Brown's BBQ and Soul Food

410 W San Rafael Dr, Palm Springs
(760) 832-6985

Recent Reviews

Andrew T.

Brown's has the best catfish I have ever tasted. EVER. I'm not a catfish connoisseur but this place in Palm Spring takes the hat. Like how people get In N Out when they visit from the East Coast, people should get Brown's catfish when they visit Palm Springs

Nancy Barbera

I'm a Southerner and can't begin to say how it hit me to hear they serve sweet tea! The collards were my absolute favorite and the corn bread was great. We almost missed out because it is hard to find and the signage is not helpful. Was worth the search. The other customers were friendly and the conversation was the most fun I've had since moving here.

Dwight Boothe

Awesome. Love this place. I enjoyed fried chicken, cornbread, black eye peas, and red beans with rice. Reminds me of a Sunday dinner of my childhood. Don't be put off the outside.


All I can say is YUM! Such good BBQ, everything homemade and hot. Ate here several times last year, first time this year, delicious as ever??. Nice owner too.

Dayna Webster

This place is soooo good if your ever in Palm spring or you want to stop on the road to get some good food this is the place. Whole in the wall. Don't let the outside fool you. The good is amazing and the service is southern just nice ppl serving good food.

Barry B.

Sorry we did not have a chance to dine here. We did a search on Yelp and saw that they were opened until 7pm. Arrived at 6:25pm and sign says closed and stuck our head inside and they said they were closed. This is an out of the way location but we were excited to try it out since we are both are from the South. Being from the South, however, I expect more hospitality. Most places there honor their posted hours.

Mike Nylund

Awesome place. The food tastes like good old home cooking. Everything I've tried there was great, and the collard greens were superb.

Joyce Leitner

All I can say is YUM! Such good BBQ, everything homemade and hot. Ate here several times last year, first time this year, delicious as ever??. Nice owner too.

Ali T.

I was so excited to try this place after i saw all of the good reviews and Brown's didn't let me down! I had the fried chicken, greens, Mac n cheese, and the corn bread. Everything was amazing! The food was very well made and delicious. I will definitely make this my go-to spot any time I'm in Palm Springs now.

John D.

If you want fiRst class athmosphere, shiny decor and monster TVs....this is not for you. If you want down home southern ribs with a great smile of Mr. Brown. This is for you. Do not wear a tie!!!!!

Melissa Macias

I've tried stopping by here a few times during business hours. I just tried again and its closed up. What hours are they actually open? They have it listed 11-6 but nobody on site. Good luck staying open

Roxie S.

Oh man!! The food is the real deal ya'll. Fried chicken, greens, corn bread and Mac-n-cheese. My mom was born in Arkansas and raised in Tennessee so I was raised on soul food so I know what I'm talkin about. Everything is cooked from scratch & the fries are fresh cut too, so I'm just sayin. It's a small lil restaurant that is family run so it feels like your just sitting down with your family to a home cooked meal, well, because use you are :) Nothing fancy, just good folks cooking you some down home, wonderful food

Andrew Dean

This spot offers great service as well as delightful menu. The best spot around here. The meals arrived quickly and the prices are fair. Highly recommended.

William Tate

Place is small but the food is great. This is a real soul food restaurant.

Owen C.

A very small house and a very tiny dinning place. A little bit unwelcome in the beginning when we see from the curb. But once you come inside,, the food is amazing and the service is good. Friendly and neighborly over all. Would recommend to any one for the experience alone not mention the amazing food!

Alicia Avilez

Best Food & great service. Can't wait to go back & try a different dish.

Jose H.

I Drove All The Eay From The Other Side Of The Valley And Trust Me I Will Be Doing It Again , Very Good Food , I Had The Pulled Pork Sandwich , It Was Amazing .! Mac And Cheese Is Very Delicious. I Highly Recommend.!

Glinda White

First time at Brown's BBQ & Soul food was delicious took some home to my grandson and son there is nothing left I will definitely be back and the owner was so nice

Greg Beck

This little hole in the wall BBQ is one of the best you'll find in Southern California family-owned family run and made with love

Gordon J.

Found this searching for an authentic BBQ place here in the desert and exhausting all others in the valley. Found it! Being from STL until recently we know good BBQ and couldn't find any. Pulled pork (wet) was really good and baked beans were outstanding. We need to come back and try the fried chicken and ribs which looked great. It is our do the way on the N side of town and you could easily drive by it and miss it. Don't. The staff were very nice and helpful. Don't go by the looks are you arrive, it's worth the adventure.

Conway B.

Family owned restaurant in north Palm Springs off the beaten path. They have a very small dinning room but takeout is available. Great southern soul food that reminded me growing up in Florida. Friendly staff too.


Ordered ahead on a Sunday evening. Went in about 25 min later and they said it'll be a couple more minutes. About 30 min later, food came out. Confusion on billing too. Got food home, and it was delicious.

Revered I.

Wanted to love this place, I really did. It has the feel of the kind of hole in the wall you would find in the deep South, where from the looks of it you would think that place is a dump, but the food inside is actually amazing and it has character. But that wasn't the case. It's small inside, in a good way, and when I got there, there was only one other group. placed my order, they were out of ribs, whatever I'll get the brisket. I was in a really engrossing texting conversation on my phone, and didn't realize that it took 45 minutes for my order to arrive. I wasn't actually sure what it was, because I've never actually had brisket that wasn't sliced. It was very difficult to cut into, and I thought it was a pork chop. Note to the chef: get a meat thermometer, you don't want to overcook pork. Ever. I hope that this was a one-off, that somebody was having a bad day or something, but there were certainly no apologies for the long wait. I felt like I was friendly enough, who knows. Maybe my hair was messy. Second star because the collard greens were exceptional. So were the rice and beans. I was so irritated that i didn't think to ask for butter for the cornbread, but it would've also been great.

