Fourniers Bakery Cafe

650 Lighthouse Ave, Pacific Grove
(831) 655-1447

Recent Reviews

Kris Davidson

There is just not a lot good to say about this place. Let me try: ... food was ok. That's about it. Just pass on this.

Ali koklu

I didn't have the chance to try the food here as they only accept cash, which was inconvenient for me since I don't usually carry cash. The staff member seemed unwelcoming, lacking any smiles or warmth. Considering the remote locations I've stopped at in West Texas, Kansas , Tennessee and Utah. where even small towns accept cards, it's surprising that this establishment doesn't. Hopefully, the neighborhood gets a better bakery soon. Even those bakeries smell better by the way.

Ginger green

Everything there is good, but they have the Best Chicken noodle soup!

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Recommended dishes: Sandwich, Cinnamon Roll, Homemade Soups

Nancy S.

You must try the Keylime pie! It's one of the best I've ever had. Also, the pecan rolls. Where can you get pia pecan rolls in Monterey... Only at Fournier's Bakery.

denyse bernal

This place sucks bought a so called bear claw, yesterday. All it was like a piece of very dry bread. The bear claws are better at Safeway.

Tamara Luckinbill

Not friendly. No restrooms.


The pastry was good but there was no sign or mentioning of it being only cash so I had to go get some after kids started eating their muffins.


NO sign out front says CASH ONLY!A Guy is NOT very friendly at all. Dull atmosphere...probably why it's empty...Vegetarian options: Not good!!UNFRIENDLY

Atmosphere: 1

Food: 2

Service: 1

Recommended dishes: Sandwich

Michael A.

Buyer beware. Cash only no signage of such. Poor customer service. I would choose other places before here

Rhonda C.

Went early for a cinnamon roll that people rave about online. The one person in front of me in line got the last one. Kind of annoying if they know it is a star item that they don't make more. Got the bearclaw instead. Ate two bites - I think the baker knows what he is doing and is talented but unfortunately it tasted like a cheap fat/oil was used and I couldn't get past that taste. Later I offered it to my kiddos and they wouldn't eat it. Too bad as I was excited to learn about this place and to support a local business. We're flooded with amazing, high quality bakeries in Monterey so we'll keep going to those!

Natty F.

Didn't buy anything. And neither should you. Walked in, saw a big 'ol rat, was confused for a sec wondering if maybe that was their hamster pet on the loose or an actual rat roaming around so comfortably while the person sitting on a chair inside the kitchen who seemed to be on his phone let it as if it was NORMAL... This same person didn't even bother to greet me or anything. Anyway, turned around and walked right out gagging and in shock.. Didn't take a photo because I was too grossed out by the rodent just nibbling on the crumbs on the floor. I'm usually not one to write a review but this... U N A C C E P T A B L E

Reed Harbeck

Best bakery in town!! Handmade noodles for the chicken noodle soup are incredible and everything else on the menu is delicious!


I had the most amazing cherry tart danish here, flaky crust, just the right amount of streusel around the edges. A pure joy to eat. The bear claw was also yum, with a delicious almond paste inside. Best we have ever had. A local brought his dogs by to say "Good morning" to Kevin & off he went to get special treats he took outside to them. So glad he is still baking as there is a touch to these pastries you can't get elsewhere. Baked with love.

Thalia C.

Every baked treat I've had from here is delicious; from the Marion berry tart to the apple danish to the giant cinnamon rolls. They are all drool worthy and have me returning whenever I'm craving a sweet treat on a workday. The sandwiches are classic and delicious. Can't go wrong with the turkey sandwich. Thank you!

Angela N.

I stopped in for something chocolate. The display cases were very almost empty and the only chocolate items were brownies so I bought 2. They were the worst! They were refrigerated so I knew they weren't fresh. I will never ever buy anything there again!

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