Raj Indian Cuisine

4086 Piedmont Ave, Oakland
(510) 601-9922

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Miss B.

I've passed by this place for YEARS and never eaten there! We got take out and HOLY SH** it was good! Veggie Samosas-DELISH! Super flavorful and honestly I didn't use any of the sauces it was so good on its own! Garlic Naan-Soft, chewy and garlicy AF! Totally worth the garlic breath! Vegetable Korma & Mattar Kofta Curry-OMG YUM!! Super flavorful! Onion Bhaji-Delish take on onion rings! Lamb Tikka Masala-Super tender lamb, sauce was killer! Also...DO NOT ORDER RICE! A serving of rice comes with every entree, so now I have rice for the next week LOL!

Eric Hayes

Delicious food, will be ordering again!

Lisa P.

My partner and I have ordered takeout from Raj once a week for the last year, and I really wish that was an exaggeration. We love it so much and we shamefully even get the same order each time! Only strayed away once and ordered from an Indian place in Berkeley and we learned that lesson the hard way. Raj has become our favorite place for Indian food, and for any kind of food for that matter.

Aaron B.

Love this place. Their samosas are so good. Great staff and very patient. Helped me when i need to get some vegetarian/vegan food for an event. I needed 30 samosas and they got the job done super fast. Such good service. Next time i will try the food, but i already know it's good. You need to try their food!

Daisy Marie

The food is hella good. So much favor.

Terese E.

yet another (of several) great food experience at my favorite Indian food place! I'm so grateful that they have survived the pandemic that I am now motivated to share a review in hopes of bringing them more business!

Dave B.

Can't go wrong with this place. Super satisfying. Love that their spicy is actually spicy, a lot of other places say spicy and it's not at all.

Phyllis Horneman

If, like us, your favorite indian food place closed, try this place. We called the restaurant and picked up our order about 20 minutes later. The food was not quite ready, so we waited about 5 minutes. Warning, look for the Kerry House awning- the place is under it. We are about 10 minutes door to door. Our food was so hot we had to be careful dishing it out. We enjoyed chicken tikka masala, tandoori grill, lamb curry, and dal makhani. Since it was our first time ordering, we got everything medium. It was hot enough to complement the spiciness and leave some burn in your mouth, very enjoyable. We also had veggie pakora and veggie samosa. We ordered plain naan and garlic naan. The last of the naan was used to mop up the curry and masala sauces. I even got some papadum. We paid $83 for all that Indian food wonderfulness. We will definitely be back.

Eti Ben Simon

So tasty and fresh! I loved the tofu malai kofta

Maddy Dittmer

raj Indian cuisine is my FAVI’ve been going there since I was like 12 and the ppl r very nice and the food is super good. I reccomend the chicken tikka Masala, with garlic naan and rice. they also have a chai dispenser which is v cool

Donald Macleay

This is our neighborhood place. Great food. Good service almost all the time. I saw the review about the rude guy. I think I have met him. That us an outlier. I've been a client for 20 years and the service was always great and usually female. When the pandemic is over, this is a great spot for an early or late lunch.

Colin Smith

One of the best Indian restaurants in the East Bay.The coconut curry (extra spicy) and keema naan are next level.

Claire Chun

Good Indian food with fast delivery. Lamb vindaloo is a standout as well as the chicken tikka masala.

Lizelle M.

Delicious and reliable. I've been dining and ordering food here for 10+ years. Good Eats: vegetable samosas, chicken makhani, vegetable korma, paneer Parantha, garlic naan, coconut curry, makai kofta, paneer saag and more.

Declan Ellison

I just liked their dishes. I always get great service here. The place is well kept and the workers are always friendly. Will come visit again.

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