Janice V.

Two Thumbs for Brown's.. That Fried Chicken Dinner was THE TRUTH!! The Best, Seasoned & Soul Food I've had since moving to Palm Springs 4 months ago. Excellent, Totally Delicious food.

Donald H.

The Hidden Gem of The Desert Today 12.1.2019 Sunday we were looking for a chicken dinner and google search showed us this place. We had cornbread that was served warm and it was incredible. Along with red bean and rice plus potato salad and baked beans they were also incredible and homemade. Then The three pieces chicken were ready. All I can say is the taste was " Priceless " and delicious. They serve lots of southern dishes so it's worth the trip. The service was beyond exceptional and I found my favorite new place for a chicken dinner . For two of us it was under thirty dollars. I highly recommend this Hidden Gem of The Desert Thanks it was great.

Sandy Bettenhausen

Great service and food. Best yams I have ever had. Ribs were fabulous. All food is home made.

Dana Laramore

L O V E Brown's!

Mrs Johnson

Thank God I found Soul Food in Palms Springs. I had Fried Fish, Yams and Mac & Cheese. It taste Californiaish but it hit the spot. Great customer service. Will return again if in Palm Springs.

John C.

I'd normally give a place like this in Los Angeles 4 stars, but because they're doing this in Palm Springs, where I've never seen Southern style food, and because it was so good, I'm given them 5 stars. We went for an early dinner (they close at 6 PM) and had: Fried chicken - crispy and delicious Pulled pork sandwich - yummy, slathered in sauce Mac and cheese - very tasty Baked beans - sweet and good Collard greens - a little sweet and just right after I added a few dashes of Louisiana hot sauce Potato salad - sweet and a little to mushy for my taste Fries - Pretty basic, nothing special The place is best described as a shack. The folks working there were friendly, so don't be put off by your first impression when you walk in the door. My wife, daughter and I plan to go back next time we're in Palm Springs.

Kim B.

This is by far the best fried chicken I have ever had! Not to mention the ribs and all the wonderful sides! The service is a little slow but it is for a good reason! All the love and extra time it takes to cook the food! Food comes out hot and delicious. The owner and staff are great. If you want some good bbq look no further you found it. We will be back soon.

Tabitha H.

I have an unshakable theory that you just cannot find good Southern Food west of the Mississippi. This place just blew my theory right out of the water. The catfish, baby back ribs, baked Mac and cheese, collard greens, red beans and rice....and even *gasp* sweetened iced tea were nothing short of phenomenal. I WILL be back.

Lily M.

This lil spot is in the cut so keep your eyes open to ensure you don't miss it!!! Trust me you won't want to miss out!!! I had the fried chicken (3 pieces in an order with 2 sides) mac & cheese with greens and my friend had the fried catfish (also 3 pieces with 2 sides) with red beans and rice and greens. Food did not take long to arrive to our table (we ate in, not locals) and the young man taking the orders and bringing out the food was super attentive and polite. Food smelled amazing, tasted incredible and the portions is awesome for the price! Will definitely be back when in the area again!

Scott H.

We learned of this place through a friend. Food is certainly down home southern cooking. The family was friendly and most helpful. We had BBQ Ribs, southern Fried Chicken, Mac and cheese homemade, collar greens, rice and beans and baked beans. Truly an exceptional find for Palm Springs, Coachella Valley. Can't wait to return! Great Job, Brown's BBQ and Soul Food!

Brett A.

The best fried chicken I've ever had. The worst tri tip sandwich I've ever had. Yep. Collared greens and black eyed peas also very very good. I supposed I learned a lesson here...if a bbq place specializes in fried chicken and catfish, they are probably lacking in the beef department, and vice versa...should have realized it when they don't have coleslaw. Very kind people. Had we only had the tri tip, this would be a 1-2 star review unfortunately. Meat was tough, and chopped up in chunks, drenched in sauce. Really though, they should drop this from the menu.

Benjamin Ehrlich

Got 4 entrees brought to the table, $60 with a lot of sides. Tri tips was delicious. So was yams. Single room , food came out pretty quick like 10-15mins. Absolutely delicious totally recommend.

Recardo Spencer

I luv it!! I'm from Macon, Georgia. This place is the closet place to home far as soulfood. Great Food!! Great Customer Service!!

Aimee Kirk

This is a very small local restaurant. Nothing fancy but you sit and you order and you eat. I came here with a friend who said the food was great. It sure was. I had a fantastic brisket sandwich, the meat was fantastic. We shared a small order of hot wings, the tenderness of the chicken made me want more.

John B.

We had a great lunch. The baby back ribs were great, and I loved their baked beans!! And the French fries stayed nice and crisp! We took our food to go. I would definitely come back!!!

Fritz K.

This is a hidden gem in Palm Springs. The BBQ IS AMAZING. It is very small place with just a few tables. Funky but fun. We took our orders do go so we could have wine and beer with lunch. No alcohol at the restaurant. We had the pulled pork sandwiches and baby back ribs. The baked beans were delicious, as was the potato salad. If you have been to BBQ joints in the South, it's just like them.

Bear Z.

Had heard about this place from a number of friends, finally got to try it today for lunch. Fried chicken done like what you remember mom making, I almost cried, the greens and black eyes were great! Will definitely be back again and again