Oriental BBQ Chicken Town

6101 Telegraph Ave, Oakland
(510) 595-5338

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Zach Both

One of the more disappointing Korean restaurants in Oakland. Disclaimer: We did not try any of the fried chicken, which seems to be their specialty. Serves almost no banchan side dishes with their korean bbq except for one bowl of pickled radish and a slaw. Bulgogi tasted like cooking oil with very little flavor otherwise. Corn and cheese was good. Kimchijeon was decent but oily and overpriced. Zero atmosphere. Not a great experience for the price. Their fried chicken dishes looked good, but look elsewhere for more traditional korean bbq.

Peter Y.

This is my single most favorite place to get yanyeom chicken bar none! We eat a lot of KFC in our family and this is the place we all agree has the best out of all the places we've tried.

Stacey Shears

Absolutely love this down home Korean place. Great shoju selection! Authentic flavor, great selection of distes as well!

Katherine G.

They're open!! Not sure why Yelp says closed. I came on a Tuesday night and it was not busy at all. We shared a bunch of dishes including the kimchi pancake, 2 types of fried chicken, tteokbokki, and fried rice. Everything was really good! The chicken was a bit drier than I usually prefer, but the sauces on them were great. Definitely check OBtown out for some great korean food!

Thena G.

THIS RESTRAunt IS OPEN 9/4/2021. Please go! Or order if you want to. I don't know why it says closed here

Cam Smith

One time earlier in Covid I came here for pickup and it took a couple hours. Frustrating for me, but i don't blame the guy because they had like one dude cooking everyone's orders.It was still understaffed this time but food and service was prompt. The food's really worth it, even if it is a little pricey. Best Korean Fried Chicken i know

Michelle F.

So glad they are open again!! Best Spicy Yang Nyum Chicken, hands down. I've been eating at this place for more than a decade, ever since a friend introduced me to this spot while I was in grad school at UC Berkeley. All of a sudden, about a month ago I noticed all the lights were off, during the day, and it stayed that way for weeks. I was so afraid that they had closed due to losses during the pandemic. Fortunately they are back open, and I am so thankful! Let's keep supporting this local gem

Doug Faunt

Interesting food. I will go back.

Angel Sela K.

First of all, it first time that I did not leave the tip cause I will the lady so much. I think she is a woner. I order chicken wing , both it come with deep fry with power , and other one come with the same thing and sauce on the top . That is why ridiculous. Also, I order chicken wing . I did not get chicken wing , but I got thighs. How cheap it is. I really hate this place.. the most cheap Korean place that I never met . There is not wing . How cheap you are . I pay full price but you stupid cheap on me . 20$ is a lot .. for That low taste

Lee D.

This place has the best Yangnyeom (spicy sauce) chicken in bay area. Good portion, decent price, and quality ingredients. Store has the original Korean Chi-maek (korean chicken and beer house) vibe, which is a plus.

Calvin Fernandoson

STAY AWAY IF YOU DO NOT WANT YOUR MOOD TO BE RUINED. Worst service attitude ever. The woman running this place yells at customers angrily for whatever does not satisfy her will. I saw some other reviews saying the same thing, so yelling seems to be the only way she expresses feelings. Not gonna come back again.

geno m.

Chicken was not fully cooked and it was absolutely disgusting. We left without eating them.

Chris N.

TLDR: - Self serve family style casual dining (Went on a holiday, not sure if always self serve) - Their boneless chicken is amazing! Saucy and juicy but also crunchy (We ordered the Spicy Yang Nyum and Gan Jang chicken). Not sure how the crunch holds during with take-out - Lots of food at an affordable price - Support your local API community, Ajumma works really hard to keep this place open! One of my favorite chicken spots right next to San Tung in San Francisco. This restaurant is a great place for family style casual dining with friends or family or take-out to pig out at home. We stopped by this place after our 7 hour drive from Tahoe on Memorial Day weekend so we came nice and hungry. This place is run by a really sweet Ajumma who basically ran the whole entire restaurant by herself. Everything was self serve, from the plates, utensils, and cleanup. I'm not sure if this is how it is on non-holidays but it was not an issue at all given how good the food was. We ordered the Spicy Yang Nyum Chicken (Sweet and extra spicy), Gan Jang Chicken (garlic and soy sauce), Dduk Bok Ki (spicy rice cake), and Cheese Dduk Bok Ki (cheese on spicy rice cake) for the 6 of us. The chicken was boneless which was perfect for lazy people like me. The dishes were very saucy as well and is finger-licking good (just hand sanitize first LOL). Despite the chicken dishes being saucy and juicy, it did not take away from the nice crunch that came with every bite of chicken. We had it when it came right out of the fryer and it was AMAZING but I'm not sure if the crunch would have held if we ordered the food as takeout. I will definitely order food here for takeout and let you know :) The food came out to about 75 dollars for 6 people (about 13 dollars each give or take). For the amount of food we got, it was a great deal at the sacrifice of service. As I said before, this place is one of my favorite chicken places thus far. Definitely my favorite for boneless chicken. Don't forget to support your API businesses, especially this one seeing how hard Ajumma works to provide great food!

Quay D.

COViD review. Order ahead via phone. We ordered fried chicken boneless and kimchi fried rice. Awesome good and delicious. No dine inside yet. They have picnic table outside if you want to eat outside.

Mikaela C.

This has been one of my favorite places since I was in college! Truly a gem! This was my first time coming back during this pandemic and they are now doing indoor dining! I always get their Spicy Yang Nyum chicken and their ramen Ddu bok kki with cheese on top! Their Yang Nyum chicken is sweet and spicy! This was definitely enough for our group of 3! We actually ended up having leftovers to take home! If I go with a bigger group, we also add their Gan Jang chicken which is their garlic and soy fried chicken! All of their chicken plates are boneless and usually come with around 18 pieces! I recommend going during lunch because they give way more side dishes and other small plates! The lady that works there is really nice and always makes me feel like I am at home! Spicy Yang Nyum: 5/5! Ramen Ddu Bok Kki with cheese: 5/5 Will definitely be coming back! :)

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