The Star on Grand

3425 Grand Ave, Oakland
(510) 843-7827

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Amanda Acosta

HORRIBLE !!! Ordered the goddess salad . It’s just a box of lettuce with a little bit of nuts and a little cup of dressing . Nothing elseCan you even call this a salad…. Not worth $17.00 dollars

Amanda A.

HORRIBLE !!! Ordered the goddess salad . It's just a box of lettuce with a little bit of nuts and a little cup of dressing . Nothing else Can you even call this a salad.... Not worth $17.00 dollars


Went for pizza here after a long day in San Fran. We ordered vegetarian pizza. Good pizza, not the best, but it’s good. Service was quick and friendly. Didn’t spend much time there as it was late and they were soon to close for the day. Give it a try. Oh yeah, nice bar too!

Angela R.

Great quality for what you pay. I ordered tonight off of Door Dash a large meatball deep crust and shared with 2 others. Everyone raved about how great the pizza was. After experiencing pizza on my birthday from another popular pizza joint and being deeply disappointed and shocked by the price, it was nice to finally have a delicious deep crusted pizza. Ill definitely be ordering again! PS the prices aren't marked up on Doordash vs The Star's menu (yet!).

Rahsaan A.

Great staff! Friendly & accommodating. Good vibes. Great pie! Our only complaint, the Caesar salad. It wasn't dressed enough and the lettuce wasn't chopped. i'd go back, for sure but i'm getting more specific with on my salad order.

Dean Ray

Adequate pizza if it had been made at home. My pizza tasted like it was made from scratch. The hand toss crust was lacking and wasn't able to hold the toppings together. The toppings were added randomly including the fatal flaw of cheese toppings on the crust and the sauce poured over the top. Expect to pay California prices for this mediocre pizza.

Ruby R.

This has always been one of my go to spots, but was there someone new in the kitchen today? The pizza was unrecognizable. Are you guys using cheaper ingredients? The crust, the flavors, all of it was really off today, and in the past I've never once had a bad pizza. Hope this was a one off because I'm so disappointed.

Emily Bullard

The Star has the most glorious deep dish pizza. I've been coming here for years and any time we get pizza out, it's here. Loaded with toppings. The slices are heavy. My boyfriend and I split a large deep dish classic and had leftovers for 3 days. ?

Austin T

I enjoyed the deep dish pizza! Closest I have had to Chicago pizza in a while.

Amarita Amy K.

This was my second visit to Star and it did not disappoint. First and foremost, I was greeted by Isaac, at the counter. He was so welcoming and helpful. I needed to charge my phone quickly to coordinate with my friend, who was meeting me for dinner. He made it happen. I was surprised to learn that he was new to the establishment, because he made me feel right at home, which is what hospitality is all about. The tables were all booked for reservations, which was surprising on a Tuesday; yet, it's popular, so we sat at the counter. The space is very vintage-exposed brick, high vibe. We ordered the small Caesar to split- it was the perfect size; and a thin crust spicy sausage pizza, which was excellent. I appreciated the server offering a taste of the wine before ordering a glass.& it was a nice rose; dry and not too sweet. I would definitely recommend Star and will be back.

John V.

Excellent pizza. Changed the guises worlds after this pizza! The crust was on point for what it is. A cornmeal crust dick with a crunch and a chew creating its own unique texture by within one's palate. Tomato sauce truly highlights the vegetable itself, well seasoned, and ties toppings in exquisitely. One thing that was missing was a side of ranch but we can get that next time.

Macha Rose

I had the gluten free crust Californian and it was super good. The balsamic reduction gave it a mild sweetness that balanced the sun dried tomatoes. The crust itself was perfectly crispy. Great stuff. I love Star because my party had me (gf) and a vegetarian (vegan cheese option available) so it was nice to have a place everyone could eat.

Andrea K.

Wonderful experience: staff was helpful and responsive, food was excellent, atmosphere was perfect (music but not too loud). Went with two people with food restrictions (one lactose intolerant and one who cannot eat wheat, onion, garlic, and other fructans). The "special" food was as good as the regular, and the staff were wonderful about special requests. This is going to be my go-to for pizza in Oakland.

Nicole H.

I just moved to Oakland and when I was living in SF I would order from Little Star Valencia ALL THE TIME. My boss took me to lunch and I studied the logo because it looked so familiar... then I realized it was the same place but way closer to my house!! Anyways... I am obsessed with the crust here. For me, it doesn't matter which pizza I order, the super corn mealy crust is OH MY GOSH SOO GOOD! But on this day I ordered the Little Star personal pizza with roasted garlic and I devoured it with some Blue Cheese. (:

Setareh S.

Alright, this place is my new favorite pizza place in Oakland. They use high quality and tasty ingredients. The very first time, I ordered their chicken wings thinking it would maybe meet my expectations but to my surprise, their wings absolutely blew my mind. My fam couldn't get over how delicious their baked wings were and I always order wings with my order.

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