Angela's Pastries

1740 Spring St STE B, Paso Robles
(805) 835-3772

Recent Reviews

Julia W

We picked up a last-minute chocolate cake from Angela's. The cake was delicious, and they couldn't have been nicer and more accommodating. Highly recommend!

Diego Imana

The most amazing Tres Leches cake I've ever had. We will definitely be coming back here- love the friendly service as well. Thank you so much!

Pam T.

Loved my apple fritters, chocolate covered cinnamon twist & donuts. Reasonably priced. A$5.00 minimum if charging by card. Check it out, your sweet tooth will thank you! ??

Robert Bernstein

We were passing through Paso Robles on Christmas Eve and stopped in to see what they had for dessert. I was delighted by both treats that we purchased: The little brownies and the miniature pecan pie.The brownies were rich with wonderful chocolate flavor and chocolate chips. And the pecan pie was the perfect size for a snack and so delicious! Definitely recommend this place and we will be back!


Their Tres Leche cake was so amazing!

gregory adams

Wonderful selection of delicious pastries

Jenifer Doyle

Cake was delicious I won't take that away from this bakery. However they messed up my wedding cake topper and cupcakes and when I asked for it to be fixed it wasn't possible and instead the blame was redirected back at me.I simply ordered white and they took it upon themselves to add accents of green to it and did their own design even though I was explanatory and asking for a simple rose.Like I said cake flavors and everything was delicious just wish this didn't happen on my wedding day.

Candace Sanders

Nice little family ran place! Delicious pastries and cakes.

J. Mark Pierce

I needed a tasty dessert, sorta last minute. Stopped in Angela's and purchased one of their chocolate cakes. They wrote a "Happy Birthday to" on it for me. It looked great, and was absolutely delicious. Can't wait to try more of their goodies.

Ryan Hall

Amazing! Everyone loved the tres leche cake! Thank you

Bill Hamor (The Hamors)

They always have beautiful variety of tarts, cakes and cupcakes for every occasion generally in both mini and full size.

S Bass

Very delicious ?

Magdalene DeBerg

Always the Best!!

Jeannine Compton

Cakes are so pretty and delicious! I love the minis.

Mia Aguilar

The service and the cakes are great. We also tried some of the mini pies and they were delicious. Thank you Angela's Pastries.

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