Teni East Kitchen

4015 Broadway, Oakland
(510) 597-1860

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T V.

We discovered Teni East over a year ago quite by accident.How very lucky we were.We have been back many times and taken friends there for lunch.Our friends have RAVED about the food and returned.Even some very picky eaters.Now we have to do take-a-way but some things have not changed at all:these are THE NICEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD and the food is, simply put, GREAT!

MaryBeth V.

This place is awesome. We like it much better than the other well known Burmese spot! Their curries are all delicious, unique and have such an amazing depth of flavor. The spicy noodles and wings are addictive and a dream come true for a gluten free person. They have textures and flavors that are hard to find in gf form.

Chad Reid

Fairly simple menu, but really well executed food and cocktails. I loved going there pre Covid-19, and they've been a go-to takeout option since.

Clara M.

Got takeout from here for the first time and was super impressed. I have driven past Teni a few times and was always curious about how the food was, so I finally gave it a try. To eat I got the pea shoot salad and the spicy noodles (+ tofu). The pea shoot salad was super unique and so tasty, I would honestly come back just to get the salad again. It was very crunchy and came with a nice citrusy dressing. The noodles were also good, not too spicy but very flavorful. The tofu addition was nice for some protein, it is house made tofu which had a unique texture and nutty flavor. I would definitely recommend grabbing takeout from here to soothe your soul during these challenging times.

Artemis K.

All of the flavors here are so bright, fresh, and yummy. I especially love the pea shoot salad, chickpea tofu (w/ the most amazing sauce), and cauliflower w/ sweet corn. I'm glad they're surviving during pandemic-times and hope they can keep going! If I'm craving Thai/Cambodian/Burmese and can't decide, I *always* go for this place, it never disappoints.

Luci L.

The spicy noodles were the best! I feel like it got spicier and spicier as I ate it. The catfish was no longer crispy which is to be expected since it takes time for food to be delivered in a sealed container. The pea shoot salad everyone else is raving about is good, but I'm not quite sure I understand the hype (though I was constantly comparing it in my head to the tea leaf salad I used to get at Burma Ruby down in Palo Alto, and that might be an unfair comparison). I recommend ordering pickup to avoid delivery fees.

Elena V.

I truly wish I could eat from your place every single day! Before, during & after shelter in place... You have always stand out for the quality of food, service and your decoration with Joshua May's art... it always amazes me. Your place has a very unique and talented touch. Thanks you for everything.

Anjali J.

I have not written a restaurant review in a long time but feel compelled to do so. This was probably the best delivery meal I have ever had, and the two other folks in my "pod" who ate it had the same reaction. The pea shoots salad was crispy and fresh. The veggie curry and cauliflower corn dishes were unique and delicious. The chickpea tofu was my absolute favorite. If I could give 6 stars I would.


The food a Teni is one that you'll never forget. Everything is delicuous, so go ahead and order one of each! Thank you Teni, I hope you make it through this tough time!

Vanessa H.

Amazing! An Ethiopian chef specializing in Burmese! We had the spicy shrimp noodles (not so spicy), crispy catfish filet with a spicy chili sauce, the pea shoot salad (so tender and fresh tasting). A real treat!Free delivery on Uber Eats through 2020 for black-owned businesses.

Tes *

One of my favorite places in Oakland! Food, ambiance & service.

Jennifer E.

If you were considering ordering for here ... DO IT!!! Teni has consistently for YEARS served up the goods. Great flavor and the portions don't mysteriously have shrinkage if you order for delivery. Service has always been fast and pleasant when eating in the restaurant and I can't wait until we can go, sit and really enjoy the ambiance again.

James A.

Absolutely hating myself for never going to Teni East Kitchen before shelter in place began! I had seen it a number of times and even tried to go once but never made it. The other night, we ordered to-go food and realized what we had been missing out on.Absolutely amazing food!We got the spicy noodles with shrimp (delicious, not too spicy and the shrimp were cooked perfectly), cauliflower with sweet corn (super flavorful!!) and the spicy chicken wings (like no wings I had ever had before, delicious seasoning and very unique). We also had two side orders of coconut rice that was absolutely the best coconut rice I've ever had. We will be eating a lot more food from Teni East Kitchen from here on out!!

Mythili I.

Didn't get around to visiting before lockdown started, but I've been getting delivery about once a week or so since then. Can't wait to visit in person with a group so that I can order everything I like and not have to decide what I'm eating one evening!Plenty of veg options, and all of the as delicious as the next, even when packed to go. Have tried the roti (fluffier than most that I've had), the spicy noodles (pleasantly spicy, and I don't have a high tolerance), kale tea leaf salad (the only type of salad I'll profess to enjoying--super flavorful and filling, although it looks like it'll be not enough when it comes), and the chickpea tofu (was not expecting it to come with a coconut curry sauce, and it's taking all my willpower not to eat all of it when I know that'll be way too much for one meal).Definitely worth going to, especially if your experience with Burmese food starts and ends at Ruby Rangoon (guilty as charged).

Courtney H.

We've been meaning to try this place for awhile, and I am so mad we waited so long! We ordered take out and everything was delicious. The pea shoot salad was so fresh. I would also recommend the Roti, Spicy Noodles, Chick Pea tofu and Basil Chicken. They do to-go cocktails as well. We will definitely be ordering again!

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