732 W Rancho Vista Blvd, Palmdale
(661) 947-7700

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Sarah Burrows

Service is quick and the food is good. I love the macaroni and cheese that and oh my thr tortilla chicken soup is super yummy too. My son loves the grilled nuggets and the lemonade.Food: 5/5

Art Decker

I really wish I could order online for in restaurant dining but a quarter +/- of the seating has been reserved for employees so there's no guarantee that I'd find a seat. Tough to get to the curb side pickup spaces sometimes also. Maybe the upcoming Lancaster location will be better.Food: 5/5

JoAnn Harris

Me and my babies already love this place but Branden made us life time chicees!! First night out on the town with my kids since my father passed. We were stuck at home for 2 years caring for him making sure he was good. We usually don’t get to drive through chic-fila late at night this was the first since the pandemic.We were blessed enough to be let into the drive through at closing ( thank you anonymous person for making that exception!!) And of course just like a mommy I forgot my atm card which I realized after ordering my kids their kids meals. My kids were disappointed but understood. I felt awful for my mistake but also took responsibility for my mistake. I apologized to the poor worker who helped us and As we were making our way through the drive through to leave with no food a wonderful angel named Braden saved the day and gave my babies their kids meals on the house!! I always expect to find good food and excellent customer service when I come to chic-fila but we were taken back by their kindness tonight.?? you made an already blessed evening out of the house for the first time even more amazing. Thank you Braden. You just don’t even know how much we were touched. God bless you 1000 fold my dear ?? thank you for showing my babies that the kindness I teach them to show on the world actually does come back. ? ?

Sophia Bravo

Went to dive through and it's pretty pricey. I believe that it would need more spices to spice up there chicken! 2nd time I went and still same oh chicken taste. recommend Lol eyes chicken betterFood: 5/5


IYKYK! Customer service always superb food always hot and fresh order is never wrong the drive thru line is always long but always super fast!

Jeremy Jolis

Great chic filea. This seems to be where all the cool kids of Palmdale hangs out,Good vibes. I got all the sauces I asked for too, and they gave us the ice cream after dinner was done, thanks! The director (don’t emerger her name) was very sweet and seemed to treat her employees well.

Nick Sigs

So when I went, I couldn't on the app because it was messing up. So, I had to go inside the restaurant. When Kayla asked us if we wanted to order, I went up and I told her I couldn't get the app to work, and it was about a few minutes before breakfast was over and I wanted breakfast. So she said she will see what she can do and I just ordered. And when I mentioned that I liked the Sriracha sauce, she said that it was really good! Either way, she was a very nice person and I hope, that if I go inside next time she can service us. Thanks Kayla!Kid-friendliness: There's a mini playground for kids, which I think is kid friendly. Also the photos and decorations are also kid friendly.

Mark McGovern

The drive-thru is extremely efficient. The lines are long but they go by fast. The staff is super friendly. The food was good. Fries were under salted in my opinion.Food: 4/5

Christine Ortiz

Little pricey but everything was excellent!! Spicy chicken sandwich, 2 chicken nugget meals, and the Mac n cheese is fantastic. The best fast food Mac n cheese for sure. ??Food: 5/5

Stephine Laughlin

There food really is amazing but I can't name not one single time that I've gone here and they DIDN'T mess up my order.. like.. What the heck people get it together ..Food: 4/5

jdovski benavides

I went on a Saturday night through the drive thru. It was really packed. The lines were long. Took about 20 minutes. The staff was coo af though. Food was good so it was worth it.Parking: Super packed on a Saturday night. Lots of traffic.

Big Ann

Delicious as always! Went for breakfast and had the chicken minis and hashbrowns. They were both hot and cooked just right. Will definitely be coming back to this location.Food: 5/5

Jessica Zamora

This Chick-fil-A has quick and speedy service. I definitely recommend using app.. The people there are always so nice, and it's always so busy but you get your food quickly. Overall this is a great chickfila. Their only downside is their parking area, it can get very crazy and super packed.Food: 5/5

Tomamalo Saipale

Can never go wrong with the food here. My favorite Chicken Sandwich the Spicy Deluxe man awesome. Fries not to salty and perfect ?Food: 5/5

Kara Gomez

Worst location I've been too across the country. Asked for light ice and only got 2 drinks cause the entire cup was full of ice. And i got large fries and a a gluten free bun(very dry) and they only gave me 1 sauce when I asked for more. I am a truck driver and had to pull over to grab my food real quick and go to move my truck so yes some could have walked back to get it fixed but I couldn't. The order should be right the first timeDietary restrictions: Gluten free bun

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