Red House Cafe

662 Lighthouse Ave, Pacific Grove
(831) 643-1060

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Abigail Condit Miller

Diamond quality - the venue is adorable, the staff members are very attentive, and the food was fantastic. The mocha I ordered was perfectly balanced and the Crab Cake Benedict was so good - I had to resist the urge to lick the plate.Our table also ordered the Chicken sandwich - which was also excellent and refreshing.No complaints here. Just full tummies. :)

Ernesto R

Wonderful place, charming atmosphere, friendly service and delicious food. The breakfast sandwich and vegetable frittata were yummy. They have a nice sidewalk patio as well.

angie g

Most every time that we go to Monterey for a trip we eat at this little restaurant. It is such a cute little spot built inside a little red house. In the winter you can sit in the front room with the fireplace blazing. The food is absolutely delicious and the service is wonderful. Super cute for special events. Like anniversaries if you like a cozy spot.

Beat A. Schwendimann

Located in a cute, name-giving red house, this cafe is a great place for breakfast or brunch. Enjoy classic dishes, such as fluffy pancakes, French toast, eggs, sausages, fresh fruit, granola, etc. Service was fast and friendly. The place is popular so expect to wait in line as you can't make reservations.Food: 5/5


I had the tomato mozzarella. The idea of it was better than the reality, as it was smothered in what I think was a vinegarette. My wife had a salad with prawns, which cost more than comparable salads at nearby eating establishments. Finally, we were seated at a table adjacent to the bathroom…so we had a constant stream of people around our table. Not pleasant.

Michael Chahin

On a2 days trip to Monterey we came across this hidden gem of a place. We had delicious breakfast, Smoked salmon on potato pancakes, cinnamon brioche French toast yummmmy! Service was excellent too.


We went there for dinner and the food was really tasty and the service was very good and friendly. We loved the cosy atmosphere of the cafe. It is really a nice place to come to for either a coffee or a lunch/dinner.


3 stars. Lunch at the Red House Café was a divisive experience. Many things very good with a couple disappointments. The café is in a charming small cottage with a grandma’s house feel. Not an overwhelming menu but a nice selection of salads and sandwiches with a couple more substantial plates. Baked goods in the case upfront looked very good. Pretty quiet on our visit with no wait for a table. Service was prompt and personable. We chose a couple of sandwiches today. BLT for the wife and a Warmed Tomato Mozzarella for myself. First thing I will say regarding the meal was that the Orzo Pasta salad served alongside the sandwiches was really, really tasty. Perfect pasta, red peppers, red onion, and olives mixed with a bright lemony dressing. Could easily be a meal unto itself with a chunk of warm bread. Tomato/Mozzarella was surprisingly served open faced on a nice crusty bread. Tomatoes were wonderfully sweet and the caramelized onions very flavorful. Disappointingly, rather than fresh mozzarella as expected the cheese appeared to be sliced like a deli cheese. Then full sandwich warmed under a broiler. Unfortunately, dousing of a balsamic dressing made the bread soggy very quickly. Still pretty tasty. The BLT was a mixed bag of flavors depending on the composition of the bite. Sometimes it tasted like bacon and mayo, others sweet caramelized onions. The main issue was with the quantity of mayo and the lettuce, the sandwich insides just slid all over and also caused the roll to disintegrate. This ended up being taken apart and ingredients eaten separately. Wonderful bacon. We both felt, even with the other concerns, more onions on both sandwiches would have been a good thing. Too full for dessert today. While our experience was mixed, I’d come here again in a heartbeat to enjoy another meal. Breakfast looks good.

Deb W

We came here for breakfast after running a 5K. The wait was about 20 minutes. It was worth it. We loved every bite. The service was very good.

Julie H.

We have been coming to the Red House for years and I have so say I am very disappointed that they no longer any tap on water. If you want water you have to pay $6.00 per bottle. Never in my life have I been to a restaurant that does not offer free tap water. Ironically in Europe, it was uncommon to offer tap water but you could get it if you asked. My last trip to Paris, they were brining free bottled filtered water to the table without having to ask. Although the food is good as always, we will not return to this home town restaurant due to the water issue.

Eri A.L.

This place is amazing! We went to see the butterflies and then went to find a place for brunch. The wait was reasonable and even though there weren’t many gluten free options, the one I did order was incredible. The smoked salmon with capers and potato pancake was so delicious and I will dream about it as I eat miserable college dining hall food. Also get a mocha because it’s not too sweet but very tasty. Vibes are like a cute little cottage and the bathroom is clean.

B H.

Delicious food. I had a burger with blue cheese and it came with the best dressed salad I've ever had. Our server was the sweetest lady who's been in the industry for years. She told us they make their own vinaigrette. With my burger I had a great glass of Cabernet Sauvignon from Sterling winery. My husband had chicken parm and it was a bit lack luster, needed more flavor. Overall: Prices are truly great for the quality of food. They will not serve you tap water and offer only $6/7 bottles of water, ours was not even chilled. Other servers were not very personable and kept opening a side door and leaving it ajar right next to where we at. That night was cold and windy. Would I go again? Absolutely. I'd probably have the same meal too. But I would just chug some of my own water before going in.

sean d

Lovely spot in Pacific Grove, very welcoming, great service and good food housed in a lovely older house turned restaurant. I would recommend as a good lunch spot, Haven't yet had dinner here, I'll bet its great.

Courtney W.

Not sure if we came on an off day. It was around 1:30 pm on a weekday and we sat outside. Service was ok. The only water they have is bottled. My salmon eggs Benedict was decent, it's on a croissant instead of an English muffin which is a welcome twist. Nothing to complain about, but nothing to really rave about either. The potatoes are also just ok, wish it was a more generous serving. Steak and fries was very subpar. Cut of meat wasn't the best and fries are good but the meat should be the main attraction. Kind of pricey for the experience.

Miriam H

Really good breakfast in a lovely atmosphere. Nice and very obliging service. We enjoyed our breakfast to the fullest.

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