Pavel's Backerei

219 Forest Ave, Pacific Grove
(831) 643-2636

Recent Reviews

Richard Dudley

Phenomenal bakery with great food and great prices! My favorite item is the cream cheese and berry danish. They also seem to be quite good to their employees so they get another thumb up!

Woods Buckley

It's all delicious but highly recommend the chocolate croissant, the olive twist baguette and the Danish!

G Dar

One of a kind. Great bakery. But cash only

Mary Wholey

Expect an hour+ line on Saturday mornings. Expect they'll be totally sold out by 10 am every day. Yes, it's that good.

Gloria Ramírez

Love the pastries . Best customer service.

Liz Welch

Came up for the weekend and ate here for breakfast. Worth the wait in line! My kids loved the cinnamon roll and everyone loved the chocolate croissant especially. The berry cheese tart was also ?. If we come back up I will definitely want to come back

J. H.

So...the cinnamon roll, peach danish, croissant and ciabatta roll LOOK good, but the taste and reality is average. We were expecting really tasty German pastries, but not worth the wait or drive. Nice people in the store!

Dan M.

Arrive early and with cash! Amazing bakery that closes when they sell out, which I'm guessing is every day. The locals told us that everything is great. We had a monster sized Cinnamon Bun, Butter Croissant, and Chocolate Chunk cookie plus seeded baguette for the road. We'll be back before we leave town and on each annual visit to PG!

Jon Carsello

This is a wildly popular bakery in the heart or downtown Pacific Grove. You have to get in line early when it opens as they sell out of popular items quickly. Everything I have gotten from there has been of the highest quality and it is well worth the wait to get in.

Ryan Farrell

There are many many things at Pavel's that I have not yet tried, but absolutely everything that I have tried is DELICIOUS! My favorite is the almond bear claw, super yummy, I buy them every time I go. They have various artisan breads (the Farmers Bread is really good), danishes, croissants, etc.Be advised that they only accept cash (or local check). Also, they're only open in the morning until they sell everything, so don't go too late! There's often a line of 10 or so people, but you may get lucky and find a brief lull, there was no one in line today when I arrived at about 9am.

A Miya

Wow! Cinnamon rolls look and smell amazing! I'm allergic so I had the bear claw which was light and delicious! The sourdough cheese bread was so good! Will definitely go back.

David B

You'd think a donut the size of a small throw pillow couldn't be soft as a cloud inside, but it was. Everything was delicious. Lined up before 7 on a Saturday morning and the line was already 20 deep. That's all you need to know about a place.

Uday D.

Very poor customer service and owner is rude, does not listen and curse you. Did not know this is cash only. Still Cash only in this Pandemic world, really?? Now every where I go almost every shop going one step further and accepting touch-free payment such as Apple pays. But this store still cash only, not even credit card,, never expected this. I wanted to tell the owner that "cash only" is extremely rare when Covid is going on and they should have said this to me before I put the order and fill my coffee. But instead of listening, he shouted from the behind "we are cash only" , "we are cash only" and then said shouting "take the things, you will have a bad day".. Very rude and never going back.. If they are rare shop they should have tell this to every customer or should have a big board saying that they are cash only.

Tiffany C.

Love this place. Sells out quickly so come before 10am to get stuff besides bread. Absolutely everything you get here tastes good. They'll warm up anything if you ask so you can eat it warm. Try it all!!

Sameera K.

Two days in Pebble Beach calls for two stops at Pavel's (and ~8 pastries). This place is a MUST anytime you're in the area early enough to get the goods. The line moves quickly, the staff is friendly and patient, and the pastries are worth the wait x2. On our latest trip, we sampled: - Croissants - chocolate and butter: Both are DELICIOUS. The chocolate is very chocolatey, so I find it best enjoyed with a cup of coffee. - Danishes - Verry Berry and Cream Cheese + Berry: Cream Cheese + Berry is better since it balances out the flavor a bit more than the Very Berry, which is a bit sweet for my personal taste. - Cinnamon twist/bread/knot(?): Like the best parts of a cinnamon bagel! A little dry but delicious flavor-wise - Bomboloni - Maple and Toasted Coconut + Macademic: The toasted coconut + macademia was amazing! The topping was a great textural addition to the soft pastry. Maple was good too if you typically like a maple bar/donut - Cinnamon Roll: The cinnamon roll is huge and shockingly soft. It's all I could want in a cinnamon roll, honestly. It's pillowy and gooey, with a strong cinnamon flavor (which I always want more of in other cinnamon rolls)! Highly recommend. - Shepherds Loaf - This was my first time buying a loaf of bread from Pavel's and I'm officially converted. The Shepherd's Loaf is the perfect sandwich bread that is soft but holds a structure and can be eaten plain, with sweet jams/spread, or savory. SO good. Reminders are that it's cash only and tends to sell out quickly. Can't recommend this place highly enough!

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