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De Tsurumoto

Went for Dinner and the Arturo Sandoval Show. NAILED-IT!! 4 of shared the Sushi Platter but couldn't finish it (lots of Sushi, see the picture). Wonderful Dinner and a show by the World Famous Arturo Sandoval really made our Day. Almost too much value for the price. Raise your prices!

Cliff Bargar

Fun jazz venue with great sushi in a good location. It's hard to go wrong here. I think the weakest link might be the dessert (on my most recent visit we had creme brulee), which was good but not as outstanding as the rest of the food.

Marci Lee

We had a blast! My cousins and I came to town for the day. Had a great meal and great conversation. I loved the atmosphere, very nice but low key. Then we went in for the Will Downing concert. He and his band put on a great show. Better than expected. Like I said, we had a blast!

La Tiera Barnes

This was an awesome place. The performers that come to entertain are great and have great personalities. The food is great, but somewhat high priced. The drinks are not high liquor (my choice), but I didn't mind that at all. This is really great place to just relax and enjoy yourself. I loved it and recommend it. I'll definitely be back.

Timothy T.

Honestly, I would only come here again for an artist I love. But overall this place has many aspects of poor quality from drinks to audio quality. Drinks, got an old fashion. Tasted like the cheapest whiskey or rum with a lot of water added. Desserts were okay but didn't really hit the spot of amazing. Booth is too packed for 6 people at a show, most I'd recommend is 3. Audio, there was a low mid frequency ringing throughout the show and it was never addressed. It was quite difficult to listen to. I wouldn't recommend coming here tbh.

Elizabeth V.

I love coming here for jazz shows! You can usually find good deals online so show tickets end up being $20 per person. There is a one item minimum per person. There are non-alcoholic drinks beer wine and full bar options as well as a condensed dinner menu if you are hungry (look at the "Club" menu list on their website). Prices are a bit higher here but you are also seeing a live show so that is expected. The sushi is not that great compared to traditional sushi restaurants so I would steer clear unless you're super hungry. Their appetizers like the fries, chicken Karaage, shishito peppers, calamari, edamame are tasty and good portions. I haven't formally dined in their dining area but I have sat at the bar area beforehand. Tasty cocktails with usual prices of $15. I like The Encore (gin-based), Zamani mojito (Japanese whisky based) and they have a warm Beautiful Toddy for those fall / winter nights. Parking is free if you want to do street parking around the corner. There is also a parking structure but I've never parked there so not sure if they validate.

Joanne Y.

3 stars for the restaurant , 4 stars for the venue First time coming to the restaurant as well as the venue! If you are coming to a show, definitely recommend having dinner beforehand because they will reserve the best seats for you while you enjoy your meal. The food is pretty mediocre, your typical casual sushi roll quality, but at fine dining prices. I personally would not come here unless it's for a show since I can definitely find better sushi rolls for lower prices and actual high quality Japanese fine dining at these prices elsewhere. We ordered a couple of appetizers, two additional rolls, and one of the Omakase platters to share between 4 of us. This was more than enough to get us disgustingly full, next time we will forego the extra rolls. I believe the drink menu also states that you have to buy a drink per person if you're doing to a show. Quick rundown of the food: - all sushi rolls were okay, batter for the fried stuff were a bit thick and not crunchy, rice consistency was fine, fish was okay - hamachi crudo was my favorite thing in the menu esp with the mango slices which were refreshing - Kobe beef carpaccio - too salty and chewy, probably not real Kobe beef, mediocre marbling - nigiris - only liked the hamachi -pork chop was surprisingly tender and love the sweet potato puree - spring rolls reminded me of the typical Costco frozen deep fried egg rolls, so not the Vietnamese spring rolls we were expecting Not pictured : beignets (good), fried okra at the venue (good) Because we dined at the restaurant, they did reserve very close seats for us at the venue. One thing to note is that the venue itself is so intimate that any seat is close, which I absolutely loved. There is a separate menu at the venue as well, so you can order food and drinks there. The waiters are very good about not being intrusive during the show as they bring you your food and bill. I'm pretty excited to come back here again for another show in a few weeks!

Alex L.

So recently we attended Yoshi's for a night out to watch Tito Puente Jr perform. We have never been here and were interested in the show, didn't really know what to expect. The restaurant is soooo nice inside and thankfully the parking garage is literally next to the restaurant. We went into the entertainment room, anywhere you sit is perfect, the stage is so close so no bad seats. We were surprised that there was still pretty much a full restaurant selection of food. We didn't expect that so we didn't come with an empty stomach but still decided to order some dinner. We tried the chicken teriyaki, a Miso Caesar salad and some garlic edamame. Food was delicious, cannot complain. Unfortunately my pictures don't do them justice, it was dark so poor lighting, but the food was great. Entertainment wise, could not ask for a better show. I know they have different venues and everyone has their preference, but Tito Puente Jr was amazing. We will definitely be back again, the food, the service, the whole vibe is worth driving to Oakland for. Thank you Yoshi's!!!!

Daniel G.

The rolls aren't bad at all. Ingredients seem to be fresh, however the rolls are just way too big. They're awkward to eat and definitely fall a part when picking them up with chopsticks. Service was just Ok. Seemed like our server had too many tables for him to handle.

Kris E.

First time at Yoshi's and definitely not disappointed! We had reservations for dinner prior to attending the Spanish Harlem Orchestra show. We were also having a small celebration for my girlfriends birthday. We ordered the Tokyo Omakase platter and it was so good! It came out so quickly and was very beautifully presented. Some of the best fresh fish I have had in a while. Also had an order of Hotate and Otoro. Soooo good! Cocktails were amazing. Stuck to gin that night, so got to try the State of Zen and Far East. Very good! Very strong and refreshing! Our server, I believe his name was Robert, great vibes and energy! He definitely deserves some recognition for providing us with an amazing first time experience! My girlfriend had a wonderful time! We definitely will be back

Virginia B.

It shouldn't be open. I stood near the exit and left early. This isn't the place for anyone concerned about Covid safety. I've gone to three other venues in the past month. Each required your immunization card and ID for entrance, with plenty of folks available to verify them; and, masking for the duration. One venue did not serve food or beverages and the third did so outdoors. Yoshi's? No precautions whatsoever = no concern for performers or patrons. That they closed the upper section at a time when we should be social distancing further speaks to their disregard for others. A piece of paper on the door is meaningless. I've been supporting this spot for years, attending at least 20 shows a year. I will not be returning.

Roger Hammar

Dinner and a show, life is good.....♥️

Randall Yeates

We had the calamari tempura, the vegetable tempura and the omakase Tokyo sushi platter. More than enough food for 4 people. The waiter was very attentive and his recommendations were spot on. The food was great. Yoshi's is also a great place for music. The meal and the show was a perfect combination.

Catherine Robertson

Whole experience was worth the year we waited, because of COVID . We will be attending more shows as much as possible. Excellent customer service and atmosphere. LOVE IT!!!


Haven't been to Yoshi's in a while but the food is always amazing. I ordered the 'miso' salad ? and shrimp and scalloped fritters -- SO DELICIOUS ?. The Cafe brownie is bomb(really good) as well. I will be back again soon.

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