Pavel's Backerei

219 Forest Ave, Pacific Grove
(831) 643-2636

Recent Reviews

Ellie W.

Their donuts are huge and delicious! I loved their cinnamon rolls too! So totally worth the wait to get in the door. All the people who work there are amazingly fast too! Very highly recommended!

john jennings

Fabulous bakery items. My favorite is the enormous cinnamon rolls. The bread is also excellent. Prompt, friendly service. Go in the morning because they sell out. Check their new three days a week schedule. I'm not sure what the new days are. They serve coffee and also have a limited selection of sandwiches.

Cole A.

Best bakery I've ever been too, fair prices and great quality, can't wait to go back!

Amy G.

I was in town visiting family...happened upon Pavel's. Definitely worth the stop to grab some fresh baked goods. We tried a cinnamon roll and a baguette, both were delicious! Prices are very reasonable, but they are cash only so come prepared.


Great bakery, liked the chocolate croissant over the cinnamon roll.

Laura C.

Pavel's Backerei; amazing! After getting some coffee to start the morning, my bf and I needed to get some breakfast. Some of the folks at Captain + Stoker recommended Pavel's Backerei. This was one of the best recommendations I've ever had! (The locals know where to send you, always!) There was a HUGE line out the door; a good indicator. I believe at the time they were taking cash only, so I would say take some cash with you, just in case! My partner and I ordered three pastries; one cinnamon roll, one jelly-filled donut, and a berry cream cheese tart danish. To be fair, we wanted to order many, many more. Everything in the cases looked wonderful! The three pastries were delightful! The cinnamon roll was so soft and the icing on it was everything you could desire! The berry cream cheese tart danish was also fantastic! Pavel's Backerei was such a treat; both for the eyes and the taste buds. I wouldn't hesitate to return next time we're in the area. I highly recommend going in- just don't forget the cash in case! 10/10 recommend!!!

Barb C.

Every time we are at Pacific Grove we stop at Pavel's they have the best pastries. I recommend you stop by and take it once you will get hooked.

Debbie F.

First a tip.... Get there early as they sell out! We're fans of the farmers bread. Danish pastries are so good! There's a bagel thing with an egg in the middle and cheese but they were sold out when we got there.

Jenny H.

There is always a line, the bread and sandwiches are wonderful. My only complaint is that they could do things a little differently to get people through faster. Instead of writing everything down by hand they might think about a water bucket line style of service to speed things up. Everyone does everything and they seem to get in each other's way.

Beth W.

The danishes are amazing. The flake, the lamination of the pastries is memorable. One of our favorite bakeries in the Monterey area!

Mayra C.

The best chocolate croissants! Went in on a Tuesday morning. No line, but I did forget to bring cash in. The last was. I've enough to hold my items and I came right back with cash from down the street. It was worth the extra walk and getting cash.

Victoria Pappalardo

Such a great bakery ! The smell when you step up got us excited for the baked goods we were about to buy. The shortbread cookies are AMAZING.

Liliann C.

I cannot stop thinking about this place since I went. Go early and bring cash since it is cash only and the line can get a bit crazy. I highly recommend the Farmers breakfast which is a hearty chunk of bread topped with bubbly browned cheese stuffed with unctuous meat and a perfectly cooked soft boiled egg. We also had the almond bear claw cheese danish and a cinnamon roll. None of the pastries made it to the house because they were giant sugary flakey buttery nectar of the gods.

Robert S.

If you can't make it to France for your morning bakery visit, you will do quite well stopping in here.

Megan Jewell

Visited from Connecticut and was looking for a quick breakfast. The line was out the door so we knew we found a good place! The line went fast and the bakery items were fabulous. We tried a chocolate croissant, cinnamon roll and danish. All amazing and so fresh!!

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