Smellys Creole Catering LLC.

2430 Broadway, Oakland
(510) 812-2675

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Tracey B.

Waited over 2 hours for our dinner and still charged an 18% gratuity charge for 4 guests!!! Smh!! husband and I along with two other friends, had the chance to try this restaurant and unfortunately it was not a great experience. We surprisingly sat down really quick. The vibe was on point upon entering. There was good music going as well. We were being waited on by a young lady and a more mature woman. Both ladies were very nice. After the first 45 mins, we did not receive our food, not even an appetizer. My friend asked the bartender if there were snacks. The bartender was nice enough to bring my friend fries. At this point we had been waiting for 1 hour and 15 mins. The We were starving. We counted 3 families received their meals before us. Ridiculous!! The older lady came up to us and asked if we were ok and apologized for the wait. We let her know with the music and drinks going, we were not happy about but ok. We did ask her why is it taking so long and she did not have an answer. After 2 hrs and 15 mins, we finally get our food. The food was great!! No complaints there. The wife of the chef came over and tried to smooth things over. She told us the older told her we wanted to speak to hers we never asked for her. So I'm not sure what that was about. Then we get the bill. I just knew we would get some type of discount or credit. Nope!!!!! They had the nerve to charge us %18 gratuity for only 4 people!! I did not complain. However, I was upset. This is not ok!! We drove several miles to finally try this place, wait over two hours for our food and we get charged gratuity. Horrible!

Kay Star

Although they forgot my sweet chili sauce the food was A1 Hella good! I got the crab and prawns over garlic noodles $55 with a side of steak $8 it was cooked perfectly and it's a good portion I definitely can't finish it all at one time!!!

Lovey Sidhu

The food is amazing. It’s kind of pricey but very generous portions so it’s understandable. Boxed up leftovers and reheated at home later & still tasted amazing! Definitely can get busy so food may take a while to come out. The surf & turf fries are definitely full of greatness! Lamb chops over garlic noodles were soo good! You don’t get small little lamb chops like steakhouse serve- they were big juicy pieces!Only thing I’d say needs work on is that since dine-in requires 18% gratuity- service should make customers feel good about that. We waited 20+ mins for waters to come out to our table. All staff was super friendly tho so it could have just been a busy day.PS- that peach cobbler is one of the best I ever had!

Tomeka Dismuke

Drinks were on the expensive side. But the bartender,I can't remember his name, he was awesome and We were definitely loaded when we left. So the drinks were well worth it! ???‍♀️Food amazing as always! ❤️

Tawsha F.

Spent the day with my mom today and we went to Smelly's for lunch I've been wanting to go there for the past year and a half but due to Covid I wasn't able but let me just say it is worth the wait it's worth the prices the food is amazing the lamb chops are outstanding the crab is incredible and the shrimp are to die for!!..My mom does not like eating out anymore! She said that she cannot find a place that will make food as good as hers or her moms and now she's talking about her next plans on going back to Smileys thank you so much for the love you put in the food it was outstanding!!

Wanda M Betts

Good food, music, people and Drinks. The vibe was hella cool.

Whitney Frazier

The food came out HOT fresh and it was not a long wait. Plenty to take home and the cook SMELLY came out and took a few pics with us. SUPER COOL. Definitely going back!!

Patrick Burford

Great flavors and big portions for your money. It takes time for your meal so get a drink and enjoy the DJ.

erik cleaver

Oh wow, amazing?? We had the Extravaganza Fries, with lobster, Dungeness crab, blackened prawns and steak!! Flavor explosion in our mouths??? We will be going back fo sho!! If haven't gone you need to!!

Kam P

Delicious! Parking was tough but im a G and made it happen. YEE.

Jerry OG Johnson

First of many visits! The food, atmosphere and hospitality were exactly what we needed.

ron young

Good food!Great service!My drink was great!Cooks was pretty fast!

Patricia G.

Went here for the first time me and my friend, I ordered the chicken tenders with garlic noodles and a side of Mac & cheese and my friend ordered the snapper combo, the food was so delicious full of flavor. The service was great, everyone working there are super friendly. Thanks ladies and gentlemen. I highly recommend this place.

Ebony Foster0 .

The food was excellent, you get what you pay for. I will definitely be back. Great job!

Guebson Lubin

So I’ll say this, the wait is REALLY long (roughly an hour), BUT THE FOOD IS FIRE….I can’t believe I’m going to say this but it’s worth the wait! I’d say the system they have so far right now makes sense since they place the time you made your order. So if you find people complaining about waiting so long it’s probably true but the actual time may be a bit exaggerated. This location is opened on certain days so don’t expect some Mon-Fri schedule. The food itself offers so much flavor, I mean for this particular plate I paid about $77 before any taxes which was the trifecta with fries, again don’t let the price run you away because you will love this. I couldn’t eat the entire thing in one sitting. I had to spread it out and even unbuckle my belt to let this food explore all the confined spaces my stomach may have. Aside from the wait I will tell you this…don’t pass up on this place.

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Smellys Creole Catering LLC.

2430 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94612
(510) 812-2675