible garlic soy fried chicken. This place is no joke and I’ve been going here for a long time. You have to try this place at least once!

Bleue H.

When the Korean ladies are cooking, food is amazing. Still good when someone else is cooking but just wanted to give a shout out to those ladies. Love the rice cake, it's the best.

Maurice M.

The food aint anywhere near good enough to make up for the absolutely terrible (dis)service. I usually don't care enough to write a review on yelp but this spot has consistently had the most utter trash waiters I've ever experienced. We received our food at 7:30pm and by 8:30pm the waiter was shooo-ing our party of two out the door because he needed to make room for a larger party that was coming in. He brought my bill well before we finished dinner, and upon picking my card up he grabbed our water pitcher and never brought it back. There were plenty of other open seats that he could have offered to seat us at but no, he essentially implied that we should just leave. This joint is atrocious and so is that squareass pathetic attempt at what they call a waiter. If I could retroactively take my tip back I would. OB town is bootsy as hell.

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